Qualifications for foreign doctors in Canada -

  • I am a medicine doctor with about 10 years of specialization in oncology. I have heard that validating my professional credentials in Canada is very hard (it could take years to actually be able to charge for my professional services as a doctor) Does anybody have experience in this area? Are there any procedures that can be taken to shorten the validation of foreign credentials?

    21 oct 2005, 09:09 Anonymous
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  • foreign doctors in Canada

    OK. I am a doctor myself from South Africa. When I came to Canada I had to work through a painstaking 3 year process to validate my medical license here. I was sent to a small city north of Regina for two rotations after I had finished the never ending exams, but finally I was awarded with my license.

    Thus, it is possible, however the process is so painstaking that you may see medical doctors from Poland, Mexico and even the USA working in real state and even as taxi drivers.

    Do your homework first before moving here. I do knot that the Provice of Ontario is changing the rules to speed up the validation of foreign medical credentials, but the process may take a while.

    Anonymous 23 oct 2005, 12:33 - Denunciar
  • Came to Canada as a pediatrician, now I run a catering service

    I came to Canada as a pediatrician. Now I run a catering service. Business it is not bad at all now, but it took me more than 5 years of frustrations to realize that I needed to do something else.

    Canada is a tough place for foreign doctors. I do not know if all places are the same, but here is almost impossible.

    Sara Glevici

    Anonymous 25 oct 2005, 03:26 - Denunciar
  • living in canada is not that great

    I am an optometrist and it took me 4 years to qualify to prescripe glasses after spending many years as an optometrist in France.

    Anonymous 27 oct 2005, 12:28 - Denunciar
  • Foreign doctors in Canada

    It could take you many years to regain a practice license as you had at home. When I say years, I mean it! it could be as much as 5-6 years!

    There is a lot of bureaucracy on this and many foreign doctors end up taking jobs. I would contact the Health Minister FIRST to see what would be the timeline for you obtaining a practice license in Canada.

    Many people arrive to Canada thinking that they will be able to hit the ground running, but the sad reality is far distant from this.

    Anonymous 22 nov 2005, 09:13 - Denunciar
  • Canadian Medical Exams

    I have a question regarding taking the canadian medical exams. I am about to sit for the MCCEE, but I am somewhat unclear about the sequence of the events. Am I right in my assumption that first an IMG has to pass on the MCCEE, then eligible to apply for the residence program; once admitted to the residence program and having done at leat 12 months of it, the IMG can take the MCCQE part I and II? Subsequent next steps include certifications and licencing?

    Is the above correct?

    I would be grateful if someone can share their experience getting cetified in Canada. How difficults it is (especially getting into the residency programs)?

    Would be grateful for advice on preparation for exams and the following steps. Thanks to everyone who responds!


    Leila 14 nov 2007, 10:55 - Denunciar
  • jobs for mbbs graduates

    i am final year medical student in india. can i get any opportunity for job in canada.what is the procedurefor getting job?please suggest me

    Rahul Mopari 15 mar 2008, 06:51 - Denunciar
  • a good thing

    In your last paragraph you use the word "knot" and not "not" as the correct word. You complain about the testing requirements for new comers into Canada seeking to work as a medical doctor but made a mistake with the use of the wrong word. Foreign doctors should have a good working knowledge of the English language because our lives could depend on it. I support the current testing of foreign doctors to work here in Canada as a good thing. bye

    barbikins 24 mar 2008, 12:19 - Denunciar
  • Learn the English langulage

    Rahul, please learn how to speak, read and write the English language before trying to come to Canada to work as a medical doctor. Your message is broken English and not professional. Yes, we need medical doctors in Canada but qualified to do the job without putting people at risk. It's plain and obvious why this is nec.
    just re-read your message, come on. Be Canadian must be to have a grasp of the English language and put it first
    on the to-do list to qualify coming here. Why not?

    stay home 24 mar 2008, 12:25 - Denunciar
  • to barbkins and stay home

    what anonymous meant was 'know' and not 'not'. just because a person does not speak fluent english does not mean that he is a fool. Are you equating the knowledge of english with inteliigence? those comments made by you two were highly derogatory and demeaning. i suggest canada take steps to educate it's own lazy-ass citizens than ask for help from third world countries.

    furious immigrant 29 mar 2008, 10:45 - Denunciar
  • Excellent spoken English needed

    Excellent spoken English must be a requirement.
    Many people outside the few big cities (especially older people) are not used to accents and find it very difficult, if not impossible, to understand English spoken with an accent (even a strong British accent). I find people from India especially difficult to understand, but I live in a small city with few immigrants so have little exposure to accents of any kind.
    A knowledge of Canadian word usage, grammar, and colloquial expressions is also vital. After all, your patients' ability to understand you clearly may be a life & death matter!

