dependent visa ,query

  • i am from hyderabad,
    my husband works in a MNC in UK
    he is working there since last year
    now i would like to go there with my child
    how can i get the dependent visa to go to UK

    10 oct 2005, 11:51 Anonymous
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  • hi

    how do i get dependent visa for spain? What is the procedure to get dependent visa for spain?

    Anonymous 22 feb 2006, 11:43 - Denunciar
  • how toget dependent visa after marraige

    how do i get dependent visa for spain? What is the procedure to get dependent visa for spain?

    Anonymous 12 abr 2006, 12:25 - Denunciar
  • visitor vissa

    i m indian & i m study in cyprus . now i have summer vacation so i want to go uk for visit.

    Anonymous 17 may 2006, 09:52 - Denunciar
  • How to apply for dependent visa. what types of paper are necessary for that

    hi i am from bangladesh. i want to visit my husband who is a post graduate student there. i want to khow the procedure. if you give me a check list that will very helpfull for me. I also want to know that is it necessary that my sponser must be in blood connected.

    Anonymous 05 sep 2006, 11:02 - Denunciar
  • i want to obtain the permitio and live and work in uk

    der sirs
    i am student i got my bac on 2005. and i am following my education at university on the english langues, i am watting the moment to immigrat to uk in order t release my dream.
    if you would accept write at my mail [email removed] or sen me my contrat at my adresse 31 rue missour hay palestine 60300 berkane maroc

    Anonymous 18 oct 2006, 07:11 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa

    i want stay in uk with my son who is residing in uk and he is citizen of uk and iam 58 years old need information

    Anonymous 16 nov 2006, 02:30 - Denunciar
  • driving in uk

    I am from pakistan but now in saudi arabia and I am a long trailler driver for long route.but i want in uk if any one want me on workpermet please call me or my contect ID EMAIL ME ON [email removed]
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 22 dic 2006, 08:57 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa to uk

    what is the procedure to get dependent visa for uk

    neha ridha 15 abr 2007, 08:35 - Denunciar
  • what are the documents reqqired to apply dependent visa from dubai to uk

    i want apply visa for my wife.she is in dubai,so what are the documents i has to send from here to apply her visa in dubai

    walter 16 abr 2007, 11:15 - Denunciar
  • hi how to get a dependent visa for my husband

    hi i am on a student visa,i want to bring my husband to uk on dependent visa,what all papers does he needs.wht all papers i must many days it takes.please send a detail report.

    tina 10 may 2007, 12:24 - Denunciar
  • chereche du travail

    je suis un jeunne homme algerien jé un déplom de plombrie et gaz et chauffage centra jé

    brahimi 23 may 2007, 03:11 - Denunciar
  • procedure for change of visa status-student dependant visa to student visa

    hi,i am currently resident in Uk with my husband who is completing his phd programme this year and i will be starting my msc in visa expires in december,how do i process my change of visa and when can i start the process?

    anonymous 06 jun 2007, 01:27 - Denunciar
  • hi

    How to apply for dependent visa. what types of paper are necessary for that

    shazia 20 jun 2007, 07:59 - Denunciar
  • Depedant Visa

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I am currently in Abudhabi on fathers sponsorship visa However nw i have gt married and my husband in uk wishes to take me there he is on students visa just wanted to knw wht is the procedure for the same and can i apply from Abudhabi or do i need to go to Mumbai and apply

    Laila 25 jun 2007, 08:38 - Denunciar
  • Dependants visa

    Unfortunately you cannot obtain a dependants visa unless you have no other person in your country of origin that could mantain and support you. You have to prove that your son is sending your money-or has been transfering money-, to yourself for quite a while, you have no property or whatsoever in your country of origin and additionally he can prove that he can accomodate & mantain yourself. Although you MAY be granted with an undefinite leave to stay in the UK, that may not grant you with the right to WORK in the UK. Believe me, I have tried that before. Fortunately I have my italian citizenship now, so those days of suffering are gone now.

    Max 02 jul 2007, 10:30 - Denunciar
  • re dependent visa

    I am Indian and widowed.I have two children with me and working full time in UK.I would like to bring my brother or sister as depenendent for my help.One of my child is with physical and learning disabilities.Is it possible to bring my brother as my dependent.If possible how it can be and what is the procedure.please give me a reply as soon as possible

    sara 04 jul 2007, 10:46 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa

    you can apply with your child for dependent visa.You MUST show correct documents to Embassy-such as proof of marraige, birth date of your son /daughter along with an application form VAF I for Non-settelment.Your husband Must FORWARD TO YOU all copies of his passport, immigration including stamp at the port of entry at Airport and his status.You must also include your husband's work employement letter and last six ,omths bank statements in original and details of accommodation -stating he has enough accommodation to accommodate you and can contact me for further information on 09821508766

