Should we go to Dubai

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    I was wondering if any Australian could give me a little advice about moving and working in Dubai. I have done alot of research but still lack the confidence that it will be a positive move for my husband, three children (12, 3 and 2) and myself. My husband is a construction supervisor and i have 25 years experience in recruitment, HR, training and employment services. We respect the culture and religion but it is all so different like you cannot act to friendly to Arab men.. I am an extrovert so naturally i am friendly to all people. Please offer some advice.

    17 Nov 2007, 11:46 The Sweetman's
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  • Should we go to Dubai

    No, appreciate your freedom and choices you have unless your just focused on money and who knws who!

    Australia as you must know is a great country, politicaly safe with many freedoms.

    The beggining of any new country is an adventure and is easy to manage if your without family responcibilities, think about your children and what they will confront!

    No is my reply and advice.....

    Tony 29 Nov 2007, 09:54 - Denuncia
  • Why not Dubai?

    Hi Tony, I notice you don't really specify why not to go to Dubai. Have you lived there before?

    Me and my husband live in Canada and we're considering a move there. He's an architect and has already worked and lived many years in the UK and now in Canada.

    Samantha 29 Nov 2007, 06:42 - Denuncia
  • Also moving to Dubai

    Hi The Sweetman's and Samantha,
    I am very interested in any of the feedback you have received and any information regarding the following.
    My family is moving to Dubai/Abu Dhabi from Australia-my husband in January & our three teenage boys and myself are looking to relocate for the new school year. Just a bit concerned about the laws and punishment, the ability for wives to work and of course appropriate schooling for our children.

    tanya 03 Dic 2007, 06:24 - Denuncia
  • The Sweetmans

    Hi there, Im an Aussie mum of 3 (10,9,1) and this is the 2nd time we have lived here. Think of any move as a positive one. Dubai is a very "western" place...a little too much for our liking. My husband is also in the construction industry. It is what you make it over here. We earnt more money back in Aus, but this is a great experience for the kids. We have been able to take them to England, Scotland, and of course Oman easily from here. I home school my children here. There are many schools to choose from, but most are around $10,000 Aussie dollars each for the year...not an option for us. The only down side i guess by living here is the cost of rent...astronomical!!!!!!...especially when paying for it yourself. You dont need to worry about being friendly to Arab men...your not likely to be a situation which brings you in close quarters to them. My neighbours are Nationals...the most friendly people we have met, and i can easily pop my head over the fence to chat to the husband. When I am inside sociallising with the wife, he leaves the room, as is Arab culture. We have never had any fact only great experiences. Live a little and see a bit of the world before its too late. If you dont like it, you can move onto the next place, and start the journey again. Cheers

    cynthia 12 Dic 2007, 10:51 - Denuncia
  • Female New Life in Dubai

    I am an single English female mid thirties and I am starting a new position working in the costruction industry in Dubai shortly. Although, I am focused and looking forward to my new life and job I am a bit apprehensive of how I will be treated as a woman in a the construction environment. I have an outgoing personality and treat everyone the same. Can anyone advise if there is anything I should do or be wary of?

    Victoria 03 Gen 2008, 05:06 - Denuncia
  • General Information on Dubai and UAE

    You might want to try this site out... It has quite a lot of info on a bunch of nifty and helpful stuff:




    Kelly 24 Mar 2008, 11:26 - Denuncia
  • Standard living at Dubai

    Need advice here. How's the standard living at Dubai..meaning the food, entertainment, transportation and etc. I've been offered a job there and still can't decide to go. I wish to go with my wife to start another life there.

    Please advice.

    Undecided 28 Lug 2008, 07:11 - Denuncia
  • it depends...

    are you moving for a better lifestyle? more money? because life with kids in dubai is not the same as being single. that said i personally would only move with family and young kids if the salary scale is SIGNIFICANTLY higher. i would say 30-40% to compensate for the very expensive rents. all other bills are usually comparable...


    sunil 19 Gen 2009, 02:42 - Denuncia
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