cost of medical insurance

  • Myself wife and 3 kids are moving to jacksonville fl after christmas, can anyone a)recommend any insurance companies and b)on average how much will it roughly cost for the 5 of us.

    01 août 2008, 06:11 Karl
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  • “ Help To Save My Daughter…”

    Good afternoon!

    “ Help To Save My Daughter…” - this is the beginning of the letter, which our Fund received.
    Natasha is a young woman of 26, she is a mother of 4-year-old lovely boy. The mother who is ill with a serious disease. This disease is late discovered heart valvular disease. It was revealed when Natasha was pregnant. The birth of her son caused the disease to get worse; as a result, she developed one more serious disease…
    I am not able to solve the financial problems and to pay for Natasha’s treatment. I am single mother and growing up my 14-year-old son, and moreover, I am temporary unemployed (I am registered at unemployment exchange).
    Perfidious and unpredictable behavior of pulmonary hypertension puts a human body in dangerous conditions.
    Natasha has a chance, and there is still time, though not much time, to use this chance, however, time in such conditions is most valuable thing.
    First of all she needs special physical examination at a specialized clinic, as well as to have to type disease and then we have to find a donor.
    In no time, various clinics of Germany and France, and probably, those in Israel and Italy, will receive Natasha’s medical report. On receiving experts’ conclusion, it will become clear what kind of transplantation Natasha requires, will it be lungs or complex “heart-lungs” transplantation.
    The cost of the transplantation is 300 000 Euro depending on its kind.
    First and foremost the girl needs the money for her examination.

    We live in Ukraine, In this country there is no possibility to receive such money. We address to you behind the help. And in this country it is impossible to collect such sum on this operation, we ask, that you have helped us. We will rejoice any sum from you. Thanks you and very much we wait from you for the help...

    You can transfer money for the account :

    moneybookers: ID: 8728637 (USD)

    E-GOLD : 4108368

    PayPal : [email removed]


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