Job in Switzerland

  • To whom it may concern:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a physician from Greece interested in finding employment and permanently moving in Switzerland.
    I would appreciate if you could guide me through a search process using your site or similar web sites.
    Thank you in advance for your attention and kind help to this matter.


    Christos Karalis, MD

    [email removed]

    07 jan 2005, 10:40 Anonymous
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  • searching job in switzerland

    My name is Yuvannys Aurea, venezuelan, I am adminitrative assitant, 10+ working with transnational companies. I am very interested to work in Sweitzerland.
    Thanks in Advanced for your kind assistance to ths matter.
    Best Regards
    Yuvannys Aurea
    Email: [email removed] or [email removed]

    Anonymous 01 fév 2005, 06:48 - Signaler un abus
  • to help

    Dear sir and madam
    i have just completed my mba and hotel management course from i am stying in valais canton and studying. i am looking for partime job.could you please help me to find job.thank you


    Anonymous 02 fév 2005, 02:01 - Signaler un abus
  • job opportuinity

    My name is Vitali.
    I have been working in sheraton hotel 9years
    as catering manager.I would like to continue career in Switzerland .
    Age 30.
    Please contact me if interested.
    E-mail [email removed]

    Anonymous 03 mars 2005, 10:57 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in chemistry laboratory in Switzerland

    My name is Wojciech Kicinski, 25 years old, I come from Poland (EU). I am MSC of chemistry (explosives) and now I am looking for job in laboratory,help me if you can, Thank you.

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 17 mars 2005, 11:38 - Signaler un abus
  • Work in Switzerland


    I´m a swiss girl living in Nicaragua, but looking for a job in Switzerland. I have a master in social science and a BA in International Relations. Your help will be appreciated.

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 20 mars 2005, 12:51 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for job at farm

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    we are 4 friends from Slovakia and we are interested in work at farm in Switzerland. We are really good hardworkers and very responsible.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address: [email removed].
    Yours faithfully,

    Monika Kosutova

    Anonymous 07 avr 2005, 01:01 - Signaler un abus
  • a worker from Belarus

    I'm Olga. In a month i receive a barchelor degree in journalism. I'm 21 & i have a great desire to come to Switzerland to work during July & August. I think i'll be wonderfull to work as a shop-assistant, officiant, nanny, or just for keeping somebody's house in tidy & comfort atmosphere. Oh, i can also help with some work in a garden or something like that.My English is good as well as my capabilities. Don't miss me!!! I'll be waiting for Your proposal at my e-mail
    [email removed]
    or on my phone:
    +375 297 65 08 17

    Anonymous 23 mai 2005, 05:26 - Signaler un abus
  • A student Need job for internship

    I am studing in Hotel Manegment School in Swityerland.I have 6 month practical in hotel. So Plz if anz one have a place for me than call me.
    Shahriar M. Ehtesham

    Anonymous 27 mai 2005, 03:22 - Signaler un abus
  • job for everyone

    hey did anyone of u get a job by posting adds here? plz response.

    Anonymous 29 mai 2005, 09:28 - Signaler un abus
  • Senior Admin looking to relocate to Switzerland

    I have been working with Schering Plough pharmaceutical company in the US for several years. I am looking to move to Switzerland for some time now. How is the job market there for an excellent executive secretary who speakes English and has superb PC skills? If anyone can offer any input, make a direct reply to:

    [email removed]

    Good luck to all!

    Anonymous 16 juil 2005, 11:42 - Signaler un abus
  • partime job

    Hi sir/madame
    I am a first year BA student at the university of witwatersrand in South Afirca and would love to work in Switzerland. I am a people's person so wrking as a waiter, bartender, and nanny would be great during NOVEMBER TO FEBRUARY

    Anonymous 29 août 2005, 09:36 - Signaler un abus

    by the way the contact detailes for the South African first year BA student are
    [email removed].

    Anonymous 29 août 2005, 09:39 - Signaler un abus
  • Graphic Designer Positions

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Irish, native English speaking, and I have been living in Switzerland since the 5th September 2005. I have some French and I am taking an intensive French language course in Fribourg until the end of September.

