English / Mandarin exchange in Toronto

  • Hi. Want to learn Mandarin from you and I can help you with English and / or Cantonese.

    Email : [email removed]

    17 Giu 2006, 10:02 Anonymous
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  • I also want to learn mandarin...

    call me 647 5651334

    Anonymous 01 Ago 2006, 04:51 - Denuncia
  • me

    i live in china,and i m learning english,can we learn from each other?my msn is [email removed]
    i do not come here often,so please add my msn or email to me.

    Anonymous 19 Set 2006, 03:31 - Denuncia
  • bernard

    hi my name is bernard [email removed] msj

    Anonymous 06 Ott 2006, 10:12 - Denuncia
  • imrouving my english

    hi, i'm darine i want toimprouvemy english

    Anonymous 15 Nov 2006, 01:32 - Denuncia
  • learn english

    darine my mail is [email removed] (msj)

    Anonymous 15 Nov 2006, 01:35 - Denuncia
  • teaching chinese , Cantonese

    hi l m a teacher in china , if you want to learn chinese , l will like to teaching you , .. we can make friend right?and also l learning english to , we can learn with each other my msn is : [email removed]

    Anonymous 15 Dic 2006, 09:38 - Denuncia
  • oportunity

    hi, i would like to go to canadá (quebec or especifically montreal) and learn english and french, so if someone have information just write me, mi mail is [email removed], i can teach spanish

    Anonymous 11 Gen 2007, 10:54 - Denuncia
  • recommend you a Chinese penpals and friend find community

    recommend you a Chinese penpals and friend find community
    www.lehere.com,a little useful for you maybe

    Anonymous 12 Feb 2007, 02:27 - Denuncia
  • i want to speak chinese...

    hi i want to speak chinese im a pilipino i speak tagalog and english but i cant speak chinese i want to learn that bcoz i have a boyfriend who live in singapore but he study about our language but i cant understand thier language plsssss....help me i want him to know how much i love him in speaking chinese thank you....you can chat w/ me in my msn [email removed] or visit my friendster @ [email removed] thank you verry much ergent reply needed...

    silka_zhang 12 Giu 2007, 07:11 - Denuncia
  • win a free enjoy china card

    Get 3 friends to successfully join Babbley.com in June, and you are automatically entered into the lucky draw to win a enjoy china membership , which is valued at RMB 299. As an enjoy china member, you receive the benefits of the enjoy card ( China's Premiere VIP privilege card, offering 10-50% discounts and privileged service every day at hundreds of the top spots in town.) and enjoy vouchers ( 2-for-1 Deals, Free Drinks & Dishes, Bonus Spa & Beauty services, & discounts on Shopping, Home Decor, Movies, Magazines and more…) over 200 coupons worth 50,000 RMB in discounts!!!

    wormroro 20 Giu 2007, 10:10 - Denuncia
  • I speak both English and Mandarin fluently

    Hi, I'm a native mandarin speaker without any accent. Have been in Toronto for six year and willing to improve my business English conversation to executive level. Interested topics include, but not limited to, business, marketing, enterprenuer, IT, culture and religion. Have my msn ([email removed]) in your list if you are interested in talking with me. Thanks.

    Felix 17 Lug 2007, 05:12 - Denuncia
  • I can teach you Mandarin

    In return I can learn English from you. My MSN is [email removed]

    Good luck!

    David 27 Ago 2007, 04:39 - Denuncia
  • online

    I prefer the saftey of learning online. This site is pretty good Chinese-lessons.com. I tried their friends service and it was pretty good for language exchange esp if you want to learn Beijing Mandarin or Shanghainese

    Jamie 27 Ago 2007, 10:59 - Denuncia
  • Studiar y vivir en canda con alguien que me adopte un timpo

    hello my name is Mauro,I am 24, From Mexico from Guadalajara, i want to srtudy english and work, I want to live with a Family, se un poco ingles
    quiero, estudiar ingles y trabajar, quiero vivir co una familia que me adopte para ayudarle a eya o que me pueda conseguir un empleo, puedo cuidar niños (solo cuidar que no agan travesuras ponerles peliculas, llevarelos al parque, esto lo ago aveces con mis sorinos), se manejar automobil, se computacion, Soy hombre con valores morales que he aprendido de mis padres y de mi escuela. Gracias por contartarme mi correo es E-mail [email removed]

    Mauro 29 Ago 2007, 09:16 - Denuncia
  • English / Mandarin exchange in Hamilton

    Hi I'm from Taiwan, I study English in Hamilton now, I need more chance to parctice my english and also I can help you to study Mandarin or Taiwan local Language..

