one year in Argentina

  • Hi
    I'm an Italian girl. Next month I'll go to Argentina to visit a friend and I would like to stay there some months, not more that one year. Anyone knows if it's possible to have a visa or a pemit that allow me to stay more than three months? And in the case I would like to study or work in those months, how could I do to have a visa for study or job? Is it possible to require that once in Argentina? Anyone had already do this experience?

    23 may 2006, 04:08 Anonymous
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  • Welcome to Argentina

    Hello! I´m Argentinian, and i think that you don´t have to do a lot to spend a year here. This country do things very easy for people of other countrys, and i think that for a year you won´t have any problem. But a recomended that you start to search information soon, Because, this is a burocratic country. If you could come here, please, say how to do it... Because i searching how can someone from mexico could come here to!
    Good luck
    (and sorry for my English, I speak spanish)

    Anonymous 30 jun 2006, 07:23 - Denunciar
  • Mi aiuti?

    Ciao Sabina,

    Sono Argentina, e il prossimo mese arriva mio fidanzato dall'Italia e si fermera' almeno per un anno...sto cercando dell'informazione rispetto visti e altri requisiti per italiani per lavorare qui,ma non trovo quasi niente.Mi chiedevo se forse tu hai informazione e mi puoi aiutare.La domanda sarebbe:voi italiani avete bisogno del visto per lavorare?che documenti devi portare dall'Italia?
    Aspetto la tua risposta,e in bocca al lupo per la tua aventura qui!Sei gia' arrivata?

    Anonymous 17 ago 2006, 02:14 - Denunciar
  • Argentina 1 year

    Hi Sabina,

    I went to Argentina for 1 year as well. I tried to get a student visa for 6 months first. The embassy recommended not even to bother applying for a visa. Instead they told me to leave the country every 3 months, for example a day trip by Buquebus (the ferry) from Buenos Aires to Colonia in uruguay. If you fly in customs could give you some hazzle with a one year flight. If you have a flexible ticket, put it on 3 months and change it afterwards. Otherwise, make sure you have some proof that you will leave the country. For example a busticket o hotel reservation. Anything to convince that you will backpack the continent or region. This is the easiest option.
    There are more, like enrolling an Argentinean University.
    Good Luck!

    Anonymous 17 ago 2006, 05:41 - Denunciar
  • (charo) soy de mexico y quiero irme a la Argentina!

    quisiera encontrar un trabajo que me ayude a mantenerme soy muy util en lo que me pongan a hacer, acepto retos y por su puesto los cumplo, tambien se hablar muy bien el ingles y tengo facilidad de palabra y se tratar bien a la gente.espero que la persona que puso que buscaba a un mexicano para que se fuera a su pais lea esto pues soy de mexico!! y ya estuve en su pais en abril de 2006. Espero alguna respuesta!

    rafael 23 feb 2007, 11:05 - Denunciar
  • how to stay for a year

    i have been here for 8 months with a plan to stay for a couple more years... until this point I bought a single to arrive here, no problems. I have left the country on a regular basis, no problems getting back in... and i have even had a return flight to Europe and back to this time paragauy again... no problems... i sure this will not work forever but internationals from European countries do not seem to have problems in this case.

    bettie 17 abr 2007, 07:46 - Denunciar
  • Infomazione

    Ciao Sabina!
    Spero che la tua esperienza in Argentina sia bella!
    Io sono argentina e per adesso abito in Italia. Il mio fidanzato e io vogliamo partire per l'Argentina fra un po, la nostra idea è rimanere li e lavorare.
    Hai trovato qualche informazione utile su cosa necesita un cittadino italiano per lavorare in Argentina in modo legale?
    Grazie mille e in bocca al lupo!

    Gabriela 18 abr 2007, 06:15 - Denunciar
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