learning Arabic language-culture online/Apprendre la langue arabe/culture online

  • Hello,

    My name's Hala,I am a native speaker Arabic living in Damascus and would like to teach language arabic online . I give one-to-one online arabic lessons (30min, 45min or 1hour), in a friendly atmosphere and at affordable prices. I would like to teach you Arabic but I also want you to be able to discover the Arabic culture through the lessons.
    I'm also speaker language French.
    If you are interested,Please feel free to contact me:
    [email removed]

    09 Apr 2009, 09:11 Hala
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  • demande d'eutude

    bonjour je vousrais plus d'information au sujet de votre universiter ou ecole arabic car je suis bien interesser je dispose de mon bac je suis de nationaliter gambienne et j'etudis en egypte mais actuellement je sui en gambie

    kalilou kabba 07 Mag 2009, 05:56 - Denuncia
  • demende d'eutude en usa

    bonjour je vousrais plus d'information au sujet de votre universiter car je suis bien interesser je dispose de mon bac je suis de nationaliter gambienne et j'etudis en egypte mais actuellement je sui en gambie

    kaliloukabba@yahoo.com 07 Mag 2009, 06:00 - Denuncia
  • arabic language

    i manger for Arabic languages instituted and i wish we work toghter and send student to my instituted.
    thx ayman aldoues.

    Arabic for All Institute at Al-Andalus University for
    Sciences & Technology – Sana’a

    "Arabic for All" has a recentaly established in teaching formal Arabic for non-Arabic speakers. It is established in 2009 at Al-Andalus University for Science and Technology in Sana'a as a cooperative program between the main office of "Arabic for All" in Riyadh and between Al-Andalus University.

    To be the first choice of non-Arabs who aim to learn Arabic.

    To make Arabic learning experience the most successful, beneficial and enjoyable learning experience any person can go through.


    1. To teach students to communicate fluently in formal Arabic.
    2. To assist students in understanding the Arabic culture and developing a positive attitude towards it.
    3. To assist students in understanding what they read or hear in Arabic in the media.
    4. To teach students the ability to translate from Arabic to their native languages and vice versa.
    5. To prepare those working in diplomatic, health, media and business fields to communicate in Arabic using proper terms.
    6. To prepare and train Arabic teachers.
    Advantages of the Institute:

    1. The institute charges tuition fees that are suitable for all. It also provides its students the option of accommodation and meal plans at minor fees.
    2. The institute offers free scholarships according to its capabilities.
    3. The institute is located in the city of Sana’a which is the capital of Yemen, the cradle of the Arab civilization and the birthplace of Arabic language. In addition, Yemen is an all time favorite tourist destination that has been ranked the best in 2007. This advantage gives students of Arabic a chance to delve directly into the depth of the Arabian history, heritage and culture. It also allows them to enjoy the beautiful climate, the fascinating scenery and the hospitality of Yemeni people.
    4. The Institute welcomes students from all over the world regardless of their race, religion and cultural background. This advantage provides students with a chance to experience a unique culture stereotyped as conservative and mysterious. It also gives students a chance to meet people, share experience and form life lasting relationships.
    5. The Institute is located at the heart of a striving university that hosts hundreds of male and female students from various Arab nationalities. This advantage provides students of Arabic a chance to directly communicate with educated and mindful Arab academics, which will, without doubt, enhance the Arabic learning experience and outcome.
    6. The Institute offers interested students shared accommodation with university students, which allows students to merge with speakers of Arabic and acquire the language via everyday communication. The university also offers accommodation for interested female students.
    7. The institute boasts up-to-date educational programs and curricula based on the latest theories of teaching and learning a second language. Furthermore, the institute holds a high opinion of interactive learning that has proven to be the most beneficial form of education up to date.
    8. The institute enhances its teaching approach through the use of different devices and equipment (e.g. television, radio, compact discs, computers, cassette recorders, internet, dictionaries, stories, magazines, daily newspapers, references, etc.).
    9. The institute is supervised by experts of teaching Arabic from the main "Arabic for All" office in Riyadh. These experts are university professors, specialized in applied linguistics, from two of the oldest and most prestigious universities of Saudi Arabia: King Saud University and Imam Ibn Muhammad Islamic University.
    Features of the Institute

    • Low fees
    • Free scholarship
    • Airport pickup
    • Multinational students
    • University degree education
    • Accommodation with university students
    • Leading educational programs
    • Latest technologies
    • Supervision by Experts

    Institute Programs and Tuitions

    Tuition fees below include all the teaching materials for the programs (textbooks, compact discs, cassette tapes, simple easy stories, publications, etc.) They also include access to television, computers, internet and university library fees.

