Good neighbourhood in Dordogne

  • Bonjour,

    Me and my wife fell in love with the Dordogne and want to buy a small country house in that area. However, i read somewhere that it is important to find out in what area you buy a house (just in case you might want to sell it again). Anyone tips for what is a good area? Or does anyone know a very good and reliable real estate broker?

    Hope to hear something soon,

    Dave & Jane

    28 may 2007, 10:13 dave
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  • Hot areas in the Dordogne

    Hi Dave & Jane
    I like all of the Dordogne each area has its own delights and there is something for everyone,
    this is why its so popular with us Brits,
    but using both head and heart a good thing for you to do
    would be to rent something out for a week or two in and around the Bergerac area in September early October (the weather is still nice then) and rent a car and get a feel of things, don't think of buying a house on the first trip go home and think about it,
    good areas to look for are around the airports, don't just look at the houses in the country, in small towns and villages is a better bet.

    Hope it some help to you

    Steve C.


    Steve C. 26 jun 2007, 09:01 - Denunciar
  • Have a look at the Just Landed Directory

    I've put some new entries in the Just Landed Directory if you wanna have a look, check the categories of real estate agents in the regions of Midi Pyrénées and Limousin, this is where you will find nice housing close to the dordogne valley. Pple around there are more and more used to foreigners, as many of them settle in the neighbourhood. Pices are quite low (for 1.3M€ about 700 000£ or $1.5M you can have a real french castle of 10 000 m² plus a garden of 35 000m²) [the realtor is in the region of Limousin, and the castle is really nice looking].

    By the way everything is in French for the moment. Just click on the links for the websites, some are in English, and if I remember well all real estates agents mentioned in Limousin are English Speakers.

    Guillaume 16 jul 2007, 11:01 - Denunciar
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    locinvestimmobilier 15 sep 2007, 04:22 - Denunciar
  • Dordogne

    Bonjour Dave & Jane,

    I am a kiwi who has spent the last 15 years travelling the world before stumbling across the Dordogne. We porchased properties in both the Dordogne and also the Lot et Garonne which is also lovely and very unspoilt. I am not sure if you are still interested in buying a property but I am more than happy to point you in the right direction as we know a lot of real estate agents in the area and can also provide advise on areas and renovation costs since we have had first hand experience happy

    A bientot

    Leeann 05 mar 2008, 10:25 - Denunciar
  • Villa à Agadir (Maroc)

    La vie au Maroc est vraiment géniale. Si vous venez de la France votre pouvoir d'achat est triplé. Vous pouvez vivre comme des rois et toutes l'année au soleil.

    Si vous chercher une villa pour des vacances ou pour vous y installer...

    Pour plus d'informations:

    Jorge Martinez 16 nov 2008, 09:03 - Denunciar
  • location des appartements meublé

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    2 chambres, 1salon, 1 S de B , une cuisine.

    prix exceptionnel

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    Pour d’autres informations contacter nous à :

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    hassan 22 dic 2008, 05:35 - Denunciar
  • Looking for short term acommodation

    We are an Australian artist and writer looking for 2 bedroom accom. in interesting Dordogne village April-July , flexible with dates.Is there a better way than paying "holiday rates"??

    caroline Lloyd 13 ene 2009, 05:13 - Denunciar

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    TERKI 27 mar 2009, 01:05 - Denunciar
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