Buying a property in Maria Alm, Austria

  • Hi,
    I and my husband are thinking of buying a holiday property in Maria Alm, anybody got any advice?
    Or if you have an apartment there can you let us know what it is place is really like.

    01 Giu 2007, 06:35 Veronique
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  • apartment in Maria Alm

    I have had an apartment in Maria Alm for 2 years.
    You will love it both in summer and winter. Any help I can give let me know.

    Clive 01 Giu 2007, 06:45 - Denuncia
  • some information

    If you are an EU citizen - you will have the same property rights and obligations as an Austrian citizen.
    Look carefully about doing this purchase as the cost to maintain the property after the purchase can be very expensive, especially if you do not use it on a regular basis.
    Many costs that you never think about.
    Betriebskosten - maintenance costs, trash removal, water, sewer.
    Some places have individual heating - others a common system- check this carefully. Winters are long and costs can be high.
    You may need to share these costs equally with the other apartments in the building, even when you do not really use these things and the others do.
    GIS - government fee for TV and radio - 20 plus Euro monthly - they will find you too if you do not pay.
    As a vacationer- it is very nice - but think about your shopping requirements and where you must go for most other things
    Maria Alm is nice during the winter and summer seasons. Go there in the “Off Season " before you buy and see how much you like it.
    Good Luck!

    Arnold 01 Giu 2007, 06:46 - Denuncia
  • pizza take away..and more


    we are a little "italian" family, we live in Milano and we wouldlike to move in Austria... we hate here the citi and citizien.. and we fall in love for austria..
    We are studing Germany but it isn't easy to learn without leaving on the land.. end with a little baby of 7 months
    Our idea is to run an activity like as a pzzeria take away or a little italina restaurant.. in paricular in Tirol but also in Wien oder in Stiria.
    Anybody got any advice?
    Please write us if you look some advt about selling these kind of activity.

    Alisa Fabri and Micaela.

    Alisa 03 Set 2007, 04:12 - Denuncia
  • health care for long term illness children

    hu i am thinking of buying property in austria maybe in karnten area, only problem my son has long term illness and in ireland we have government help with all medication and he requires. i also am on a government grant to mind my son at home he is very well at the moment and i feel moving to austria will be the best we can offer as there is beautiful quality of life and real fresh air, he has cystic fibrosis (but is very well with it as i say) please does anyone know what the health system is like for this situation.

    fiona 18 Ott 2007, 10:36 - Denuncia
  • I sell my property

    Hi, i am selling my beautiful property which is older the america.
    Historical papers back till abaut 1450!!!
    It is in Krems an der Donau -Wachau Niederösterreich-
    It has the LAST garden in the city!!!!
    About 300m2 for living (wellness,indoorpool,....)and about 1500m2 garten.
    1400000 Euro.
    If you are interessted please contact me:
    [email removed]

    Patricia Sperlich 25 Giu 2008, 10:20 - Denuncia
  • dodgy workmen in Austria

    Just a warning for everyone who is not local and doing up houses etc in Austria; be very careful when getting workmen in Austria. We made the terrible error in Bad Ischl of hiring a Turkish man who was introduced to us by the estate agency and he scammed us and was very threatening when demanding money for faulty and incomplete work. Given we don't know the laws and they seem to target us, it can sometimes we worth paying up for people to come from the UK to work! Just a thought....

    Lynchie 19 Ago 2008, 07:10 - Denuncia

    see please our ad:


    we bought these 2 homes 4 years ago and they are great rental. But oue child wants to study in Austria and we want to get moving on time.But sales are slow here in Florida exchange was the idea .Any one interested please contact us. 25 Ago 2008, 06:37 - Denuncia
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