    I would like to apply for a position as Graphic Designer in Switzerland. My last employment was as a Graphic Designer in an Advertising Agency in Dublin, Ireland. I am fluent in the design software Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and I use Acrobat Professional and Quickcut on a regular basis. I am also fluent in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I had sole responsibility for three client accounts, and I liaised with them daily. Before that I worked as a Graphic Designer and Instructor/Trainer in a design company and training centre, where I worked for three years and gained experience in art direction, training, and leadership skills.

    In 1999 I received a Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Reproduction Technology in DIT Bolton Street, Dublin, where I studied Graphic Design, Pre-press Technology, Typography, Printing, and Print Finishing. In 1998 I completed a Degree in Fine Art in DIT Mountjoy Sq., Dublin, where I studied Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Drawing, and Sculpture, these subjects encompassed the fundamentals of color, composition and layout.

    I am very hard working, outgoing and approachable and I enjoy both working independently and as part of a team. I have excellent time management and communication skills, and can prioritize tasks and meet deadlines successfully.

    I feel that with my varied experience and skills I would be an asset, and I would welcome an opportunity to discuss a position.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Feena McCarthy.

    Anonymous 10 sept 2005, 06:21 - Signaler un abus
  • i want vacation job

    i will like that you assist me with vacation job that i can do in switzerland am from nigeria an undergraduate in 2nd year of Agriculture economics and i will prefer it to be between march and june.thank you.
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 20 sept 2005, 11:59 - Signaler un abus
  • Seeking for a job

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    I’m looking for a (marketing) assistant job in Switzerland. I’m Hungarian, 24 y.o., studied international marketing, speaking English, German and a bit of French, I’ve been working for almost 2 years now in the field of sales and insurance brokering.
    Provided you can help me to get in touch with a possible employer, please contact me per e-mail: [email removed]. Many thanks and kind regards: Eszter Kővári

    Anonymous 30 sept 2005, 04:53 - Signaler un abus
  • Assistence wanted in finding job Suisse

    Dear Reader,

    I'm a 36 year old dutch man, who lives in Pully (canton Vaud in Swizerland). Just live here for 6 weeks.
    I'm very motivated for finding a job in hotel/service area.
    Who can give me some tips or info?
    Thanx very much for reading & helping
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 01 oct 2005, 03:03 - Signaler un abus

    HELLO, My name is GODWIN, 27 years old,i came from Nigeria.Undergraduate in 2nd year of accountant living in Lugano Ticino Switerzland,speaks english and a bit italian.I am very interesting to work in switzerland according to the law demand.I hope to hear from you soon.THANKS

    Anonymous 26 oct 2005, 07:34 - Signaler un abus

    DEAR SIR/MADAM,My name is Godwin,27years old,undergraduate in 2nd year of accountant living in Lugano Ticino,i speak english,and a bit italian language.I am very interesting to work in switzerland accoding to the law demand.I hope to hear from you soon.THANKS MANY REGARD [email removed] 0785411078

    Anonymous 26 oct 2005, 07:44 - Signaler un abus
  • job search

    To whom it may concern


    I am doing BBA at Webster University and I have CCNA Cisco Certificate from Canada looking for a part time job in this field.
    I would appreciate if you could help me.

    sincerely yours

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 20 nov 2005, 04:58 - Signaler un abus
  • want ot work in Switzerland

    To who it may concern

    Dear sir/Madam,

    This curnelies from India. I would like to work as waiter or computur operator or Driver ANY other mislinary jobs.

    So, please kindly intimate to my mail i ever gratitutes to you.

    Thanking you

    with regards


    E: Mail: [email removed]
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 26 nov 2005, 01:43 - Signaler un abus
  • To Whom It May Concern

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a pharmacist from UAE interested to get job as a product development scientist/QA executive in a pharmaceutical comapny in Switzerland. My job experience in different pharmaceutical company is more than 5 years. Please help me to find job.
    Email: [email removed]
    Mia Mohammad Dulal

    Anonymous 04 déc 2005, 06:05 - Signaler un abus
  • To whome it may concern

    Dear Sir/Madam
    my name is Ahmed A.Ghani,and i am a new comer to Swityerland i live in St.Gallen
    i have an LLB degree in LAW and i speak Arabic and English ,i have a great excprience in Tourism industry and also in marketing&sales
    i am looking forward to get an OK job
    Ahmed A.Ghani
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 05 déc 2005, 06:30 - Signaler un abus
  • chanida

