Canadian information portals

  • Post here all the portals you know about Canada with a note of what they are about. Here is a sample:

    Phone companies:



    Insurance Companies:

    Income Taxes:


    25 Ott 2005, 03:49 Anonymous
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  • Food portals in Canada

    Best sites in the web!


    Anonymous 25 Ott 2005, 03:50 - Denuncia
  • major internet portals in Canada

    Anonymous 25 Ott 2005, 03:51 - Denuncia
  • newspapers in Canada

    Newspapers in Canada





    Anonymous 25 Ott 2005, 04:47 - Denuncia
  • Canadian Government Site

    Everything related to the Federal Government of Canada!

    Anonymous 25 Ott 2005, 02:19 - Denuncia
  • City portals in Canada - toronto, montreal, vancouver, calgary, halifax

    Some city portals in Canada:






    Anonymous 29 Ott 2005, 04:39 - Denuncia
  • BEST Events magazines - portals for Toronto

    It is a bit "non-orthodox" magazine. Quite liberal but it has absolutely everything you need to know about what is going on in Toronto

    You may pick it up for free at cinemas, subway entrances, clubs, etc.

    Anonymous 29 Ott 2005, 04:51 - Denuncia
  • yellow and white pages in Canada

    use this links for the yellow and white pages in Canada:

    Anonymous 01 Nov 2005, 02:56 - Denuncia
  • TV stations in Canada


    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation



    Anonymous 01 Nov 2005, 08:17 - Denuncia
  • Canadian Banks


    Royal Bank

    TD Canada Trust

    Scotia Bank

    Bank of Montreal

    Citibank Canada

    HSBC Bank

    ING Bank

    Anonymous 02 Nov 2005, 02:36 - Denuncia
  • Best newspaper in the world

    Anonymous 05 Nov 2005, 12:13 - Denuncia
  • The onion?

    I would not call the onion "information", not to mention that it is not Canadian.

    Anyway, it is freaking funny!

    Anonymous 06 Nov 2005, 01:52 - Denuncia
  • Canada website

    All about the government of Canada: Living in Canada, working in Canada, immigrating to Canada, Taxes in Canada, Health Services in Canada

    Anonymous 09 Nov 2005, 09:02 - Denuncia
  • and and

    Anonymous 19 Gen 2006, 07:25 - Denuncia
  • Relocation Services for Canada: Local Insight - Nationwide

    NuPAD Solutions Canada

    Canada's #1 Relocation Support.
    More than 65 Affiliates across the Country, and over 15 Services to Customize from.

    * Free Information and/or Services Now *

    Home-Finder, Home-Mover, Community-Tours.
    Education-Sync, Career-Tracker, Elder-Place.
    Mortgage-Bidder, Appraisals-Now and Tax-Smart.
    Furnished-Residences, Property-Manager.
    Border-Crosser, Culture-Trainer and Settling-In.

    You are assigned a FREE Personal Relocation Consultant to assist through the entire process.

    Visit Us Now to Start!

    Anonymous 24 Gen 2006, 12:34 - Denuncia
  • A Community-based Support Site.


    - Do you want to relocate to Canada?

    - Already in Canada but plan to relocate to a new area?

    - Are you a Canadian seeking to support and promote relocation to your favourite region?

    This site has everything you need, including:

    Community Message Boards, News, Articles, Relocation Support, City Reviews, Downloads, Member Benefits, Free Banner Advertising and so much more.

    Visit now, and you can either find, or provide, Canada Relocation support.

    Anonymous 26 Gen 2006, 07:35 - Denuncia
  • Excellent portal from the Canadian Government

    Anonymous 04 Mar 2006, 12:12 - Denuncia
  • Settlement.Org - non-profit site

    Thanks for the link to Settlement.Org. Settlement.Org is a website for newcomers to Ontario - everything you need to get settled.

    Just to clarify, it is not a government site. It is government funded, but it run by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) a provincial non-profit organization. Come by and visit, let us know what you think:

    Settlement.Org Content Coordinator

    Anonymous 04 Apr 2006, 04:51 - Denuncia
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  • welcome to china


    JAZZ 13 Lug 2009, 09:50 - Denuncia
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