• Can someone tell me how you can put more than £3000 in an ISA. I have been told that it is possible, but am not sure how as the cash limit seems to be £3000. THanks.

    22 Giu 2005, 05:28 Anonymous
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  • Explaining ISAs

    First off - an ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a great way of paying less tax. You can put up to 7,000GBP a year in. You have different options, all invested in equities, or split between different things (such as cash, insurance and equities). You are right that the maximum you can put in as cash per tax year is £3,000. You can use the stocks portion to buy funds which resemble cash in their behaviour though, if that is the investment choice you want to make.

    Anonymous 23 Giu 2005, 07:14 - Denuncia
  • Which provider?

    Wow! Thanks for the informative reply. Could you tell me which ISA provider you recommend? I´m told that the internet providers offer the best rates, but do they offer the best service?

    Anonymous 24 Giu 2005, 09:22 - Denuncia
  • Tick

    I've not had any problems with my internet bank - Smile. So can't say customer service is any worse. + how much customer service to you need to maintain a savings account?

    Anonymous 06 Lug 2005, 08:51 - Denuncia
  • Smile's good

    Smile has really good customer service. I have had an account with them for three years. I think there have only been two times where I had a problem, but calling up got an answer straight away. They have a secure online help service as well which is quick and very effective. Highly recommend

    Anonymous 15 Lug 2005, 07:29 - Denuncia
  • one drawback

    the only drawback i find with online banking is that you have to keep track of quite a few passwords and codes. But I guess even if you use a high street bank, you would probably end up using their online service, so would still have the code problems. In fact, at least with a pure online bank, you only have one set of codes to worry about..

    Anonymous 16 Lug 2005, 03:59 - Denuncia
  • Passwords for online banking

    Writing the passwords on a piece of paper is safer than using the same one for everthing - at least you know where the paper is.

    Anonymous 06 Ago 2005, 04:03 - Denuncia
  • Flujo del dinero entre individuos

    Finanzas estudia el flujo del dinero entre individuos, empresas o Estados. Las finanzas son una rama de la economía que estudia la obtención y gestión, por parte de una compañía, individuo o del Estado, de los fondos que necesita para cumplir sus objetivos y de los criterios con que dispone de sus activos.

    balboarlens 09 Dic 2008, 03:31 - Denuncia
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