    If you want Parctice with me, please contact with me
    [email removed]

    LUYA 05 Set 2007, 05:13 - Denuncia
  • Language exchange partner

    language exchange website -- www.italki.com

    Not sure if you guys have seen this website -- www.italki.com

    It seems like you can find language partners pretty quickly on it. I registered, and got a bunch of invitations. It's pretty easy to start chatting and get people's contact info. Right now it's mainly Chinese people on the site, so English (or other) speakers have an advantage in finding people to study with.

    shary 12 Ott 2007, 05:40 - Denuncia
  • ME

    [email removed] 还在想学什么,可以先交流交流吧

    jessica 12 Ott 2007, 07:04 - Denuncia
  • Here is a Mandarin teacher

    I am a Mandarin teacher,there are small group class.one-on-one class and more.check my web:chinese-mandarinclass.blogspot.com

    Or call:416-455 8890

    June 17 Ott 2007, 04:00 - Denuncia
  • my nativve languge is chinese

    I am looking for language partner,more about me :http://user.italki.com/Public/Profile.htm?memberno=T000316400

    smlier 24 Ott 2007, 11:39 - Denuncia
  • i want to learn english..~~~~~~~~~~~

    i am from chinese ,i am a college student .i am very fond of learn english. i want to find a foreign friend.
    please contact me .
    [email removed]
    [email removed]

    张朕 08 Dic 2007, 12:51 - Denuncia
  • mardarin exchange of english

    my native speaking is mardarin. i want to improve english for the exchange of mardarin on skype or msn.
    i am patient and good listener both in english and chinese(catonee and mardarin)

    my address: [email removed]
    [email removed]

    if u have interest for the exchange please connect me with no hesitation.

    h.suwem 16 Dic 2007, 06:36 - Denuncia
  • hi.i'm hanane i live in morocco in casablanc i'm a studuent the colleg

    hi happy eayer

    hanane 25 Dic 2007, 07:59 - Denuncia
  • hallo.i'm lina i live in marocco

    hi i'm lina my msn [email removed]

    lina 25 Dic 2007, 08:14 - Denuncia
  • Looking for Native English Speaker who wanna learn Mandarin

    Hi, My Name is Aaron, working in Toronto as a mechanical egineer. I'd like to Participate the Language Exchange with somebody who would like to help me with my english improvement.
    If someone is interested, Please feel free to send me an email to [email removed].


    Aaron 03 Mar 2008, 12:40 - Denuncia
  • Language Exchange partner

    Hey,not sure if you have seen this language exchagne commubity-- http://www.italki.com

    You can search partners by
    *his/her's native langauge
    *he/she want to learn...
    *his.her age/location/photo...

    hope it can be help happy

    Aaron 01 Apr 2008, 09:57 - Denuncia
  • i can teach you about chinese,and i'm a chinese

    you'b better be from england !

    bruch zhang 18 Apr 2008, 04:17 - Denuncia
  • i can teach you about chinese,and i'm a chinese

    you'b better be from england !
    my msn is "[email removed]"

    bruch zhang 18 Apr 2008, 04:19 - Denuncia
  • Study Mandarin, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Kung Fu in China

    Allied Gateway is committed to develope and provide high quality study programs on Mandarin, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) & Martial Arts in Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou China for international students.

    Go to www.mystudyinchina.com for more courses in more cities!!!

    helen trump 30 Apr 2008, 10:07 - Denuncia
  • Who want study Chinese?

