Cheap calls to the US

  • I have the same question as Miguel: Need to call the US quite a lot and would like to save some money. However, I don't have a phone line in Germany so I need to call from a phone booth..

    10 nov 2004, 01:33 Anonymous
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  • calling to USA

    Hi Mr Edger,
    you will get Calling cards in Telephone or Internet shops. it will cost from 1 cent per minut. Normally you will get 5 Euro cards and 10 Euro cards. but try to buy 5 Euro card and use it as soon as u made a call. if you keep them for long you will lost minuts. some times if you buy a card in telephone shop they also allow u to call from there. If it is not possible best way is to call directly from Telephone Shop( Costs 10 to 12 cents per minut)


    Anonymous 11 nov 2004, 05:33 - Denunciar
  • Calling the US

    It is also possible to use cheap number which you put before the US number you dial. For example 1063-001- etc. it costs about 6 cents per minute. You have to try if that is posible form a phone both, but usally the T-Com allows to use cheap numbers.
    You can search for these numbers in the net or on Tv (Teletext). They have lists with a lot of numbers for different times of the day.

    Anonymous 28 nov 2004, 03:01 - Denunciar
  • Best deal in long distance is VOIP

    Here's a link to the latest technology in calling over the internet. The phones plug into your USB port and work on a high speed or dial-up connection, and can be used to make calls for free computer to computer anywhere in the world. In addition, the rates to call regular numbers and cell phones are excellent when using this VOIP. Example: Call North America for 2.9 cents a minute, Western Europe for 4.4 cents a minute from anywhere in the world on a plan that costs $4.95 US a month. You call North America FOR FREE on the unlimited plan. REPRESENTATIVES ARE ALSO WANTED IN 220 COUNTIRES ! Replies possible in English, German, French, or Spanish when you leave your contact info at .

    Anonymous 03 mar 2005, 05:04 - Denunciar
  • CallTalkNow is that simple!

    You can call also to more than 100 landline and cellular destinations with incredible low rates.
    CTN Telecom has it all at

    Anonymous 30 may 2005, 12:07 - Denunciar
  • Cheaper calls to US & other

    Try VOIP for $11.89/month
    USA- $0.029
    France- $0.039

    Anonymous 06 jul 2005, 10:43 - Denunciar
  • from Germany to US without sign-up


    make your calls from German public payphones WITHOUT sign-up using OPEN CALLTHROUGH for just

    0.20 EURO per minute (approx. 0.24 USD per minute)

    Here is, how to:

    [this is a non-commercial info site]

    Anonymous 24 jul 2005, 11:36 - Denunciar
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