Work visa or permanent residency

  • I am seeking assistance in finding the proper way to go about trying to get permanent residency, or work authorization here in Argentina. My story is a bit complicated, but I will try my best to explain...

    -I have US and Uruguayan dual citizenship, with permanent residency status currently in the US.

    -In October 2004 I arrived in Córdoba, Argentina with a tourist visa (Uruguayan cedula presented for entry). I travelled to Uruguay twice, renewing my tourist visa with no issues (simply using cedula).

    -In March 2005 I obtained a 5-year renewable student visa for Argentina (I have the visa in my Uruguayan passport and am recognized as a Uruguayan citizen here). I am a registered student at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (Masters degree). In March 2006, I renewed the visa for another year (must be renewed again in March 2007).

    Having layed out the basic facts, I now get to some important issues I need to take care of. When I got my student visa at the Argentine Consulate in Montevideo, they told me that I CAN work legally while I have the student visa, after I get my DNI (and then request a CUIL number). Well, I applied for the DNI at the Registro Civil in Córdoba in April 2005, and they told me it would be ready to pick up in 6-7 months. Well, it has been just over a year and still no DNI (they keep telling me to stop by "next week"blunk. I've been told that without the DNI, I cannot get the CUIL, and without that, I simply cannot work legally here.

    To make matters even more complicated, I HAVE obtained a job doing internet marketing for an Italian firm. The money will be deposited into my US bank account. They say I will need monotribustista status in Argentina, which again, I cannot obtain without the CUIL. Nonetheless, we have worked things out for payment in the meantime, provided that I will get monotribustista status within the next few months.

    Problem is.... I have recently decided that I do not want to continue with my Masters program. BUT, I understand that if I do that, I won't be able to renew my student visa, thus cancelling my legal work status and temporary residency status here in Argentina.

    Is the ANY way I can stay and work here legally under some other kind of visa? Doesn't that fact that I have citizenship from a fellow MERCOSUR country make it easier to live and work here? I have also been told that after 2 years of temporary residency here, I can apply for permanent residency - is this true?

    04 may 2006, 07:35 Anonymous
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  • Complicated stuff

    The best thing to do is to give the Ministerio del Interior a call It might take a few goes to get to talk to someone useful. Try and see if someone can orient you in the best way to keep your residency legal.

    Anonymous 23 may 2006, 04:04 - Denunciar
  • Te puedo ayudar

    Hey I am trying to figure out how to get a student visa here... or just a regular visa -- the problem is that I am from the US and I don't have dual citizenship or anything like that. I got a mail from immigration and you might want to check it out. It talks about moving to Argentina for people from "Mercosur" countries. They wrote me this:

    "De nuestra mayor consideración :

    El programa comenzará el 17 de abril del 2006 y podrá iniciar el tramite en las instituciones adheridas mas cercanas a su domicilio. El listado se encuentra en la pagina en el sector donde dice "donde presentarse". Solamente se necesita el pasaporte o la cedula o el certificado de nacionalidad y dos fotos 4x4 y se le entregará una precaria que es
    gratuita, con la precaria podra estudiar, trabajar y salir y entrar del pais. Cualquier duda llamar al 4317-0234 al 4317-0238.

    Las dudas o preguntas frecuentes se encuentran en:


    Grupo Coordinación Patria Grande."

    They say the first part is free, and you, being from Uruguay, can go in and sign up, possibly for a residence visa!

    I hope this helps, check out the website, it helps a lot. I don't know if that is just in Capital Federal (where I am) but obviously, it should cover the whole country.

    Anonymous 20 jun 2006, 07:22 - Denunciar
  • I forgot to add..

    By the way, How did you get the student visa for 5 years?? Can you send me a quick mail at: [email removed] Thanks so much!!

    Anonymous 20 jun 2006, 07:23 - Denunciar
  • Any updates on this topic?

    I am a U.S. citizen and will be going to Argentina on a student visa. I want to be able to work as well so I'd like to here the conclusion of this matter.

    Interested in a work visa in Argentina 18 may 2008, 05:24 - Denunciar
  • I am looking for student visa in Argentina?

    I am a Indian Citizen and having south africa workpermit. now i m in southafrica and I would like to do masters in Argentina.Can any one guide me to get student visa? am i eligible to do part time jobs if i am in student visa status? is this legal?

    Please give me some suggestions...

    KK 25 may 2008, 02:57 - Denunciar
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