    All this can be learned, but it will probably require special language coaching to at least reduce your accent.

    Can't be bothered? Then stay in your own country.

    Imhotep 02 abr 2008, 05:03 - Denunciar
  • For BARBIKIN ( re: good thing )

    You decide to reply to a message posted in 2005 in 2008, you ignore the main point of this person's message, and you are stuck on a TYPO,


    FOREIGN DR 04 abr 2008, 12:04 - Denunciar
  • With the promotion of Immigration comes responsibility

    I would remind all Canadians that other than the aboriginal people of this country we are all immigrants. As for accents this country is populated with accents from coast to coast. Maybe if we took the time to really listen to another person then we could understand what was being said and wouldn't be so quick to judge.

    Doctors, engineers and other skilled people truly do have a hard time practicing their professions in this country. I for one as a Canadian find this offensive and disheartening especially as we promote this country as the land of the free, and the land of opportunity.

    A Canadian 05 abr 2008, 07:41 - Denunciar
  • Foreign Doctors

    The problem is mainly to do with residency. In Canada, after taking all the exams (both the Lingual and Medical) you are required to complete residency training. A major problem is the shortage of residency openings. The provincial colleges of physicians and surgeons, which grant doctors their licences, require that after medical school, doctors complete a residency: at least two years of hands-on training, usually in a hospital. An American residency is treated on a par with a Canadian one, but residencies in other countries are not. Therefore, the majority of immigrant doctors have to complete a residency here. Foreign doctors will only be considered after Canadian-trained graduates have found residency positions. They can compete in the second round—for the leftovers. The competition is stiff. In 2003, 625 international graduates competed. Only 67—about ten percent—found a position.

    Vancouver 08 abr 2008, 12:41 - Denunciar
  • Need some help!

    I am doctor and have a consultant degree in general psychiatry (Jordanian/Arab Board of psychiatry) and I'm thinking of coming to Canada and I would like to join a child psyciatry program as a sub-specialty, can anyone kindly outline the steps required for my qualification and how I would go about getting started in Canada so I eventually obtain a degree in child psychiatry.

    Anonymous 10 abr 2008, 12:22 - Denunciar
  • hi

    Try to stay where you are guys .. doctors find it hard to settle down here. Ask the IMG;s their experience before coming to Canada. I heard one guy saying there are around 4000 IMG's who has cleared all the exams but can not be doctors because of residency. Even if you clear all the exams with 4-5 years it is hard to get the residency.

    Contact some IMG's in canada before making a decision to come here. That can save your life.

    fair deal 11 abr 2008, 03:08 - Denunciar
  • steps to start practice1

    I am new in Canada. Indian background with MBBS.
    Anyone there to help me out that where should i start to get license in Ontario?

    Najam 03 may 2008, 04:52 - Denunciar
  • Genius People

    This blog is full of rubbish helper! Please goto another site and don't waste your time here. Here you will find losers trying to sink others or demoralize them.

    Tum sab Haramiun ka baap 03 may 2008, 09:27 - Denunciar
  • RAZA

    I am final year medical student.After two months i will be grajuated having degree which will be registered with world health organization.I want to start my carear in canada.Is it possible and what is procedure.I am a pakistani

    pakistani 12 may 2008, 12:43 - Denunciar
  • light

    Hi guys there toiling to find there way in Canada dont loose hope,there is light for everyone who has hope and is ready to toil.
    Have faith!

    light 18 may 2008, 11:16 - Denunciar
  • HI Can anyone give a word of advice?

    Im a doc. want to decide which exam to give USMLE or Canadian exam ,if i clear my MCCEE exam can I get HRDC approved letter from Canada to go there and write my other exams.Can anyone help with a word of advice PLS...

    Sherry 18 may 2008, 11:20 - Denunciar
  • Medical Exams for doing PG

    I'm doing my final year BDS.I would like to know about the criteria for doing PG in Canada

    Anu 03 jun 2008, 10:00 - Denunciar
  • Debacle

    Is the process any different for English Medical Schools? Canada has quite ties with the country still, and I well, its quite obvious that someone from here would be speaking fluent English.

    Besides the fact that I attend one of the top 10 medical universities in the world... would this sort of heirachy speed the process up at all?

    My neighbour (also a medical student) and I are planning on emigrating after doing a few years on the NHS, so we'd be really thankful to know some of the intricacies behind this process... Because from what I'm seeing here, it may even be easier for me to qualify as a MD in America.

