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  • Do you live in Noord Brabant / Zuid Holland / Limburg / Zeeland Area?

    Are you looking for a job?

    Are you Native or do you speak fluently at least one of these languages:
    French/Spanish/Italian/English/Greek/Danish/German/Portugese/Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish/Dutch/Polish/Russian/Czech/Hungarian or any other European Language?

    If you want to hear from us regarding job opportunities, respond as soon as possible on forum adding the folloowing information:
    - location
    - languages
    - contact details

    16 avr 2007, 10:54 Ewa
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  • English speaking Bruneian looking for a job in Holland

    Hi, I'm Tinie from Brunei. Planning to move to Den Haag early next year. Grateful if you could help me find a job there. I have banking background, mostly customer service, clerical. But I am up to anything actually. I also don't know how to go about whether I should apply for visa first or a job. Kindly assist. I can be reached at or .

    Tinie 17 juin 2007, 11:26 - Signaler un abus
  • Hello!

    I hope i'm not too late for your position.My name is Bogdana Virovska and i live in Rotterdam, Zuid Holland. I'm Bulgarian and looking for a job in Holland right now.I know English, a bit Spanish,some knowledge of Dutch and Bulgarian of course as a native language. My e-mail address is . I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

    B. Virovska 20 juin 2007, 03:21 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a job..

    I am French and I speak English fluently. I am living in France right now but I am planning to move to Holland and espacially in the south.
    You can contact me by mail :
    I hope you can help me.
    Best regards,
    Sophie Caulier

    Caulier Sophie 20 juin 2007, 05:23 - Signaler un abus
  • Kim Romano

    I am a native English speaker and am rapidly learning Dutch. I live in Horst, Limburg.I am 24 years old.
    You can contact me at
    Will send CV upon request. Thanks. happy

    26/06/2007 26 juin 2007, 04:29 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a job

    I am a native mandarin speaker with China Nationality.
    I am studying in TU/e, I am find a job in following areas:
    Logistic(specialization in TU/e), marketing(Specialization in HBO), insurance(Specialization in China).

    If you are interested, please contact me for further discussion. my email is

    Meng 29 juin 2007, 03:15 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for a job


    I'm looking for a job in the area of Eindhoven. I'm a native Hungarian speaker, I´m fluent in English and Portuguese.

    Further details and CV is available upon request.

    Best regards,

    Andrea 01 juil 2007, 01:25 - Signaler un abus
  • french and english fluent, basic knowledge of dutch.

    I have been living in Rotterdam the Netherlands for the past two years and dew to the end of a contract term in the event field I am presently looking for a job where the Dutch language is not a priority and where one or both of the French and English languages are sufficient.
    I have an artistic and technical university/professional background ranging from movies, theater, events and fairs in design and production. Good knowledge of PC computers and most common 2D, Video editing and Animation software’s.

    More questions please contact me at 01 juil 2007, 11:51 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for summer job

    hello i am a student of TU from slovakia and looking
    for a job in netherland for july to august(october).
    My e-mail address is
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

    rasto 03 juil 2007, 09:10 - Signaler un abus
  • ...

    Hello,i'm from Lithuania at the moment and i'm looking a job in this country. (netherlands)
    Easy can speak wrote in english, little bit in german.
    At the moment i finished Tourism studies in my country.
    Also have some skills in building works, barmen staff.
    contact details:

    Mantas 04 juil 2007, 09:45 - Signaler un abus
  • A good candidate for empolyment

    I'm fluent in Bulgarian and English, with some knowledge of French, as well. (Undergraduate in a Dutch hogeschool in The Hague) I am trained and experienced for secretary positions and I am interested in working as of August.
    I have the capabilities and desire to work hard and well.


    Jeni 04 juil 2007, 10:26 - Signaler un abus
  • Ready to take this Challenge...

    I'm Indonesian m 28 y.o currently in Netherlands. I read your adv. and i think this is a good challenge for me.

    Graduated from Bachelor economy management, work experience 6 years in marketing, sales, service industry and business development.

