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    JiHouse is a centrally located family-run hotel, set in a beautiful traditional Beijing courtyard with a rich history - once was gold and silver jewel market during the yuan dynasty and where the revered poet Shen Congwen used to live.
    In the early 19th century Lin Yutang wrote in the activating Beiping? IBeiping is so tranquil. This is the city to keep a household; where every building has a courtyard, every courtyard has a small goldfish pond and a pomegranate tree, the fruit and vegetables are fresh. If one prefers pears one grows pears, if dates then date. This is an ideal city, it has open space where every man can breath fresh air, and though it may not have the silence of a village, the wide roads, the narrow Hutongs and the canal are all perfectly coordinated.
    But times have changed, and Beijing is no longer the Beiping of the past. The secluded courtyards of Lin Yutang's time are now a rarity. Ji House, however, with its tranquil courtyard - complete with a goldfish pond and date tree - offers visitors the chance to experience the tranquility of an unspoilt traditional Beijing courtyard (known as a siheyuan).
    Jihouse's services (www.jihousecn.com)
    The tours to the Great Wall at different sections including The Great wall at Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai and Hiking on the wall From Jinshanling to Simatai.The tours to the Beijing city including Beijing Zoo, Tibetan Lama Temple, Hutong Tour. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace.
    The hotel has busses at all sizes and cars available at reasonable prices.
    We can take you to all major tourist sides in Beijing and anywhere you wish to go, taking you to or pick up from the airport at any time. For more information and the service, please contact us by email or telephone min.24 hours before your arrival.
    To prevent any delay of your trips from Beijing to Mongolia, Russia, South Korea and other countries by train or ferry or other major cities in China, We suggest you make reservation min.One month in advance.
    For train, flight tickets and ferry booking in advance (both domestically and international), Please ask for our bank account number. Send us the receipt of money transfer as soon as possible so that we could start the process of booking even before the money arrives.
    How to get to Jihouse(www.jihousecn.com)
    In order that you can get to our hotel from the airport high speed free, We now newly set up a very reliable airport pick-up service taking you all the way to our hotel without any problem.
    It costs 150RMB per car with max.4people with luggage. The above rate includes high way toll and parking fee.
    For the service, please contact us in advance (at least 2 days) with information of your departure city, flight number and your names.

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