    6541321514321 08 jun 2008, 05:53 - Denunciar
  • wow

    I guess we have a lot of doctors with attitude here. I am a doctor in the making cos am in my 4th year medical school in Ukraine but visit Canada for the holidays and tried finding out all i can about coming to practise here on gradguation. The truth is, Doctors with other than Canadian credntials are not really recognised except they have a Canadian orientated credential. If u decide to come to Canada, prepare to come as a student, after which you get your resident permit and be able to practice medicine. simply adding another four years of medical school in Canada. any other means might just lead you to rock buttom and frustration.

    gladiator 18 jul 2008, 06:36 - Denunciar
  • Foreign Doctors

    Canada has chronic shortage of medical professionals specially doctors but more than 4000 International doctors are in the LIMBO and there seems no hope at all as the Politicians are Tooo MUCH worried about signs in French and English ,.... who cares about medical services??

    Peter Hienz 18 jul 2008, 11:47 - Denunciar
  • foreign doctors in canada

    Check the websites for the AIPSO (Association of International Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario), www.mcc.ca (medical council of Canada), and check for requirements in each province. Most provinces in Canada require one to take Evaluating Exam, QE I exam and possibly TOEFL and TSE to apply for CARMS (residency program). Although there are more residency spots in USA , it is hard to get into US residency program if one is old (age) or it has been long since your graduation from medical school. However, in Canada, there is not much importance given to age. So for older foreign doctors, better chances in Canada. For younger foreign doctors, better chances in USA. In USA, one has to complete STEP 1, STEP 2 Ck, STEP 2 CS in order to apply through ERAS for residency in USA.

    Sarah 05 ago 2008, 12:31 - Denunciar
  • Cdn Exams Versus American Exams for doctors

    The American exams are more difficult than the Canadian medical licensing exams.

    Sarah 05 ago 2008, 12:33 - Denunciar
  • cdn exams Vs American exams

    American Exams: USMLE STEP 1, STEP 2 Ck, STEP 2 CS, STEP 3

    Canadian Exams: EE, QE Part I, QE Part II

    Sarah 05 ago 2008, 12:34 - Denunciar
  • medical pracice in canada

    the canadian authorities should stop giving the impression to foreign train doctors of employment opportunities cos is so appauling to know that many qualified doctors end up getting frustrated in the quest of getting a license to practice in canada, the most annoying is the restriction of US trained doctors as well, are they claiming to have a better training programm than the US? they should review their policies to improve medical services in canada.

    obogo emmanuel oyinoe@yahoo.co.uk 06 ago 2008, 08:25 - Denunciar
  • to sarah

    Hi I am from El Salvador,thank you sarah for all your help..do you know if I can take the exams out of canada...?
    my email is [email removed]

    claudia 09 ago 2008, 11:49 - Denunciar
  • Foreign


    SAForeign Optom 19 ago 2008, 03:40 - Denunciar
  • SA Optometrist

    I need someone to give me guidelines as to the time it will take to obtain a lisence in Canada to work as an Optometrist.

    SA Optometrist 19 ago 2008, 03:43 - Denunciar
  • What to do...? confused...!

    I am from Pakistan. I have just completed my Higher secondary certificate and now I am eligible for applying in both MBBS and BDS. The thing is that my family is moving to Canada and I don't decide either doing MBBS or BDS will be a right option to avail if I shift to Canada. please let me know. Also tell me what is the job scope in canada for Doctor of Pharmacy.

    M U Khan 19 ago 2008, 07:38 - Denunciar
  • how to get a job in canada

    peace be upon u .
    Iam medical student at 4th year ..
    after i complete my study .can i get a job right there .how
    please if u wanna help me give me the plan step by step.....
    by the way I would like to be a surgeon .tell me wt's the most thing or subject surfing in it . & to know every thing about it "I mean " which subject I have 2 concentrate on it

    proud benghazian "libya" 28 ago 2008, 01:51 - Denunciar
  • GP

    I am as a GP in UK and have MRCGP. Can I work as GP in Canada.

    Gori 31 ago 2008, 10:54 - Denunciar
  • information

    Hi, I'm Kumar,finished my MBBS from Ukraine,Now I'm giving my MCI screening test.I have writen 2 time but cant pass the exam here we can not work untill I pass the screening test,so I have disided to leave the profession and want to shift in to another profession.so help me to what profession i can choose. this is my ID [email removed]y me.
    thank u.

    k_kumar 01 sep 2008, 06:08 - Denunciar

    Please have a look at this website if you are foreign doctor before you come to Canada!!!