    Do you want study Chinese?
    I can help you.
    I am in Beijing, a native of Chinese.
    Please add my MSN: [email removed]
    E-mail:[email removed]

    Jesse 04 Mag 2008, 04:22 - Denuncia
  • a good place to get Mandarin ebooks and free auido programs

    www.applechineseonline.com is focused on free auido Mandarin Chinese language programs including pinyin(Chinese pronunciation course), daily dialogues, tourist Chinese, also provide several free Chinese ebooks. Free and popular Chinese music program with translated lyrics for you to learn to sing Chinese songs to learn the language in a relaxing way.

    64 11 Mag 2008, 12:42 - Denuncia
  • Who want study Chinese?

    I can help you with your Chinese.

    E-mail:[email removed]

    yc 12 Mag 2008, 04:02 - Denuncia
  • Who want study Chinese?

    I can help you with your Chinese.

    E-mail:[email removed]

    yc 12 Mag 2008, 04:03 - Denuncia
  • learning chinese

    if you want to learn chinese,contact with me .my icq :470148397

    ling 28 Mag 2008, 08:55 - Denuncia
  • anyone in toronto to teach mandarin?

    anyone in toronto to teach mandarin in exchange for english?

    chris 14 Giu 2008, 01:50 - Denuncia
  • finding!!!

    my e-mail:[email removed]
    iwant to learn english,i'm still a student.but i can teach you chinese.so e-mail me.thank you.

    cream 02 Lug 2008, 04:21 - Denuncia
  • I can teach Chinese!

    I'm a kind Chinese girl.I can teach you chinese.So don't hesitate to ask me!(*^__^*) ICQ:496786952 MSN:[email removed]

    wintersnow 05 Lug 2008, 01:48 - Denuncia

    Do you want to learn Spanish?
    Learn Spanish in Costa Rica.
    Enjoy the tourism and know new friends.
    More information:www.famst.com

    FAMST 09 Lug 2008, 08:11 - Denuncia
  • want to learn English and make friends with you

    i want to have a friend teach me english.
    you can contact me .QQ 407691516

    huahua 17 Lug 2008, 05:55 - Denuncia
  • i want to have a foreign friend teach me to speak english

    i hope we can became friends . i also can teach you chinese.
    email: [email removed]
    MSN : [email removed]

    xinxin 17 Lug 2008, 06:00 - Denuncia
  • A good Chinese teacher need student

    I am a university student,yes,i want to communicate with foreigners.I think talking with others is a good way to broaden our horizon.Chinese ,as well as English, is not just a language.It is part of the culture.Hope to hear from you!
    MSN:[email removed]
    e-mail:[email removed]

    JoJo 27 Lug 2008, 01:44 - Denuncia
  • GOOD Chinese teacher need students!

    I am an university student.Yes,i want to communicate with foreigners.Chinese,as well as English,is not just a language.It is part of the culture.Hope to hear from you!
    MSN:[email removed]
    e-mail:[email removed]

    JoJo 27 Lug 2008, 01:49 - Denuncia
  • chinese

    Hi.I'm a native Chinese mandarine speaker.f/26.I'd like to make some more friends regardless where you are from.If you wanna learn some Chinese,I'm glad if i can be of any help.Feel free to add me to your MSN list: [email removed]

    JOY 21 Ago 2008, 09:40 - Denuncia
  • I wanna to English


    Merry 29 Ago 2008, 08:26 - Denuncia
  • I'll teach you English, you can teach me Mandarin (live)

    Hi, I am very fluent in English and Cantonese, and want to develop my Mandarin speaking ability. If you teach me Mandarin, I will teach you English. I have went through TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and plan to do some professional work in the field of writing later, so my English is very good.

    If you speak Mandarin, please give me an email and we'll go from there. Send emails to: [email removed] . I live at Steeles/Warden area in Toronto, so ideally you won't be too far from me.

    ? 06 Set 2008, 12:00 - Denuncia
  • Wholesale luggages with cheap price!!

