looking for a job

  • hallo i am fatin from holland i am a pharmacist but i would like to work in dubai i can speak dutch, english and arabic. my email:[email removed]

    30 jan 2007, 05:21 Anonymous
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  • creative

    hello iam ahmad akkarie i have a bt3 degree in airplane design and ad/degree autocad 2d,3d,3dmax and good experince in sales and solving problem.i live in dubai and looking to work their.mobile+971508838318
    Email:[email removed] this little information about me will give an idea about my personalty .

    ahmad 18 juin 2007, 06:48 - Signaler un abus
  • English Teacher

    Hi My name is Marycarmen and i´m pretty interested in working in Dubai as an English language teacher. I have worked with children, teens and young adults. Please contact me: [email removed]

    Mary Carmen 19 juin 2007, 12:02 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a ob

    Hello,my name is Tayyaba and i am from pakistan.Presently i am working in a school as a pre-school teacher.I want to move to dubai and looking for a suitable job.I have done masters in social work.My email is [email removed]

    Tayyaba 19 juin 2007, 12:49 - Signaler un abus
  • look for a new lıfe!

    hello.my name ıs abdullah from turkey.ı look for a new job,ı have dıplom for machıne technıcal unıversty(2)....and ı experıence tourısm 7 years.ı have health and spa experıence....ı speak englısh,russıan and deutch!e-maıl:[email removed]

    abdullah 20 juin 2007, 11:28 - Signaler un abus
  • Teaching in Dubai

    Hello, my name is Jennifer Davy and I am a social science teacher with over 15 yrs experience. I am looking for a job in Dubai. I'm good, so be quick!!

    [email removed]

    Jennifer Davy 21 juin 2007, 02:52 - Signaler un abus
  • trained nurse from pakistan

    i am trained male nurse from pakistan.i have done B.sc nursing and exp about 6 years in cardiac and icu , ccu
    i want job in dubai
    my email [email removed]

    imran gulzar from multan 21 juin 2007, 07:18 - Signaler un abus
  • request for security job

    hi i i am from pakistan . i have exp. in air port security about 8 years as assistan sub inspector. i want securit job in dubai
    email [email removed]

    sarfraz 21 juin 2007, 07:27 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking Job For Manager Trade Finance In Banking

    Hello, My name Zahid Aziz I would like to work in dubai
    My CV IS AS

    Phone #s; Res +92-51-5111353, Cell +92-333-5529124 e m [email removed] [email removed]

    Seeking an opportunity to work with a well established and system based organization to attain professional growth by using my extensive banking experience.

    Expert in Trade Financing through 17 years of enriched experience.

    Strong track record of generating revenues. Promoted through a series of progressive positions in banking sector. Generated revenues from new customers and non-traditional sources. Energetic and resourceful. Self-directed and innovative. Highly effective communication skills include demonstrated ability to satisfy client needs through relationship building and creative development. Believe that profitability customer service, and quality work is primary factors of success in any competitive industry.

    Multifunctional expertise

    Audit and inspection Corporate financing Foreign Exchange
    Manual Credit administration Consumer financing
    Finance against paper securities Team management Crisis management Administration Letter Of Guarantees
    Customer Counseling Foreign Exchange Returns UCP 500
    UCP 600 URR 525 URC 522

    _____________________________Experience Chronology_____________________________

     As Officer Accounts at Bank Of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI) from 1989 to 1990.
     As Officer at BCCI for Corporate and General Banking; 1990 to 1991.
     As Officer at Habib Credit & Exchange Bank. (Formerly BCCI) Expatriate Service Department (FCA) 1991 to 1992.
     As Officer at Habib Credit & Exchange Bank, (Formerly BCCI) Imports and Exports; 1992 to 1996.
     As Export Manager Union Bank Ltd. 1996 to 1998.
     As Manager Operations, Union Bank Ltd. 1998 to 2000.
     As Manager Trade Finance Union Bank Ltd. 2000 to 2005.
     As Manager Trade Finance Bank Alfalah Ltd. November 2005 to February 2007.

