What to look for in a health insurance

  • Who understands individual health insurance? Why is it sometimes so hard to understand? Who can afford it?

    Sound like anything you've heard said recently? Individual health insurance is the source of a lot of stress for a lot of people out there. I hope this blog will begin to serve as a way for people to help inform other people of the problems they have experienced as well as a place to compliment the people who have helped them find the right coverage or the sites that served them the most.

    First, lets realize something. Health insurance is a very important thing to purchase and we must take it seriously. We must understand the terms behind it. So lets quickly lay out some main points to know and ask when purchasing health insurance.

    What is a health insurance deductible? First payment to access medical plan.

    What is co insurance? Second amount paid after deductible

    Out of pocket? amount owed on coinsurance

    Access Fees? fees charges by the individual health insurance company in addition to deductible and co insurance.

    Maximum out of pocket? Your out of pocket plus deductible and any additional access fees

    Doctor office co pays? These are what you will pay for the doctor visit fee but may not cover you for lab expenses (be careful here)

    Prescription co pays? This is what you are responsible for when purchasing drugs

    Customary charges? This usually does not apply with PPO plans, sense they have negotiated the health insurance rates, however make sure! If their is such language in your policy i would suggest you look for a ppo instead due to the fact in the event of a major health insurance issue you will be or could be responsible for more then your max out of pocket.

    Discount health plan? THIS IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCE, and i would not buy it you will not have near the protection of insurance, you are not, INSURED!

    I know that health insurance, especially the individual health insurance market can be confusing and difficult to navigate. To get health insurance quotes for more reputable health insurance carriers and insurance agents i recommend using:https://www.hometownquotes.com/index.cfm?action=health&affid=6972&camp=health insurance (just copy that into your browser)

    They seem to have their act together and I have referred a number of people to the site and will continue until i see otherwise.

    Please check back here shinnex-insurance.blogspot. com with more news to be added on what is happening in the health insurance news arena and what we can do to stay informed.

    07 mar 2009, 03:31 shinnex
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