    Azizuddin shaikh 21 jul 2007, 04:33 - Denunciar
  • deendent visa

    i am a nures wking in uk(essex)since 3 yrs.recently got married to a person who has been in uk(bristol) for 4 i got job in my husbands place and i m resigning frm my current job and going back to my home country to become my husband's dependent.i have a job offer letter frm my new employer.what r the documents i need to submit?is there any problems for above situation?

    elizabeth philip 25 jul 2007, 04:09 - Denunciar
  • uk student visa

    hi i am pratibha from nepal. i want to go uk for abroadstudy. financial support of my father is not so better. so my uncle is supporting me for the finance. than how can i apply?
    it is better to show the documents of both my father and my uncle or i go only by my uncle?

    pratibha 28 jul 2007, 05:25 - Denunciar
  • dependant visa

    hi my wife is in uk on student visa for last 2 months and i m in surat india,now i wish to go to query is can i do a business ,if i want to do,as a dependant do i have a rite to do business till her stay in uk.

    piyush 29 jul 2007, 07:00 - Denunciar
  • hi what is the procedure for the dependent visas for the wife who's husband is in u.k. on student visas

    my husband on student visas for last 1.5 years in u.k. now we are married and i want to come u.k. on dependent visas so tell me what is the procedure.

    bharati 31 jul 2007, 07:53 - Denunciar
  • visa

    My husband has joined me in the uk we are married under english law, he has no visa for the uk.
    We have tried for a visa but were refused in april we are waiting for an appeal hearing now. we now have our own flat and I have a new job with more money now.
    What papers can we complete so he can stay with me?
    Can we try for assylum?

    anon 21 ago 2007, 09:34 - Denunciar
  • husband dependent visa

    30th Aug 2007

    hi i am on a student visa,i want to bring my husband to uk on dependent visa,what all papers does he needs.wht all papers i must many days it takes.please send a detail report.

    Shantimol Jacob 30 ago 2007, 03:37 - Denunciar
  • can u help

    hi, i am in uk on student visa. i want my husband and daughter in pakistan to join me. can you please send me details of the procedure and documents required.
    thanking you in anticipation.

    anonymus 30 sep 2007, 09:06 - Denunciar
  • dependant visas

    i am an australian who has married an italian am i now able to work in the uk?

    martin 19 oct 2007, 06:32 - Denunciar
  • Dependant visa enquiry

    I am currently studying in London with a valid visa untill 2009. Last year in Sep 2006 I got married. My husband holds student visa as well which will expire in 2007 NOV. We want to apply for dependant visa.

    Kindly tell me the procedure.
    After getting the COA what is the next thing that we have to do?


    Mani 21 oct 2007, 07:09 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    my wife is in uk on a student visa since 3 months.can i apply for dependent visa & work there.
    what is the procedure to apply for a visa & eligibilty for me to apply.

    Sampath 19 nov 2007, 06:20 - Denunciar
  • how to apply dependent visa for my wife from india(AP) for uk

    i am in uk on HSMP visa .now i am going to get married next january .after marriage how can i apply for dependent visa from india.what is the procedure to apply .pls give me reply

    subash 22 nov 2007, 05:38 - Denunciar
  • dependant visa for wife

    Hello i am mukund hirve from India studying msc (networking)in UK on student visa. i want to bring my wife and daughter on dependant visa. pl tell me which document should i need to submit so my wife and daughter will get the dependant visa

    Mukund S Hirve 26 nov 2007, 10:54 - Denunciar
  • dependant visa application

    what kind of documents should i have to produce if I want to apply for my wife to come to uk and stay with me.

    N Islam 27 nov 2007, 01:09 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa

    i hve been in uk for nearly 3 yrs. i got married and would like to bring my wife over. now i heard about the new rules in dependent visa application. can u tell me from when the rules come into effect and what they are.

    george z 10 dic 2007, 08:01 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa

    how to apply for dependent visa my wife is there on student visa on 29-sep-07.

    Ruchir Bhavsar 13 dic 2007, 02:15 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa for child and my husband

    i get it visa for uk student what i do for getting dependent visa with my son and my husaband waht i do plz send ans and some query for this situation

    anonymous 20 dic 2007, 09:11 - Denunciar
  • Dependent visa

    I and my wife r on Student visa now in uk.Can i change my status from student to dependent visa without taking Entry clearance or remaining in uk.
    Thank U.

    Ali 20 dic 2007, 03:54 - Denunciar
  • Student visas

    Hi am venkat from hyderabad.

    am authorised representative of LONDON School of Business
    and Managment in London.

    for student visas enquries mail me at [email removed]


    venkat 24 dic 2007, 03:05 - Denunciar
  • sir

    i am from uk my marriage is fixed now and he is working in kerala and i heard the rule is changing for the dependents that they need IELTS from april onwards so i would like to know about that.

    anonymous 27 dic 2007, 12:31 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa, query

    I am from Nepal.I am a student here since last year and has still more than a year to get my visa expired.I am going back to Nepal next month on a holiday to get married.My query is that what are the documents that I need to submit to bring my wife along with me as a dependent.Are there any new rules regarding depoendent visa.I will be grateful if you can mail me at [email removed].