    I have no problem to relocated as i'm still single and easy going.

    my email contact
    mobile +31626519803

    Your faitfully,


    Josef 04 juil 2007, 12:05 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a job in Limburg

    I'm a 25 year old American who is living in Hoensbroek, Limburg, The Netherlands. I'm looking for job opportunities in the area as I've just received my residency permit. I speak English and am currently learning Dutch.
    You can contact me at . I will not put my phone number on an internet forum, but will supply it upon your response to this post.
    Thank you,
    Jessica L. Collins (Veltstra)

    Jessica Veltstra 10 juil 2007, 04:39 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a job.

    Hello, I am Pablo from Cuba, looking for a job in South Holland.
    I speak english and french.

    Contact e-mail:

    Pablo Pita 10 juil 2007, 08:30 - Signaler un abus
  • I whant get a job in Nederland

    My name is Adrian ,31 years old.Interested in getting a job in Nederland,preferably in Amsterdam or oder city.I speak english , french and rumanien .I have experience to waiter ,hotelleri and restaurant jobs , but i can work enywhere and do anything i wont abouk 50 60 h in week i come from ROMANIA .I would appreciate ,if you could advise me haw to get a job in Nederland.My e-mail address is

    adrian 11 juil 2007, 12:30 - Signaler un abus
  • Estonian student in Tilburg

    I speak fluently Estonian, Russian, English, little French and Dutch.
    I am looking for any ´kind of job during my studies in Fontys Dance Academy 2007/2008. My specialty is choreography but I have finish Tallinn Univeristy in dance also, so I can teach different dance classes also!

    You can contact me via email:

    All the best!

    Jaan 12 juil 2007, 12:20 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in Limburg area

    I am graduate of economical studies (Bachelor's degree). Live in Poland now, but I will move to brother to Breda and I am looking for job. I have 3 years expirience in sales (advertising departments in newspapers). I speak English and Polish.

    Location - Limburg
    Languages - Polish (Native), English
    Contact details -

    Wiktor Łyczko 13 juil 2007, 03:36 - Signaler un abus
  • job

    Hello there,
    I am looking for a job in Rotterdam or Amsterdam from 1st of September 2007. My mother tongue is hungarian and I speak intermediate level of english.
    If you know any kind of job please contanct me by e-mail :
    Thank you

    Hajnalka 17 juil 2007, 05:03 - Signaler un abus
  • job in Noord Brabant

    Hi there,

    I am a Czech-native speaker living in Eindhoven, looking for a job in Noord Brabant. I speak fluent English, good French and have basics of Italian. I am learning Dutch at the moment. I have a Master degree in Politics and International Relations. I will be greatful for any job-seeking tips!


    Jitka 19 juil 2007, 11:41 - Signaler un abus
  • girl in utrech looking for job

    im 24 years old, im in utrecht near to downtown, i speak spanish and some english, i would like to have a part time job while i study here, once or twice a week

    lily 19 juil 2007, 10:52 - Signaler un abus
  • I am looking for a job / Busco una trabajo

    Hello, I am Sonia (26 years old), I am from Perú (spanish speaker), and in august i will move to Holland (Rotterdam) ..So...I need a job..I studied Communications..I like to write and take pictures..I was assistent and Public Relationer in the Congress of the Republic in Peru..I hope you can help me..Thank you..

    Sonia Evangelista 20 juil 2007, 12:40 - Signaler un abus
  • i live in zuid holland

    i'm from Argentine, i live in De Lier (zuid holland) and i speak spanish (native language), english, and dutch (diploma NT2 programma II).
    I live in Holland for 3 years. Nou i'm working in a garden (pepers) but i really want to change it. In Argentine i am a lawyer.
    I'm looking for a job.

    Mirian Rolack 20 juil 2007, 01:39 - Signaler un abus
  • Mirian Rolack , Zuid Holland (e- mail)

    I forgot to write my e- mail

    i hoop to hear somthing from jou.

