Opening Swiss bank account with no Swiss address

  • Hi all,

    I'd appreciate some advice:

    I'm going to start work with an international organisation that is based in Geneva. The thing is that they will pay me in Swiss Francs, preferably to a Swiss account. However I won't be working in Switzerland (probably in developing countries) so I don't have an address to open a Swiss account. I'm a UK national if that helps.

    Any advice or experiences would be great.



    04 ene 2006, 09:12 Anonymous
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  • show a driver's license

    First, you will find continued difficulties without an address. You may want to "move in" with a local, even if you do not actually spend any time at that location, just so that you can have a local address to put onto forms.

    That aside, BCV in Vaud will let you open an account if you show a US driver's license with your address on it. That trick might work down in Geneva, too. I don't know how many other banks have the same policy, but at worst, you could probably ride a train to Lausanne and try BCV....

    Anonymous 21 ene 2006, 08:32 - Denunciar
  • use the address of your company

    Just use the work address (I assume you have one). It was able to open an UBS account at CERN without any problems. I advice you to just try a few banks in Geneva and be friendly and persistent.

    Good luck!

    Anonymous 19 feb 2006, 12:13 - Denunciar
  • Open Swiss Bank Account Online

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    Lihu Gelem 29 may 2008, 09:20 - Denunciar
  • nope

    Swiss are too racist, they will not let you open a bank account unless you have a B-permit and unlimited working contract. Even German people have problem opening accounts in Switzerland, thanks to the xenophobic asshole racist swiss people... and VERY unfriendly customer service here.

    Damn Switzerland 30 jun 2008, 10:18 - Denunciar
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