    WWW.Canada.com and links.

    Don't waste the time like many doctors in Canada now(including me).

    Government of Canada do not have courses to train or improve your English or medical knowledge to gain minimum requirement of Medical council.

    They want FMGs change career.
    Your can see in website like this


    IMPORTANT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    DAVID 16 sep 2008, 02:35 - Denunciar
  • Union Ergonomics Clinics

    We are looking for International Medical Doctors to join our team by owning Union Ergonomics clinics. Full training and on-going support provided. Loan of up to $140,000 is provided for qualified applicants.
    For more information please contact:
    [email removed] or visit:

    Union Ergonomics Inc. 17 sep 2008, 12:12 - Denunciar
  • at a loss

    I'm a newly qualified doctor from Nigeria. My husband who i recently got married to, a Nigerian immigrant doctor but now a Canadian citizen gave me the impression getting residency programme was easy, all u had to do was take the d necessary exams. From reading this page it's clear now he was lying{actually typical of him}. If i cant get to practise my profession then i dont want to come to Canada. I'm considering divorcing my husband since i'm expected to join him. Might sound extreme but i wont be fulfilled if i have to give up my medical career. Please what do u advise or suggest?

    T 17 sep 2008, 08:59 - Denunciar
  • medical jobs in canada

    i am an indian doctor practising in india and by God,s grace iam having a lucrative practice.Now because of insistence of my children i have to migrate to canada.i know for sure that i am not going to get a doctor,s job there. i know that canada is a small country in terms of population.therfore requirment of doctors will be less.FMGs should be prepared for alternative profession.I will like to know from policy makers of canada that their liberal immigration polcy is not running parallel with requirements of medical and health needs of increased population as a result of new immigrants.They should start fixing a quota in terms of numbers so that the people donot remain without a doctor.THANKS

    DR. U.S. ANAND 24 sep 2008, 03:36 - Denunciar
  • how to apply

    hi, i a have just completed my MBBS from Pakistan and want job in Canada can someone guide me step by step what to do?

    Mehwish 27 sep 2008, 09:34 - Denunciar


    LUIS GILBERTO ANTIMO VAZQUEZ 28 sep 2008, 01:41 - Denunciar

    Hi guys. Well, I was born in Canada and I grew up here to; also, I am currently studying in Ontario. I was thinking of going to Australia to study medicine. My English, well I am no Shakespeare, but, it's standard. So, you academic's think I can make it here when I return, or will it be the common torture.

    Dr. Frost 04 oct 2008, 04:43 - Denunciar
  • To Sarah regarding US exams vs. Canada exams.

    USMLE -- 3-5 months of study is given by american universities to Med students to study USMLE step 1. In Canada, they don't give you the time because it is not assumed you would take it. That's why they seem more difficult blunk

    Hope it helps

    fgsdfg 06 oct 2008, 11:25 - Denunciar
  • dfd

    Hey i am a canadian student undergrad. I am planning that once i finish my undergrad to go to india and study medicine there, but come back for residency to canada.? Will i be treated same as foreign doctors, or a candian, since i am a canadian citizen?


    ddfdf 14 oct 2008, 09:06 - Denunciar
  • immigrating as a doctor to canada?

    can help you with immigration. send e mail to [email removed]

    Gill 19 oct 2008, 09:23 - Denunciar
  • i cannot believe my eyes

    I always thought that it was a very good idea to go abroad for example Canada but after all these comments like 'stay home' 'dont even bother to come ' etc i start to think yes everywhere is full of bigots, racists and xenophobes so YEAH STAY HOME and dont forget, being appreciated is vital part of our job and frankly i dont want to be taken as bad or not qualified just because of my accent

    drgynecologist 29 oct 2008, 09:48 - Denunciar
  • website

    can you suggest other website where i can get better guidance and hope?

    khan 04 nov 2008, 01:39 - Denunciar
  • Hi Leila

    I have the same questions you had back then... did you went trough with the process??? if so how did it go??? and could you advice me on this please, Im a Mexican doctor wanting to do a residency in Canada.
    thanks in advance

    Fritz 08 nov 2008, 08:08 - Denunciar
  • Geez!

    The uncertainties,frustrations and regrets are so palpable!Sarah i think u r 1 of d gud guyz.

    Mayor,Nigeria 10 nov 2008, 11:57 - Denunciar
  • how to apply for canada after passing final year without doing house job

    i m a final year student of mbbs i want to know how to apply for canada for further studies and job

    tanzeela hanif 11 nov 2008, 10:02 - Denunciar
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