    Hey all,

    We are a Chinese trading company. We have one 40HQ container stored in the Canada port since July till now.The buyer has no money to pay the balance and who was burst-up. Now, we going to sell these goods with the cheapest price. If anyone have interesting to buy these goods, pls contact me by email: [email removed]


    Henry Z.R.NI

    Henry Z.R.NI 09 Set 2008, 07:22 - Denuncia
  • let us exchange language together

    Hi all,
    I am a chinese, and i live in shanghai, my english is not very poor, i want to improve my oral english, if anybody who want to learn chinese and be interested in china i am glad to make a friends with u and let us exchange together.
    welcome to china!
    my MSN is: [email removed]
    one world one dreem!

    ada xue 09 Set 2008, 01:57 - Denuncia
  • 10 Most Useful Phrases for Foreigners

    To most foreigners, the Chinese language is overwhelming; there is no doubt about it. “The Chinese language is impossible!” “Every word sounds the same!” “How can anyone understand it?” Through teaching with students in Mandarinday school, I have found phrases like these to be quite usefull.

    They are extremely helpful basics. Let’s look and learn below:
    1. Ni hao: pronounced, “nee how.” This is the most common way to say Hello in China, and is typically understood regardless of your pronunciation. This is also a good phrase to begin more complex Chinese conversation, as it preps the listener to hear Chinese rather than the expected English, etc.
    2. Xie xie: pronounced, “shay shay.” Thank you. This is the first phrase to know. You cannot be thankful enough for the many waiters/waitresses, cab drivers, and citizens for helping you get the things you want without knowing the language they speak. This phrase typically raises a smile, as it is greatly appreciated, and often expected.
    3. Bu yao: pronounced, “boo yow” .Literally translates to “no want.” This phrase is especially useful in the major tourist areas in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, where countless vendors are continuously trying to make a sale.
    4. Wo yao yi ping shui: pronounced, “whoa yow ee peeng shway” .Translates into “I would like a bottle of water.” A little lengthier, but just as useful, as water taken directly from the tap is not drinkable in China. Every restaurant or hotel provide bottled water.
    5. Cesuo zai nar: pronounced, “tsuh-swhoh zi (rhyming with eye) nahr” “Where is the restroom?” This phrase is rather self-explanatory. Even if the person being asked responds in more Chinese than you can handle, they will at least point you in the right direction.
    6. Wo e le: pronounced, “whoa uh luh” This phrase translates into “I am hungry” and is probably the most basic way to get someone to help you find food.
    7. Zai jian: pronounced, “zi jee-ann” The most common way to say “good bye.”
    8. Duo shao qian: pronounced, “dwoh shaow chee-ann.” Here you are asking how much something costs, a phrase especially helpful in the many markets around town.
    9. Wo bu shuo zhongwen: pronounced, “woh boo shwoh jong-wun,” and meaning “I don’t speak Chinese.”
    10. The last thing to know are the numbers, one through ten, broken down as follows:
    a. Yi (ee) – 1
    b. Er (ar) -2
    c. San (sahn) – 3
    d. Si (suh) – 4
    e. Wu (woo) – 5
    f. Liu (lee-oh) – 6
    g. Qi (chee) – 7
    h. Ba (bah) – 8
    i. Jiu (jee-oh) – 9
    j. Shi (shr) – 10
    Although these ten phrases may seem tough to master, it is a good idea to at least try. From my students’ experience, most Chinese truly appreciate your effort, even if your pronunciation is nearly unintelligible, and often will help you to improve!

    sarah 23 Set 2008, 05:15 - Denuncia
  • I can teach someone chines

    I can teach someone chines ,if you can teach me Eenglish.
    I am doing the trade besiness,but my Eenglish is not well,so i can teach chinese and someone can teach me Eenglish.
    contact me MSN:[email removed]

    Baron wu 03 Ott 2008, 08:06 - Denuncia
  • who want to learn business chinese language ?

    Hello, This is swallow,from china, i am a trade manager of valves and pumps, now,many buyers want to learn chinese, if u are interesting ,pls contact me, i am sure we will became good friends, and improve each other.

    My msn : [email removed]
    Skype : chris1985123

    swallow 06 Ott 2008, 08:57 - Denuncia
  • language exchange

    I am a chinese boy , i can help you with your chinee
    you can contace me by below any time
    MSN :[email removed]
    yahoo:[email removed]
    skype :jan.liu01

    janliu 25 Ott 2008, 02:29 - Denuncia
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