    ____________________________Professional overview____________________________

    Manager Trade Finance; Askari Bank Limited Centralized foreign Trade Unit February 2007 to till date.


    o Foreign / Local LCs.
    o Scrutiny of Documents
    o Lodgment and adjustment of PAD
    o FATR
    o FIM
    o Issuance and authentication of Form “E”.
    o Foreign documentary bills for collection (FDBC).
    o LC advising and confirmation.
    o Negotiations of export documents, advance payments.
    Export Refinance
    o SBP pre shipment refinance part I.
    o SBP refinance part II
    o Post shipment finance own sources and FE 25.
    Letter of guarantee
    o Issuance, Authentication, Extension and Redemption.
    Additional qualifications
     Reconciliation for head office and other branches all over the country.
     Daily activity check for all the business transactions made by the branch.
     Extensively handled corporate customers, including,
     CD incharge, Lockers incharge and Custodian of Test Keys.
     Operation Manager.
    ______________________________ Computer Skills__________________________________
    Highly proficient in using the following computer soft wares:
     Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint
     Internet communication packages including leading search engines.
     Specific Banking soft wares.
    Holding a Masters Degree from the University of the Punjab.

    __________________________Professional trainings received___________________________
     “Global trade practice” by IBP
     “Export Finance and Refinance Scheme Modification” by IBP
     “Incoterms-2000” by IBP
     “Export Refinance Scheme” by IBP
     “Exchange Companies; Rules Regulations and Operations” by IBP


     “Credit Management” by IBP
     “Documentary Credit “e UCP” by IBP
     “People Management Skills Training Program” by Institute of Training and Consultancy
     “Service Excellence Workshop” by Union bank
     “Advance Trade Finance “by Training and Development Centre Lahore
     “Total Quality Management” by Union Bank.
     “Advance Credits “by Training and Development Centre Lahore

    Zahid Aziz 21 juin 2007, 07:37 - Signaler un abus
  • i looking for job in uae

    Personal information:
    Name : Sameh Bader Mahmoud Ismael
    Nationality: Palestinian
    Address : Biteba-Nablus-Palestine
    social status : single
    E-mail address : [email removed] or [email removed]
    Tel : 972 547 628 473 or 970 598 1000 47

    Proficient : hotels and restaurant employee

    Work qualification: Very good knowledge of computer using especially in hotels and restaurants computer systems

    *Arabic mother langue
    * Good knowledge in English reading and writing very good at conversation

    Work experiences:

    1-Al-Hashim Hotel Jerusalem City (One star) Receptionist shift (c) From April 1995 till June 1997
    Al-Hashimi Hotel suq khan alzeit old city east Jerusalem
    ا[email removed]
    Tel: +972 (2) 628-4410
    Fax: +972 (2) 628-4667

    2-Family Restaurant in Jerusalem city as a dining shift (a) July 1995 till April 1996

    3- Addar Suites Hotel Jerusalem city (four stars) shift (a), Dining and room service from May 1996 till August 19997.
    Addar Suites Hotel Nablus road
    Tel: +972 (2) 626-3111

    4- Papa Anderis Restaurant (Three stars) shift (a) from August 1997 till May 1999.

    5- New Imperial Hotel in Jerusalem city (tow stars). Receptionists shift (a) from August 1997 till May 1999, then duple shift vice manger of the hotel from May 1999 till October 2002
    New Imperial Hotel jaffa gate old city
    Tel: +972 (2) 627-2000
    Fax: +972 (2) 627-1530

    6- Ambassador Hotel in Jerusalem city (four stars), dining and conference room service from March 2003 till May 2005.
    Ambassador Hotel shikh jarrah Nablus road east Jerusalem
    [email removed]
    Tel: +972 (2) 582-8515
    Fax: +972 (2) 582-8202

    7-Darna Restaurant in Ramallah city (five stars) one of the best restaurants in Palestine from June 2005 till now
    Tel +970 229 50590

    sameh 27 juin 2007, 02:53 - Signaler un abus
  • searching a job as a chemist

    i have completed M.Sc in Applied chemistry & chemical technology, looking for a job in dubai. lf possible plse send me a mail
    [email removed]

    M zaman 30 juin 2007, 08:55 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a job in Dubai .

