Skiing - need lots of help

  • Hello,
    I need lots of advice really and any would be appreciated. I have always wanted to learn to ski and have finally come to a point where I can afford to do it, but I just don't know where to start.
    Does anyone know of any good ski schools? Where are the best places to go and at what times of year? Also I am considering going on holiday on my own, is this a good idea or would I get lonely? Could drag my boyfriend along but he’s not interested in skiing?

    01 juin 2007, 06:27 Francesca
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  • have lessons

    Hi There.

    I would say that pretty much anywhere you go in Austria is going to have good instruction.

    Going on your own yes you will have fun and I am sure you will meet people but I would say go with someone or in a group if you can. A group of learners having lessons for the first time can be an incredibly funny and enjoyable experience.

    If your Boyfriend doesn’t think he'll enjoy the skiing get him to go anyway because there are plenty of other things he can do whilst you are skiing and the chances are if you get him out there he'll have a go, but if not there is mountain sledging (which is Awesome by the way) Great Bars restaurants and so on.

    If he doesn’t want to go still then take a girlfriend.

    I would recommend St Anton, Mayrhoffen or somewhere like that. GO for it and have yourself a great time.

    Ps.: definitely have lessons.

    When you have been let me know how you got on.



    Max 01 juin 2007, 06:39 - Signaler un abus
  • Don't bring the boyfriend

    Please don't torture the man. If he doesn't want to go skiing then he will end up getting hurt and/or just being cold and miserable and it will all be your fault. There is really nothing else to do at a ski resort besides ski. Those who say you can go hiking, toboganning, or go to a spa don't understand men who don't want to go skiing, it is just as boring.

    Snow is rubbish! 05 jan 2009, 04:57 - Signaler un abus
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