    Dear sir/madam

    I'm Chanida from chiangmai THAILAND , 28 yrs. I'm living in THUN, Switzerland and seeking for a job. I'm interested to work as a shop-assistant , officiant,keeping somebody's house in tidy and comfort atmosphere, either work in a farm .I'm really good hardworker and high responsible. My english is good as well and learning berndeutsch. I accept to work both of part-time and full-time job.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at this e-mail [email removed]
    Tel : +41 332218878

    best regards,

    Anonymous 22 déc 2005, 09:11 - Signaler un abus
  • Australian designer looking for work

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a graduate Interior Architect from Australia and have been working for a year at an architects firm in Perth, Western Australia. I graduated with honours at Curtin University of Technology, and am extremely interested in getting work in Switzerland. I am looking for work within my field, and also furniture design and set design depending on what is out there.
    My partner and I have a ticket to London in April and will be in Switzerland about May. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thankyou for your time and consideration

    Kerry Brooks

    email: keb31

    Anonymous 14 jan 2006, 04:30 - Signaler un abus
  • Applied 4 a Accountant & Management level Job

    i m Pankaj Bhayyaji Khadse from nagpur (india). now i completed a study of chartered Accountant & now runnig a ICWA final year. i m completed a foreign languages(Freich) course in nagpur university.I have a 5 years experience of this field . so, now i searching a job in ur country.bcs i adopt a all our knowledge of monitary policy, economics policy of )world bank (wb) & internatinal monitary fund ( imf)

    Anonymous 20 jan 2006, 05:10 - Signaler un abus
  • searching for job in switzerland

    Dear Madam/Sir
    I am a lady, graduated in nursing surgery from Tehran University of Medical Science , Health Services and Treatment in IRAN.
    I have had several trips to Switzerland and I have visited Lausanne, Geneva and Bern Since then I am really interested in Switzerland society and if I have a opportunity I am really interested to work in one of the hospitals there.
    Enclosed please find my resume .
    I would be glad if you let me to do the favours for people in swiss hospitals .
    Surname : Bahraini Hassani
    Name : Mitra
    Sex : F
    Age : 37
    1 _ Associate degree couse in Operation Theatre Technician ( nursing surgery ) on 14 july 1992 from Tehran University of Medical Science , Health Services .
    2 _ working in Tehran university hospitals and private hospitals for 7 years .
    3 _ working as an aid in several field of surgery.
    4 - Languages : English , French ,Deutch, Arabic , Persian
    address : no 26_ nasim building _ kamali blvd _ ponak sq _ Ashrafi esfahani st _Tehran _ Iran
    e mail : [email removed]
    phone : 0098 21 444 620 77
    mobil phone : 0098 912 528 1609

    Anonymous 21 jan 2006, 11:14 - Signaler un abus
  • How to make money with Paypal

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    1. Marian MacMurdo - [email removed]

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    4.. Martin Lobao _ [email removed]

    5.. Ana ferreira - [email removed]

    6. Amber robbins - [email removed]

    Anonymous 01 fév 2006, 07:15 - Signaler un abus
  • job in Swizerland

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We are two Ukrainian students of National Linquistic University (English, French).We are 21 years old and looking for a job in hospitality for this summer in Swizerland.Please note that we have experience in working as receptionists in the hotel and managers in the travel agency.But any vacances would be greatful for us.
    We trust you`ll give this matter your urgent attention & are waiting for your proposes at e-mail
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 18 fév 2006, 06:04 - Signaler un abus
  • job in Swizerland

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We are two Ukrainian students of National Linquistic University(English,French).
    We are 21 y.o. and are looking for a job in hospitality for this summer in Swizerland.Please note that we have work experience as receptionists in the hotel and managers in the travel agency.But any vacances would be greatful for us.
    We trust you will give this matter your urgent attention and are waiting for your proposes at e-mail [email removed] (this e-mail is correct)

    Anonymous 18 fév 2006, 07:14 - Signaler un abus
  • Looking for a Job (restaurant) in Europe.

    Dear Sir / Madame,

    My name is Miguel Delatorre, I am Mexican, 28 years old, I am a cook , I worked for a French restaurant for 6 years with Emmanuel Dupont,
    2 years before that in a Mexican restaurant in San Luis Potosí, Méx.