    This is mohd shakir.
    I am electronics enggineer(diploma holder).I am from India and working in tatasky(DTH) ltd. as a field service enggineer since 5th june06.My job profile is installation, quallity audits & handeling the assitants.
    I can speak Hindi,Urdu, Eng.
    E-mail-([email removed])


    Mohd shakir 02 juil 2007, 07:46 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a job in Dubai

    25 years experience in shipping and oil and gas project.
    At the present i am Logistic base manager of oil project in Iran.
    Mobile phone: 0098 912 171 0910
    E-mail: [email removed]

    Hossain 20 juil 2007, 08:59 - Signaler un abus
  • electrical contracts manager

    hi i am an australian male looking to relocate to dubai and get involved with the boom in dubai i am currently managing 250million dollars woth of electrical contracts on the gold coast in australia i am planning on coming to dubai in september to try and find a once in a life time job if you/any one has any information that might help me into my succsessful role it would be greatly appreciated
    jeremy taylor (0061)449 049 528
    [email removed]
    currently resides in australia

    jeremy taylor 21 juil 2007, 08:41 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for a job in dubai

    hi i would u like to take the oppurtunity to look for a job in dubai im 32 years old i work as a shop foreman in morocco its whre im from i have a technical license from canada i was living there and another license from morocco so 8 years experience in the automobile currently im working at fiat alfa romeo dealership i speak french . arabic .english. my email is [email removed]

    MOURCHAD ADNANE 21 juil 2007, 05:55 - Signaler un abus
  • web developer/PHP programmer

    hello i am Reginald from the Philippines. I am a web developer currently working in Topworld International, I want to work in Dubai as a web developer or Php programmer..my email is: [email removed]

    Dacoda 26 juil 2007, 04:48 - Signaler un abus
  • List of Dubai Jobsites

    I wanted to let you know about a load of jobsites for Dubai.























    Hansai 29 juil 2007, 07:49 - Signaler un abus
  • lokking for a job in telecoms company

    hi, Im Telecoms & networks
    Engineer of application,i would like to work in DUBAI...

    24 years old, Single, Driver licence B.
    12, Rue Neufchâtel Belvédère 20300,
    Casablanca –MAROC-
    (+212)66 49 22 35
    (+212)22 40 20 91 [email removed]

    Telecoms & networks
    Engineer of application

     2005/2006 : Bac+4 in Engineering of Telecoms & Networks at Higher Institute Applied of Engineering (I.G.A), Casablanca,morocco.

     2004/2005 : Bac+3 in Electronic Engineering at I.G.A, Casablanca,morocco.

     2002/2004 : Bac+2 in Electronic Engineering & Data-processing Engineering at I.G.A, Casablanca,morocco.

     2001/2002 : One year in Data-processing Engineering at Higher National School of technical Teaching (E.N.S.E.T), Rabat,morocco.

     2000/2001 : Technical baccalaureate, option: Electronics , Jaber Ibn Hayan hight school, Casablanca.


     21 May 2007 terminal tests at Network Pole Department within telecoms operator WANA.

    Spots and responsibility:

     Voice and data services tests.

     Analysis and check up of R-UIM card and Mobile Equipment elements.

     1 December -20 May 2007 : Telecoms Executive at Infrastructure Department on behalf of Operators within
    SIGMATEL Company

    Spots and responsibility:

     Regional manager for network radio optimization, Project: Telecoms operator (WANA).

     Coverage measurement on ZXPOS : Coverage and network quality check up.

     Network implementation management: daily check-up of the various qualities
    Indicators (call drop indicators, Hand Off indicators, Fail call indicators).

     Team leader in WLL (wireless local loop) Indoor/Outdoor installation and start up.

     Training follow-up in radio optimization and coverage on ZXPOS with ZTE.

     Reporting: BTS Shakedown Test Acceptance, BTS Functionality Test, Drive test.