    Mirian Rolack 20 juil 2007, 01:42 - Signaler un abus
  • English-Spanish speaker

    Hi there
    I'm looking at the possibility of moving to Limburg towards the end of the year. I'm half Irish, half Dutch, and have been living in Spain for the last six years. Unfortunately my level of spoken dutch is quite low, having never lived in Holland. However I can understand almost everything, and look upon this as an opportunity to improve my skills. I'm 25 years old and speak English and Spanish fluently, along with smatterings of Catalan, French, German and Italian.
    Yours sincerely

    Shayne Rotte 29 juil 2007, 07:57 - Signaler un abus
  • Email Address

    I forgot my E-mail

    Thanks again

    Shayne Rotte 29 juil 2007, 07:59 - Signaler un abus
  • Job oportunity

    I'm going to move to Holland the next year (january), i would like to know if i have the oportunity to get a job.
    I speak spanish-english and i'm learning ducth (begginer)
    Location: Vlaardingen

    Marianelly 29 juil 2007, 09:39 - Signaler un abus
  • Job In Amsterdam


    I am from Brasil and i have master degree in Biological Science specifically in molecular biology and enveromental. I wish to get a job In Holland. I have experience like a manager in a water Industry and in vitro culture of Plants. I love the Holland iand i hope to get a job there.

    Cláudio de Vasconcelos 02 août 2007, 04:08 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for job in Nijmeren


    I am Italien and I am looking for a job in Nijmeren.
    I can speak English and German.

    Tank you Pietro 03 août 2007, 06:05 - Signaler un abus
  • hi

    hi i am going over to live to holland (goes-Zeeland) in november. I am looking for a job over there, i have studed at university biology and i can speak spanish( i am spanish and live in spain), english( perfect, i have english nationality), french (i studed it for four years)and a little bit of dutch. Please can you contact me to my e-mail and let me know more information about the job. My e-mail : Thank you

    Marisol Serrano 05 août 2007, 09:35 - Signaler un abus
  • job

    hi there,
    I'm Victor ,native russian (moscow)i also speak ,read,write in english(fluent).I have moved from Toronto (where i resided for four years and completed Travel&Tourism diploma(college).Currently i live in The Hague ,permanently and i'm looking for a job.
    Please contact me through

    Victor 08 août 2007, 04:58 - Signaler un abus
  • Hi there

    Well hi. Im thinking of moving to Netherlands and would like to work. Im 24 year old from Serbia. I speak English fluent and know German weary well. Im final year of collage. B Communication on University of Malta.
    So if u can help me find a job please contact me at
    Thanks in advance.

    Ljubomir 14 août 2007, 01:03 - Signaler un abus
  • I need one job.

    I live in rotterdam central ,my name is Alejandra I need fine one job , I from to ecuador , In my land i work in kapsalom, my special is the makeup for days night and I like my work ,I hoop fine one job.
    My email is

    Alejandra Mendez. 14 août 2007, 11:15 - Signaler un abus
  • work

    its kathy again..... my email address is . please email if there are any jobs in the south of holland. thanks

    kathy 22 août 2007, 02:30 - Signaler un abus
  • work

    i am portuguese , i speak english , frensch and portuguese and i can read nederlande but not speak and i look for work .I live in limburg , roermond or weert if you can help me is goed...Thank you . My e-mail

    teresa costa 23 août 2007, 01:49 - Signaler un abus
  • -

    Hi Ewa!
    I'm not in Holland yet, but planning to move there in a few weeks and I'm seriously looking for a job. I'm a native speaker in Hungrian,Russian and Ukrainian, also fluent in English.

    Ivan 30 août 2007, 05:50 - Signaler un abus
  • I going to holland very soon...

    hi, my name is Geizel, I´m living in madrid now but in 3 months I live in holland, almost sure in Amsterdam but i want a job wherever. I Speak spanish perfect and basic speak english and I yet learning much english. So,my email is o .
    thanks u...

    Geizel de van Gelder Meza Gil 03 sept 2007, 07:57 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for a job

    I live in South Holland (The Hague). I am a native Polish speaker, I speak fluent English, Dutch and basic Spanish. I am working towards my Bachelor Degree in Communication Management at The Hague University of European Studies. I am seriously looking for a full time job.
    Please contact me at:

    aneta 04 sept 2007, 12:18 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a job

    I am from Spain, Vallodalid and looking for a possible job in Holland. I speak fluent Spanish and some English as well. Preferably I would like to work in the region of Rotterdam. You can contact me through my dutch friend:
    I hope you can help me.

    Edu 04 sept 2007, 02:29 - Signaler un abus
  • sorry

    you can contact me here:

    see you!