    I speak English, Spanish and I speak a little bit French but I understand it. I'm very interested to work in Europe.

    Thanks in Advanced for your kind assistance to this matter.

    contact me if interested.
    e-mail [email removed]
    Tel. 52 (444) 812 14 17

    Anonymous 19 fév 2006, 01:16 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in Switzerland

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I've finished the Faculty of Pharmacy in Romania and I'm interested in finding employment in Switzerland. If you can help me in this metter, I will be very happy. For more information you can write to me at [email removed]
    Thank you!

    Anonymous 22 fév 2006, 04:47 - Signaler un abus
  • Strategic marketing manager - Engineer

    Dear reader,

    I am Industrial engineer with progressive experience in Strategic Marketing, Business development and Technology consultancy, looking for a position in Switzerland.
    I have 4 years of experience in many Organizations both Spanish and Internationals, with cross cultural mind and flexible to travel around.

    I would be very interested to join a meeting in which present my qualifications and experience.

    Kind regards,
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 28 fév 2006, 06:25 - Signaler un abus
  • DEAR Sir/Madam

    I am a Czech studen. On August I will be 18 yeas old. I am INTERESTED in summer student job in any hotel in Zurich as a chambermaid from second halph of June till end of August 2006. I am able to work also any position available. I could help with all kind of work. I have got practice since last year as chambermaid.
    I speak fluently English, I can speak German and Arabic.
    I have an ease and I enjoy working with people.
    PLEASE RESPOND at Your convenience and THANK YOU !
    WARM regards

    Martina Matejakova
    00420 728 658 224
    00410 765 299 229 ( sms )
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 09 avr 2006, 05:55 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in Switzerland

    Hi, we are the young, hard working Canadian couple looking for farmer job in Switzerland.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Erin and Sol.

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 09 avr 2006, 07:45 - Signaler un abus
  • Mike

    I'm a student living near Geneva and looking for temporary summer job. I have finished my first year of studies in Computer Technologies direction. I'm ready to take any work you can propose me. Don't hesitate to contact me via my e-mail: [email removed]
    Don't loose time just tell me...

    Anonymous 24 avr 2006, 10:17 - Signaler un abus
  • searching for post

    I am a general surgeon,lebanese nationality but I live and work in Italy(diplomated in Italy). I would like to find a post in switzerland.For further information My e.mail is:[email removed]
    Ready to send C.V.

    Anonymous 24 avr 2006, 11:54 - Signaler un abus
  • Job Info

    To whom it may concern:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a Software Engineer from India interested in finding employment and permanently moving in Switzerland. I would appreciate if you could guide me through a search process using your site or consultants information.

    Thank you in advance for your kind help to this matter.


    Anonymous 27 avr 2006, 07:10 - Signaler un abus
  • applicant

    Dear Sir/ Madam:

    I am Mae Joy S. Inesario from, Philipines, I am desiring to work in Switzerland, I am Bs. Biology graduate and presently working as Laboratory Analyst/Technician and at same time as Quality control Officer in certain Fish Porcessing/Manufacturing company here in my country. Hoping that I could find a job there in switzerland that commensurate to my qualification, experience and knowledge.
    I pray that I could receive positive response from you.
    Please dont hesitate to contact me through my email address: [email removed] or call to my mobile phone # 63917705-2066, Office tel # 6382-291-3398, 6382-291-438

    Sincerely yours,

    Mae Joy S. Inesario

    Anonymous 16 mai 2006, 05:23 - Signaler un abus
  • looking for nursing job

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I m a nurse from Morocco interested in finding a job in switzerland.
    I graduared in 2005. I m working in a hospital in Morocco (6 months).
    I would like to continue career in switzerland.Could you please help me to find a job.
    yours faithfully
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 17 mai 2006, 11:39 - Signaler un abus
  • I need a job in the Hotel-Front Office Supervisor

    I am a qualified peson,searching job in the Hotels of Swiss
    if you can help me please contact on my E-mail:
    [email removed]
    Thank You.
    Best Regards-Timur.