     Indoor/Outdoor BTS installation and cabling of CDMA2000 network (ZTE),
    Project : Telecoms operator (WANA).

     October 2006 : Training within LINFRA MOROCCO Telecoms company (Multinational).

    Spots and responsibility:

     Team leader in CDMA2000 radio optimization,
    Project : Telecoms operator WANA.

     Indoor/Outdoor BTS installation and cabling of GSM network (MOTOROLA),
    Project : Telecoms operator (MEDITELECOM).
     2005/2006 : Second study project « wireless networks Study & WI-FI network
    implementation at IGA ».

     11 July-10 August 2005 : Training within CNSS company in Casablanca.
     Information system.

     2003/2004 : first study project « Film library Management ».
     June-September 2003 : Training within SOFTEL Company in Casablanca.
     Computer skills maintenance & Telecommunications

     June-September 2001 : Training within BRAMO Company in Casablanca.
     Engines electrical maintenance.


     Electrical engineering : Electrical machines, electrical supply Networks.
     Electronics : Digital & Analogical, Ultra high frequencies circuits, Antennas, Signal treatment.
     Industrial data processing : Assemblers 8086/8088, 6809, 68HC11.
     Telecoms & Networks : GSM, CDMA2000, UMTS, ISDN, RTC, WIFI, OSI, TCP/IP, Telephony, LAN.
     Automatics : Programmable automat, industrial Regulation, Automatism, Sensors.
     Computer skills :  Operating systems: Windows, UNIX.
     Programming: MATLAB, Turbo Pascal, C, C++, VB, Java, SQL, HTML.
     Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.
     Multi-media: Photoshop Adobe, Flash.
     Computer maintenance.
     Methodology: Merise.


    Days of student and enterprise organization membership « JEE »

     March 2006: Under the Topic: « The Revolution of the embarked systems ».

     March 2005: Under the Topic: « Management of quality and Durable development ».

     April 2004/2005/2006: IGA stand liveliness during the Student Forum.

     June 2002: Technical Teaching International show sharing (SIET 2002) at E.N.S.E.T.

     Arabic, French, English.


     Team work spirit, Reading, Music, Swimming, Football, Internet.

    MOHAMMED ADNAN BENRHANEM 01 août 2007, 12:49 - Signaler un abus
  • graphic designer

    High Degree in Aveiro University - www.ua.pt
    work experience:
    7 months in HM Consultores (Aveiro) - www.hmconsultores.pt
    7 months in Addictlab (Brussels) - www.addictlab.com
    7000 - 8000 AED

    Nuno Oliveira 08 août 2007, 05:22 - Signaler un abus
  • Female Fitness Instructor or a Lifeguard

    Dear all,

    If you are a female Fitness Instructor or a Lifeguard, looking for a permanent job in UAE-Dubai, please send your CV to:[email removed]

    Good Luck

    merecruitment 08 août 2007, 10:22 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for a job as English teacher in Dubai

    Dear Madam/Sir the employer,
    My name is Rimon, single, 32 years old, from Jordan.I have six years of experience in public schools in jordan. I have stayed in Canada for about five years. I can speak French and Arabic.
    I am an honest, enthusiastic, male who likes team work.
    My teaching philosophy is to encouge the productivity of the students themselves ina fun pleasant way.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    My e-mail address is :[email removed]
    Home phone :00962-3-2320933

    Rimon Hijazin 09 août 2007, 10:02 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for a job in construction:taper(plasterer),painter or tile installer

    Dear Madam/Sir the employer,
    My name is Rimon, single, 32 years old, from Jordan. I have stayed in Canada for about five years.During that time I worked in istalling dry walls and plasterer,also I am good in painting(comercial or industrial).
    I worked in big companies for construction in Canada.I also opened my own business in home renovation.
    I can speak French and Arabic.
    I am an honest, enthusiastic, male who likes team work.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    My e-mail address is :[email removed]
    Home phone :00962-3-2320933

    Rimon Hijazin 09 août 2007, 10:13 - Signaler un abus
  • a good site linking you to lots of other gulf jobsites.

    http://www.gulfsjobsites.com is a good site linking you to lots of other gulf jobsites.