    Dipankar Joshi 28 dic 2007, 03:49 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa

    i hve been in uk for nearly 1 yr. i got married and would like to bring my hus over. now i heard about the new rules in dependent visa application. can u tell me from when the rules come into effect and what they are.

    anonymous 02 ene 2008, 02:00 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa

    my husband is in ireland n i would like to apply for dependent visa.what are the procedures for preparing documents.

    sarita 17 ene 2008, 02:11 - Denunciar
  • Dependent visa for UK

    i m from Gujarat.My husband is working in UK.He has a HSMP visa.He is there from 2 years.Now i want to go there.SO I request you to tell me about the new proedure for Dependent Visa n what document they required?Please give me reply as soon as possible.Thank you!!!!!!!My email address is [email removed].

    sejal 23 ene 2008, 11:38 - Denunciar
  • what about dependents with disability

    i got HSMP and EC later, had successful job hunt and expected to join before feb 25th, Also rented out one apartment and now applying for family dependent visa.

    The problem is my son is disable, slightly physical as well as mentally but the good thing is that he is friendly and very positive - you can say he is slow learner
    does this affect visa eligibility ?

    Kausar 24 ene 2008, 06:48 - Denunciar
  • HSMP dependent

    hi ,could u advise me?what happens if the wife is on HSMP DEPENDENDENT VISA and wife get divorced? would the wife has to leave UK or can she stay

    HANNA PATEL 04 feb 2008, 07:38 - Denunciar
  • applying for uk dependent visa

    My wife is UK national. My children and I are Indian citizens. We want to migrate or to get depended visa UK, Please let me know the procedure for the same.And how long it will take. Please send the details to [email removed]

    Dilip Ambrose 09 feb 2008, 09:06 - Denunciar
  • dependant visa

    hi i am on a student visa,i want to bring my husband to uk on dependent visa,but he was rejected to get the visa. i have baby also i also want to bring her in uk. so let me know what is the procedure.i submited all the documents. how many days it takes.please send a detail report.

    kingal 11 feb 2008, 02:14 - Denunciar
  • dependant visa

    hi my husband and myself working with NHS in our own work permit for nearly 5 years,now i would like to change my visa status by applying as his dependent.di i need to go back home(India)to apply or can i do it from here,if so what are the formalities for applying.

    Mercy Cherian 12 feb 2008, 11:37 - Denunciar
  • I'm Pregnant and their making me leave my husband

    I married my husband in Thailand 18 months ago I was granted a tourist Visa on the advice of an agency who assured us that we would be able to change the visa to a spouse visa when we were together in the UK. We had already been refused a Spouse Visa in Thailand 1 year ago. I rejoined my husband 6 months ago, and when we were told that we could not change the status of the Visa, reluctantly our intentions were to cooperate with the stipulations of my tourist visa and I would fly back to Thailand next week (20th Feb) and re-apply for the spouse visa, I am now extremely worried that I will not be able to rejoin my husband,especially as I am 2 months Pregnant. Please give me ANY advise you can we are so scared. We were turned down a spouse visa previously as at the time my husband and I were coming home to the UK with no job prospects. Now he is self employed as a mini bus driver and working hard to get everything in order for our visa application. It seems so unfair that our family isbeing torn apart we are married, love each other and about to become parents for the first time. Also we've read some articles on the internet where they do not advise pregnant mothers to fly before 12 weeks. It would be impossible for my husband to come to Thailand with me as he needs to work here, also there are now problems with his close relatives health, and we are needed in the UK.

    May 15 feb 2008, 08:35 - Denunciar
  • to bring the nephew from india

    i am nurse and working in the uk since 3years and on work permit my family is here in the uk with me but i want to bring my sisters son who is 12 years to uk because my sister is no more alive and there is no body to look after my nephew now so can i bring my nephew to this country on my visa?

    manisha 18 feb 2008, 06:45 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa for U.K.


    my husband working in U.K. on work permit. Kindly guide me how can I apply to go to u.k. and what documents are required. At present I am residing at Ludhiana.

    Pooja 22 feb 2008, 12:45 - Denunciar
  • dependent visa enquiry

    I have british citizen.I am staying with my family in uk.I would like to bring my father from India as a dependent,he is over 60yrs.Is it possible? IF I can , what documents necessary? My email ID- [email removed] thanks

    simly joseph 05 mar 2008, 10:00 - Denunciar
  • Dependent VIisa

    Iam from karachi (Pakistan).How do i get dependent visa for UK? What are the rules or terms and conditions?

    Zam Sarwar 10 abr 2008, 12:14 - Denunciar
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