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  • Hey. I want to apply for an accountancy job in the UK, but am unsure of what format I should put the CV in. Can anyone tell me what the major differences are between writing a US CV and a British CV? Thank you.

    01 juil 2005, 07:52 Anonymous
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  • CV help

    As with any country, Britain has its own CV peculiarities. Your best bet is to contact a CV writing service firm. Many of them offer free advice on writing CVs. There is a list of such companies in the directory section of this website under Jobs>Useful Resources. I used the Lewesham service when I came to find work in the UK, and was pleased with the CV they created for me. Can't say to what extent, but I'm sure it helped me get the interview which I was wanting.

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  • CV information

    Hi - you can find some information here

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  • International similarities

    Hi, In my experience, CVs in Britain can be whatever you want them to be. It simply depends on who you are applying to. A CV for a bar-job, compared to a CV for a top financial position will be completely unrecognisable from each other. General inclusions are probably the same as any country: Educational attainments, Work Experience, Interests. Simple. Just try not to make any glaring typos, and present it well (presentation is an internation phenomenon..).

    Anonymous 06 juil 2005, 06:33 - Signaler un abus
  • They are more flexible

    In Germany, you need to present a book with photocopies of all diplomas.

    In France, don't go over a page.

    In the UK, more weight is put on clear communication of who you are and what you are selling (i.e. you). Think about what you are trying to communicate and then do it. Experiment with the format if you don't get the right responses.

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  • CV services

    Is it ever worth paying a company to write a CV for you? Can it really be value for money, or should you just search the internet for advice on how to write a CV and get on with it yourself?

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  • Paying can be worth it

    If you don't have much experience in going for jobs and/or your English is not perfect, it can be a really good investment to get help with your CV. At the end of the day, this document is there to help you get in front of people for an interview. The more interviews you get, the better the chances of getting the job that's right for you. Anything you can do to increase your chances can be 'worth it'.

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