    Dan 13 août 2007, 10:10 - Signaler un abus
  • job

    i am student in pakistan and i want to work in dubie so this is my no.03458331040

    khan 21 août 2007, 12:10 - Signaler un abus
  • I want a job as a track or basketball coach

    I was a track and basketball athlete for twenty years. I will coach a team to many winning seasons. I have played basketball with top American coaches and understand the game.
    I was an accomplished high jumper and competed for the USA in international competition.
    [email removed]

    Dennis DeLoach 23 août 2007, 10:26 - Signaler un abus
  • gud day

    hi im jonalyn serrato here in the philippines 25 years old i have a degree in Bachelor of science in commerce i had 2 years working experiences in 4 different companies i willing to work in dubai just to have additional experience and to earn money to be able help my family, my working experiences more on office application heres my email add [email removed]

    jonalyn philippines 23 août 2007, 12:53 - Signaler un abus
  • graphic designer applicant!

    were loooking for professional graphic designer (filipino) with 2yrs. exp.!pls.. submit ur cv in this email@ [email removed]

    evelyn 23 août 2007, 04:24 - Signaler un abus
  • finance and import transaction

    i am very interested to offer all my knowledges and axperiences to a great company from our typical arabic economical country UAE.
    to introduce my self LAHSINI YASSINE 30 years old 5 years of experience in finance and import transaction i manage 4 show room i am specialized of tiles purchase marketing too .
    if u are interested to my condidature contact me

    lahsini yassine 23 août 2007, 07:44 - Signaler un abus
  • Secretary/Administrator

    Hello, I am Kudzanai, Am a 28 year old single woman from Zimbabwe, interested in working in Dubai as in the Secretarial field. I am fluent in English. I hold a Top Flight Secretarial Diploma.

    My Contants are; Tel: 263-39-262312/263-23-837951
    Email: [email removed]

    Kudzanai Blanca Nhariwa 25 août 2007, 09:19 - Signaler un abus
  • Visual Merchandising Consultant

    I am a New York based visual merchandising professional with more than 20 years of experience in luxury retail. I am looking to relocate to Dubai in 2008 and establish a client base on a consultancy/freelance basis. My specialties are mens and womens clothing, jewelry and cosmetics. Clients include Tiffany & Company, Estee Lauder, Macy's, Bergdorf Goodman, Ports 1961 and Banana Republic. Please contact me at: [email removed]

    J. Sydow 25 août 2007, 06:17 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for Job in Dubai

    Hello, My name is Tiago and I am a 31 yr old Portuguese citizen. I am currently employed in one of the leading Branding companies in Europe but need a new challenge and would like to relocate to Dubai as soon as possible. I have a marketing degree taken in the US and speak Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently. I will send my full resume and work experience should the opportunity arise. My email address is: [email removed].
    Thank you very much. I hope I have the opportunity to present myself. Kind regards.
    Tiago Dinis

    Tiago Dinis 28 août 2007, 11:24 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for a job as waitress,bartender or hostess

    My name is Pasha.I'm 25 years old.female,single from Republik of Moldova.I have 6 years experience in restaurants and casino as waitress,hostess and bartender.I speak perfect russian and romanian,good english,basic italian,bad french and arabic.I'm looking for a SERIOS job in Dubai.I'm friendly and comunicable.I wate for your e-mail on
    [email removed]
    All the best!

