looking for educational sponser

  • lam ayoung aged 26 from africa asking for help to sponser for me to further my studies in uk.the money will be paid straight to the college not to me.lam devout christian.you can email for more [email removed]
    thank you very much

    03 Giu 2008, 03:32 enos
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  • sponsor

    hallo, am looking for a sponsor to help me go for further studies. I dont mind any country he or she is from.

    Aisha Kivumbi 17 Lug 2008, 11:20 - Denuncia
  • sponsor

    my email address is
    [email removed].
    looking for a sponsor from any country to help me persue for higher education.

    nakiwala 17 Lug 2008, 11:31 - Denuncia
  • sponserhip

    Looking for a sponer and a mentor in my quest for higher education.God bless.

    Solomon Kyeni 03 Ago 2008, 02:47 - Denuncia
  • looking for a sponser

    hello am phlibert am looking for a sponser to sponser me in my education if intersted contact me @[email removed] BELSSING IN CHRIST BYE

    PHLIBERT 16 Set 2008, 09:28 - Denuncia
  • looking for a sponser

    hello am lynn of 20yrsof age.i am earnestly looking for a someone who can sponser my education.i was admitted in one university in Uganda for information technology unfortunately the weight of the university fee has overwhelmed me.i have a passion to study and am requesting anyone who can help me achieve this dream. pliease contact me on [email removed]
    i believe God will surely bless you

    LYNN 25 Nov 2008, 02:11 - Denuncia
  • scholarship

    Am kenneth an orphan in Uganda eastafrica am looking a sponsor to help to join university because i dont have funds to join the university.You can contact me on
    +256754121129 and my e-mail address is [email removed] or [email removed]
    God bless you

    kenneth mugagga 31 Gen 2009, 03:11 - Denuncia
  • kindly looking for a sponser

    Good time to you all
    I kindly am looking for any kind hearted person to help me with a sponsership to persue my masters degree in English Literature or Applied linguistic in any university of the sponser's choice.I hold a dual honors degree in english and shona but can notfurther due to finacial constraints.If any need to show my educatinal qualifications I am prepared.my email is [email removed] GOD BLESS

    Tizirai Dzviti 09 Feb 2009, 11:01 - Denuncia
  • am looking for a sponsore

    Good day sirs and madames am in search of a sponsore who is going to support and help me in completeing my education and to assure my future
    am hoping to hear back from sny god sent person who is willing to help you can contacts me on [email removed]

    david abraham 10 Feb 2009, 12:22 - Denuncia
  • loking for a sponsor

    my name is mwangi am a poor student of Makerere university in Uganda East Africa region and am looking for a sponsor who can help me to continue with my studies here at hhe same university am desparate hence there is no one who has shown any interest since my parent ran out of cash am ready to give out all my legal documents which can veryfy that am a student my email adress is [email removed] Am eager waiting for you please
    thanks in advance

    Mwangi Moses Kinyanjui 02 Apr 2009, 06:12 - Denuncia
  • looking for sponsor

    18 year old looking for sponsorship

    Antonette 23 Apr 2009, 04:43 - Denuncia
  • looking for a sponsor

    am Shadia a Ugandan looking for a sponsor in my education am 21 years old in my first year at university.I need some one help me in my sturdies contact +213557603914 and [email removed]

    shadia 07 Mag 2009, 08:05 - Denuncia
  • My dream.......... To help make My teachers dream come true.

    Hello, My english teacher has a wonderful dream, to take me and my fellow classmates to the UK for the English Literature review. She is the best English teacher any learner can ask for and get a sponsor to make her dream come true would be te most beautful thing that has ever happen in my life and definitely in hers . So I ask for a sponsor who would make this dream come true. Going overseas I know would be a dream come true and learning together with our dream would be the cherrie on the top. We live in South Africa. If anybody feels like making our dream come true please contact me [email removed]

    Mmathabo 21 Mag 2009, 04:01 - Denuncia
  • sponser

    Am a kenyan student studying Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University and am now looking for a sponser who can help me complete my studies since i am forced to drop because of fees problems.Email:[email removed]

    07 04 Giu 2009, 09:57 - Denuncia
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