    Anonymous 20 mai 2006, 06:22 - Signaler un abus
  • seeking a job in switzerland

    To whom it may concern:

    I am from the Philippines and I am a license data encoder here and I am seeking job in switzerland, I prefer to work in hotels or offices. I am hardworking and even low salary I will accept it. Thank you.

    If any interested on me Pls e-mail at [email removed] Thank you.

    Anonymous 01 juin 2006, 10:06 - Signaler un abus
  • seasonal work

    Dear Sir or Madame

    I am a polish student of economy. I am intrested in seasonal work in bar hotel or restaurant. I would be grateful for any replies.

    Best regards

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 04 juin 2006, 01:14 - Signaler un abus
  • average salaries

    hii iam student from uk. doing hotel management degree which i will finish it within 3 weeks, acn you provide me some information about salaries in swtzerland.

    iam looking for graduate training programme or assistant manager.

    thank you

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 05 juin 2006, 09:50 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in Switzerland...

    I am a Post graduate (MCA). i am working for VCustomer as a tech support Engineer for Linksys a division of CISCO systems..
    I want to do a job in swit... Please help me..

    E Mail is :

    Anonymous 11 juin 2006, 03:48 - Signaler un abus
  • Job in Switz...

    I am a Post graduate (MCA). i am working for VCustomer as a tech support Engineer for Linksys a division of CISCO systems..
    I want to do a job in swit... Please help me..

    E Mail is : [email removed]

    Anonymous 11 juin 2006, 03:51 - Signaler un abus
  • To whom it may concern

    Dear Sir Madam,

    I am in studying as an architecture student in ETH, Zurich as a part of the exchange programme offerred bySchool Of Architecture, CEPT, Abad.
    I would enjoy working in an office (architects, product designers, any other designer or even waitin in some restaurant). I will be here till end of March 07 and my semester will get over by 10th of july.
    I would be grateful recieving a reply from you,
    Thanking you,

    Kind Regards,
    Shakti Tibrewal

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 13 juin 2006, 06:57 - Signaler un abus
  • busco trabajjo

    busco trbajjo de albañil (builder) tengo 19 años me encantaria trabajar en suiza para ampliar mis horizontes pero no se demasiado ingles tengo ciudadania francesa pero soy uruguayo en este mo mento vivo en españa mi direccion es [email removed]

    Anonymous 20 juin 2006, 10:16 - Signaler un abus
  • job

    To whom it may concern,
    I'm a 19 year old female from Poland, 2005 graduate, and recenty I finished my first year in University where I study Business Administration. It's my 7th year in Switzerland.
    I speak 4 languages: Polish, English, German, Russian and I can a bit communicate in French (since I live in Lausanne for past year). I'm planning to learn Italian this year and next year to start studying architecture or interior design (without breaking my current studies).
    As you can see my problem is not so urgent, but I guess You could help me already. Could you please direct me what job I could possibly do? On what I should focus?
    Thank you in advance,

    Anonymous 23 juin 2006, 01:51 - Signaler un abus
  • partime job

    dear sir/madam
    i am studing in switzerland in hotel school. i am looking for partime work in hotel or restaurent .i want to work in luzern. please guide me as soon as you can

    contact number,0788422594
    your faithfull

    Anonymous 23 juin 2006, 04:16 - Signaler un abus
  • Marketing, administration, English speaker looking for work

    To whom it may concern:

    Recently, I have moved to Solothurn, Switzerland, and I am learning German. At this time, I am looking for any type of work that may be available for me in Switzerland.

    I have worked extensively in both private and public sectors conducting market research, telemarketing, and qualitative analysis.

    Furthermore, I have received my Master in Social Marketing and Health and Social Behavior at the Harvard School of Public Health.

    Additionally, I have worked in the pharmaceutical arena with responsibilities including sales, territory management, correspondence and communication, presentation, database administration, project coordination and management, qualitative research, project implementation, budget preparation and monitoring, and document writing and editing.

    I appreciate any and all suggestions and/or comments in advance.


    Michael Kent

    Franz Lang-Weg 11, 4500 Solothurn, CH
    Home 032/621-3466
    Office 044/586-4880
    Mobile 077/422-4082
    Email [email removed]

    Place of Birth: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
    Date of Birth: February, 26th 1960
    Swiss Ausländerausweis Permit B

    Anonymous 25 juin 2006, 09:01 - Signaler un abus
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