    Parascovia 30 août 2007, 07:52 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a Job

    Hi my name is Chad I am currently looking for a job in Sales/Business Development.I have over 10 years progressive development in FMCG related fields.I am currently residing in Australia.As well as academic qualifications I also speak English Arabic and German.

    email:[email removed]

    Chad Assafiri 31 août 2007, 02:36 - Signaler un abus
  • i'm looking job

    I have a degree in Electronics Engineering I have good knowledge in AutoCAD and have worked in iran for around 7 years in petrolium ministry of iran. Currently I am in iran and is in search of a job.
    My email: [email removed]

    dbr 02 sept 2007, 01:11 - Signaler un abus
  • i am looking for a nursing job in dubai.

    hellow my name is don and i am from the philippines and would like to work as a nurse staff in any hospital in dubai. i know how to speak english and filipino. i recently had my staff training with basic life support and intravenous therapy training here in the philippines. i also attended other trainings and seminars related to my profession. any help would be a great help. thank you. contact me at [email removed]

    don 03 sept 2007, 01:35 - Signaler un abus
  • I am looking for Accounts job at U.A.E

    I am Vinod gomez and Indian. I have 4 Years experience in accounts. I am looking Accounts job at U.A.E.

    E-Mail :- [email removed]

    Vinod gomez 03 sept 2007, 04:50 - Signaler un abus
  • I looking Accounts job

    I am Indian. I have 4 years experience in accounts. I am looking accounts job at U.A.E. My Email :- [email removed] My Resume below published

    Vinod Gomez
    Emmanuel cottage
    Holy family unit
    Pallithura. p.o
    Kerala state
    Ph No-0471-2167050, 9846188895
    Email-[email removed]
    Educational qualifications:
    B.com passed, Computerized Accounting passed (Tally & EX-NGN), M.com Completed.
    Computer knowledge:
    Have working knowledge of Tally (5.4, 6.3), Ms Dos, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ex-NGN and Internet & Email.
    Personal details:
    Sex - male
    Age & Date & birth –27, 24-4-1980.
    Fathers name – Manual Gomez
    Passport Details:
    Number of passport: E5943857
    Date of issue: 14-7-2003
    Date of expiry: 13-7-2013
    Working Experience:

    Samundra Beach

    Post: - Cashier (6Month)

    • Preparing Hotel bills
    • Bill preparing on ‘Hot soft’ software
    • Records preparing as sundry debtors.
    • Checking all bills and Kot.

    Elenjeri Building
    N.H Bye Pass
    Post: - Accountant & Store Keeper (1 year).

    1. Preparing daily Expenses and Incomes.
    2. Handling store of Dorma Hardware in German Product.
    3. Preparing Every Monthly stock detail.
    4. Following up sundry debtors for Cash or Cheque.
    5. Preparing every monthly Cash or Bank Statement.
    6. Handling Internet & Emails.

    Kerala State
    Post: - Accountant ( 1Year)

    1. Preparing Day Book every day.
    2. Handling all payments and Receipts vouchers.
    3. Preparing Bank Reconciliation.
    4. Handling Banking Functions.
    5. Preparing Trail Balance, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet in Tally Software.

    Kerala state
    Post: Tally Faculty ( 2 Year).
    • Teaching in Accounting Package Tally.
    • Preparing Tally Questions.
    • Helping in doubts of Tally.
    • Preparing Tally Assignment.
    Chartered Accountants
    Kerala state
    Post: Audit Assistant ( 6Month).
    • Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement.
    • Checking sales, purchase, payment and receipt vouchers.
    • Preparing Trail Balance and Profit Loss A/C.
    Post: Audit assistant (2Year).
    • Checking sales and purchase vouchers.
    • Checking payment and receipt vouchers.
    • Helping in Trail Balance, Profit & Loss A/c or Balance Sheet.
    • Helping in Finalizing Books of Accounts for sales tax purpose.
    • Preparing Bank Reconciliation.

    Vinod gomez 03 sept 2007, 04:57 - Signaler un abus
  • English teacher want a job in Dubay

    I want to work in Dubay as an english teacher or teacher-assistant.I have a bachelor degree from Bulgarien university for english teacher in elementary school . I work with children from 8 years. If someone is interested of me my e-mail is [email removed]

    Mariela 07 sept 2007, 08:43 - Signaler un abus
  • hello...

