Do you want to join our language group in Madrid?

  • All are invited to our group of Spaniards + people from all over the world. Join us, meet new people and practise Spanish and other languages. We meet every Tuesday starting at 10 pm, at O’Neill’s, calle Príncipe nº 12 (Metro Sevilla, Sol). Ask for David, or write to me at: [email removed] [Free, of course!]
    Bienvenido a nuestro grupo de españoles + gente de todo el mundo. Ven, conoce gente nueva y practica español, inglés u otros idiomas. Quedamos todos los martes a partir de las 10pm, en O’Neill’s, calle Príncipe nº 12 (Metro Sevilla, Sol). Pregunta por David, o escríbeme: [email removed] [Gratis, ¡por supuesto!]

    03 feb 2005, 03:34 Anonymous
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  • language group

    I'm a 24 year old French girl. I've been living in London for 18 months and I'm looking to learn Spanish and to move to Spain within the next 2 weeks for a period of 6 months.
    I would love to join your group.
    Also I was wondering if you could help me with few contacts for accomodation and work. I do not speak Spanish at all, but I am eager to learn. I can speak English fluently as well as French.
    Thank you for your help.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Anonymous 14 mar 2005, 02:54 - Denunciar
  • aprender

    hola soy salvadoreño y quisiera integrarme al grupo pero no cuento con una residencia española y ni vivo en españa, bueno espero me respondan y puedan ayudarme saludos.....

    Anonymous 19 mar 2005, 05:36 - Denunciar
  • Hello yasmine

    I am gonna come to Madrid , i don't speak spanish .... wish to learn happy i am looking for meeting english speakers ...
    my e-mail [email removed]

    Anonymous 31 mar 2005, 08:26 - Denunciar
  • wanting to meet spaniards!


    I am a 17 year old girl from new zealand and i am living in madrid, i would love to meet people nad practise my spanish, i have been here 2 months so i know the basics, but it is hard and i need practice, if you want help with your english i can help you also.


    Anonymous 04 abr 2005, 11:04 - Denunciar
  • Moving to Madrid with no Spanish & no job...

    Just a quick word of caution, Madrid is not as easy as some other Euro countries to find work. Unemployment is quite high and without speaking the language can prove a long old process... I speak fluent French, English & Italian and after 6 months of looking for work here I have just got my first interview. Maybe I am just unlucky but might be an idea to talk to a few people first and see before making the jump...

    Anonymous 20 abr 2005, 11:40 - Denunciar
  • Sharing problems weekly

    At our gatherings every Tuesday some people share their problems such as accomodation, job searching, etc. and many times it is very useful to solve them.

    Anonymous 18 may 2005, 04:59 - Denunciar
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