    Marianelly 07 sept 2007, 05:33 - Signaler un abus
  • a new job

    Hi, my name's Marco, I am Italian and I am 31 years old.
    I graduated in foreign languages and I speak German, English, French, a little bit of Arabic and Catalan, besides Italian that is my maternal language.
    I would like very much to find a job in the teaching or translating field, in which I have several experiences, not too far from Rotterdam area (Zuid Holland would be good).
    You can reach me at:

    kind regards,

    Marco 07 sept 2007, 04:10 - Signaler un abus
  • further information

    I forgot to write I am currently in Italy, but it would be no problem for me to relocate immediately in Rotterdam area, where I have friends who can host me.
    Kind regards

    Marco 07 sept 2007, 04:14 - Signaler un abus
  • job in south holland

    hi!i've just arrived in leiden (south holland) and i'm looking for a parttime job in the town or at least in the neighbourhood. i'm a native italian speaker, i know some french and english and i'm here to learn dutch..
    you can contact me at:

    eli 09 sept 2007, 09:06 - Signaler un abus
  • Job

    Hi my name is Wojciech Lukawski and I am currently in Den Haag I am working as a computer programmer.I am looking for job for my wife who has graduated in Economics (master degree) two months ago in Poland at Academy of Kielce. Beside Polish She speaks English and German. She will come to Holland in about four weeks(can be earlier if necessary). My email : ,mobile phone: 0653889635. It would be very nice If you could help us find job for her.

    Wojtek 09 sept 2007, 09:11 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in Gore

    I'm Spampinato Stefania from Italy.I'm 24 years old and I graduated an year ago in Comunication studies.
    I'm moving to Holland the next week, and, to be more precise, I will be living near Goes.I would like to find a job near there.

    I can speak a fluent English ( I have been living in Ireland for three months and I got a Cambridge Certificate that attests my upper-intermediate english level) and Italian is my mothertongue.I have worked in Italy as receptionist in a Bed and Breakfast and, after that, I have strengthened My English working in an Tourist office in the Archeological Park of Neapolis ( Siracuse, Sicily).My main tasks were dealing with foreign tourists(American and English people expecially)informing them about the places to see, the museum's opening and closing times, trains and buses timetables,booking hotels, events..

    Please e-mail me at:

    Stefania 09 sept 2007, 10:41 - Signaler un abus
  • German-Spanish-English speaker

    I live in Limburg and I speak English, Spanish and German (and Dutch of course).
    You can contact me at

    Dalia 17 sept 2007, 11:26 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in Leiden

    I am an Italian Master student in Political Science at the Leiden University. I am looking for a part time job.
    I speak fluent english, French and Italian of course.
    I will stay here for at least one year.
    Please contact me sending an e-mail at
    Thank you
    ciao ciao

    Ettore Genovese 19 sept 2007, 09:45 - Signaler un abus


    jose 10 oct 2007, 04:01 - Signaler un abus
  • helo.I am a teacher of english.I am looking for a job in holland


    I live in morocco.I speak arabic,english and frnech.I have been a teacher of english for 5 years I am also an aupair.

    khadija 18 oct 2007, 10:35 - Signaler un abus
  • Portuguese-English and a few Dutch

    Hi There,

    I am a native Portuguese (brasilian) speaker and I live in Rotterdam.

    You can contact me at (not a fake adress I only do not want to put my full name on the Internet)

    Rydianne 19 oct 2007, 03:22 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for a job in Holland

    Im Brigitta,22 years old girl.My mothertounge is hungarian and im speaking high-level english and basic level italian.I was working before in England and Italy as a barstaff and have nannyexperience too. Im seriously looking for a job in Holland. Any job possibility intresting for me. Thanks for helping.

    Brigitta 20 oct 2007, 02:34 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for work


    I am living in the Hague area, Delft specifically and am looking for work.

    English is my native tongue and only fluent language, but I have a good understanding of French and Dutch and am trying to learn Dutch to a working level.

    I have a University degree in Communications from America but I am a British citizen.

    You can contact me with any opportunities at

    I'm available immediately and looking forward to it!


    Gemma Graham 24 oct 2007, 02:22 - Signaler un abus
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