private hospital in vienna

  • hi! i´m from salt lake city UH and working as a missionary for the church of latter day saints here in vienna. my knees ache from all the walking i have to do, and i would like to have them checked. the problem is, i don´t trust the public hospitals austrians go to, but i have been unable to find a trustworthy private hospital so far. any recommendations?

    29 Ago 2005, 10:58 Anonymous
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  • hello

    i´ve been living austria for a while now, and i can assure you there is nothing wrong with the public hospitals, treatment there is up to international standards. if you prefer to see an orthopedician privately, you can find one in the yellow pages (, listed in the category "Ärzte / Fachärzte f Orthopädie u orthopädische Chirurgie". it is also possible to get a transfer from a general practitioner, if you have one already.

    Anonymous 31 Ago 2005, 11:11 - Denuncia
  • public health system

    hi - i agree with the previous post. the public hospitals offer good service, you might wait a bit longer but the treatment is ok. don't worry to go there !!!!

    Anonymous 08 Set 2005, 12:59 - Denuncia
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