    im jesica ancheta from phillpines...im looking work now and i want to work in dubai...i can speak only english..im pilipino...this my [email removed]

    jesica ancheta 07 sept 2007, 12:06 - Signaler un abus

    Information Technology
    Entry Level (2 years of Experience)
    Personal Info: SHAHZAD ALI
    DOB: Apr 07,1977
    Gender: Male
    Present address:
    House no.D.K.526,opposite fallahi markaz,near IQRA stationary mart ,dhok paracha,sadiq abad,
    Permanent address:
    Village and Post Office phulra,District and Tehsil Mansehra, N.W.F.P.
    Cell No.: 0333-3494773
    E-mail: [email removed]

    Objective: To play a key role in a professional organization offering congenial working environment, where the boundaries of growth are limitless, Where I can apply my updated knowledge and can gain a chance of career growth along with skills development.
    1 Entry(s) Organization H.A SHAH AND SONS
    Organization Type :Electrochemical & Chromatographic instruments Organization.
    Employer Contact Number 03005007594
    Designation Network and service Engineer

    Type of Experience Full Time
    Tenure Feb-2006 To Date
    Description •Experience on WAN technologies
    •Hands on Troubleshooting Experience of Network integration
    •Network Equipment Configuration (Routing, Switching, VPN).

    • Install, configure and monitor networking setup such as firewall, content services switches, VPN gateways
    • Monitor log files, network traffic and access logs to detect and remediate any performance or security issues.
    • Intrusion Detection (host and network) – set up, monitor and prosecute offenders
    • Maintain Firewalls, Switches Layer 2/3, Routers and NIDS.
    • Managing VLAN's, Network Security, ACLS and network devices.
    • Experience with standard UTP cabling practices
    • Professional Certifications in (CCNA, MCSE, )
    • Understanding of LINUX..
    • Implement changes as requested.
    • Problem management.
    • Developing, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing key functional areas, particularly network infrastructure, data communications and network security.

    •Beside this,
    •installation & service providing of different equipments,MS,GC-MS ,HPLC.

    2 Entry(s) Company sir syed university Karachi
    Title computer projects
    Role student
    Tenure Jan-2002 To Dec-2005
    Description Software Projects:

    • Online database system on java.
    • Chatting software using c language by using serial port.
    • Media player on visual basic.
    • Solar system on 3Dstudio max.
    • A solar system using c language.
    • Telephone directory on visual basic.

    Company sir syed university karachi
    Title computer projects
    Role students
    Tenure Jan-2002 To Dec-2005
    Description Final Year Project:

    •Thin client distributed applications over Linux.

    Hardware Projects:

    • SBC(single board computer) using 8088 microprocessor.
    • System clock generator.
    • Digital clock.
    • Variable power suppy.

    3 Entry(s) Skill Name Level Last Used
    MCSE Good Currently Working

    • Installing, configuring, and administering, Microsoft server XP professional.
    • Installing, configuring, and administering, Microsoft server 2000 professional.
    • Managing and maintaining a Microsoft server 2003 Environment.
    • Implementing, managing, and maintaining a Microsoft window server 2003 network
    • design security for windows server 2003 network.
    • installing configuring, and administering Microsoft internet security and
    Acceleration (ISA) server 2004.
    LINUX SA1 & SA2. Good Currently Working
    •Text base installation
    •GUI based installation

    • Managing users and group accounts, security and permission.
    • Configuring up shutting down system process

    • Configuration OF modem, VGA card, sound card, network card, printer

    • Configuring and managing NFS server…..> Autofs
    • Configuring and managing Samba server

    • Configuring and managing Linux based VPN

    • Configuring and managing different servers

    • configuring and managing different servers
    CCNA Good Currently Working
    A: INTRO

    • TCP/IP and OSI network models
    • Fundamental of (Ethernet LANs, WANs, IP, TCP and UDP)
    • Operating Cisco routers, operating Cisco LAN switches. TCP/IP
    • IP addressing and subnetting, basic router configuration and operation, dynamic routing protocols.
    • Remote access technologies

    • LAN switching review and configuring Cisco 2950 LAN switch


    2 Entry(s) 1big-smileegree Name BS(computer engineer) 4years -degree
    Level Attained Bachelors Degree (4 Years)
    CGPA 3.02
    Institute Sir Syed University of Engg. and Technology Karachi
    Address karachi, Pakistan
    Session 2002 - 2005
    Majors Expertise in networking.

    2big-smileegree Name FSC (PRE-ENGG)
    Marks/total marks,% 630/1100, 58
    Session 1993-1996
    Institute B.I.S.E. Abbottabad.

    3: Degree Name S.S.C
    Marks/total marks,% 510/850, 60
    Session 1991-1993
    Institute B.I.S.E. Abbottabad.

    Degree Name Bsc(electronics)
    Level Attained Bachelors Degree (2-3 Years)
    Aggreagte % 58.00
    Institute University of Peshawar Peshawar
    Address mansehra, Pakistan
    Session 1996 - 1998
    Majors Done Bsc( Electronics) except one practical exame:

    SHAHZAD ALI 11 sept 2007, 03:03 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking Job

    I am commerce graduate I have 13 years expereince in Accounts/Computers/Stores.Presently I am working in Kuwait I am interested to work at Dubai country can you help me my email [email removed]

    Saiyed Salauddin.B 12 sept 2007, 02:33 - Signaler un abus
  • Hi: i m Tahir from Pakistan looking for finance job

    my name is M.Tahir i have done MBA in Finance and during my MBA i have got the HEC USAID Scholarship..i have a exellent command on the finance and management subjects which provide me a High moral to join a best managed company in the field of finance.

    Muhammad Tahir 12 sept 2007, 07:49 - Signaler un abus
  • i want job in dubai

    I am MCA degree holder i have 2 years exprince looking for Software Programmer. i have deep knowledgs in
    java,jsp,servlet,asp,sqlserver and oracle

    e-mail [email removed]
    Cell +91-9865308835

    murugesan 14 sept 2007, 01:37 - Signaler un abus
  • male nurse job

    hi,I am tariq,37yrs,retired from pakistan navy,19 yrs service,looking for job in gulf countries as male nurse.more information might be given on request.

    tariq438@yahoo.com 15 sept 2007, 02:28 - Signaler un abus
  • jobs

    I want to work in dubai,i am living in pakistan,i want to work in that course in which field. MCSE CCNA LINUX NETWORK.
    name:zeshan siddiqui
    e-mail:[email removed]
    [email removed]

    zeshan siddiqui 25 sept 2007, 05:33 - Signaler un abus
  • ilove dubai

    my name is emad amin.im a carpenture & i speak kurdish,arabic,english,faresi&turkish.i live in usa but im dreaming to live in dubai.my e mail [email removed]

    emad amin 25 sept 2007, 10:31 - Signaler un abus
  • Real Estate


    I'm hoping to find a Real Estate broker to work for in Dubai, or if not, guide me in the right direction.

    I've been working full time as a Real Estate agent in VA for the past two years and I'm currently pursuing my Brokers license. Furthermore, I'm in the process of obtaining an International Real Estate license. My hope now is to travel over seas to Dubai and continue my profession.

    Although this might not be the correct avenue to take, I will appreciate any advice on how to approach this venture.

    Thank you,

    Tim Cummings
    [email removed]

    cummingsrealtor@gmail.com 28 sept 2007, 10:01 - Signaler un abus
  • i am looking for a job

    hi.im 27 years old. i live in tehran and ive had 6 years experience in teaching 3-6 year old kids in an international kindergarten.. i have a high school diploma. im half filipino and half iranian

    sandra 28 sept 2007, 11:59 - Signaler un abus
  • EFL position

    If you are interested in EFL teaching post in a high school in sharjah please text a message to 050 6261000



    PAB 28 sept 2007, 05:19 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for job

    Hello my name is Sandu Valentin!!I want to work in State as a rope access technician.I`m qualify by Ministery from Romania and 8 years of experience.e-mail:[email removed]

    Sandu Valentin 29 sept 2007, 01:57 - Signaler un abus
  • New jobs in Dubai

    Some new jobs have been posted at http://www.DubaiJobsNetwork.com check it out and apply online directly.

    Andy 01 oct 2007, 02:46 - Signaler un abus
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