    No Courses & Programs Course Duration Hours Program fees in US Dollars Notes
    1 Arabic for All Program 9 months 954hours 1800

    Appropriate discounts for groups of over five persons

    2 Beginner Level 3 months 318 hours 700
    3 Intermediate Level 3 months 318 hours 700
    4 Advance Level 3 months 318 hours 700
    5 Arabic for special purposes (Diplomatic affairs, journalism, health, Business and others) 3 months 360 hours 800 Passing the Beginner Level is required for certain programs and Intermediate Level for others.
    6 Intensive fast programs (conversation, reading, writing, translation, news editing, meeting, management, phone calls reception and answering, public speaking, making speeches, Koran recital and memorization, and others according to students' needs). 1-4 weeks 36-144 hours 100-400 Passing the Beginner Level is required for certain programs and Intermediate Level for others.
    7 New teachers preparation program 4 weeks 120 hours 1500 Passing the Advanced Level required.
    8 Teachers’ training 6 days 30 hours 500 The practice of teaching profession for no less than one year is required. In addition, teachers might need to be trained in their countries.

    Fees for Accommodation, Food and Tourism Programs:

    For students interested in three meals, accommodation, and participation in tourism programs:

    1. Housing fees (50) US Dollars per month
    2. Three food meals (120) US Dollars per month
    3. Tourism programs on Sana’a (10) US Dollars for each program

    Tourism programs:

    "Arabic for All" institute is ambitious in its attempt to make its educational experience a blend of learning, tourism and indulgence into culture. In other words, it aims to make the educational trip to Yemen a wonderful and deserving lifetime experience any student of Arabic will remember for years. Thus, the institute arranges tourist programs to all of the ancient monuments of Arabic civilizations in Yemen (e.g. civilization of Sabaa, Moein, Hameer, Hadramout, etc.) It also arranges trekking trips to mountains, fascinating locations, and agricultural roads surrounded with greenery and breathtaking scenery. These trips also allow for a glance into local customs, traditions, cultural inheritance, and folk arts.


    The general program of the institute relies mainly on "Arabic in Your Hands" textbooks. These textbooks have proven to be successful in teaching Arabic throughout the world. However, these textbook are not the only source in the learning process. It They are enriched with other material extracted from different sources, easy-read books and audio-visual recordings.
    As for the special purpose programs, the institute relies on "specialized accomplishment files." In these programs teachers and students build weekly active study subjects and utilize specialized dictionaries, curricula and various media material under the supervision of experienced university professors.
    As for programs preparing and training Arabic teachers, the institute relies on the training portfolio "Arabic for All" has prepared. This portfolio earned the appreciation of more than three thousand teachers world-wide.

    Learning and Teaching Techniques:

    In the institute, teachers employ teaching techniques that revolve around the learner, his/her activity and interaction. Teachers also focus on designing learning tasks valuable for educational and life experience. These tasks are characterized by feasibility, challenge, excitement and joy. They also require certain preparation strategies such as workshops, "small worlds," joint research, cooperative projects, presentations and acting roles.

    All language teaching positions are designed in a four-dimensional theoretical structure:
    - Continuous assessment
    - Class participation
    - Self-learning
    - Actual communication and work projects

    Evaluation techniques:

    1. The student performance is assessed in all institute programs out of 100 points that is distributed as follows:

    Continuing Assessment
    (20 Points)
    Mid-term Exam
    (30 Points) Final Exam
    (50 Points)

    Class Performance Self-Learning
    Activities & projects Oral Written Oral Written
    10 5 5 10 20 15 35 100

    2. The student passes the program and obtains a certificate only if he/she achieves 70% and above in the final mark.
    3. Students who score from 50% to 70% may repeat their final exam within a period not exceeding a week after the announcement of results (with no additional fees).
    4. Students who fail to pass after repeating the exam, may extend their study program for an additional period of time ranging from two to four weeks in order to strengthen their weaknesses retake the exam later on at a cost determined by the institute management.

    For more information, please visit our website on the internet http://andalusuniv.net/arabic_for_all/
    To contact us:
    Yemeni Republic – Sana’a - Al-Andalus University for Sciences & Technology- Arabic for All Institute
    Telephone (00967-1-675884-118)Fax: (00967-1-675885)Mobile : (00967735405895.)
    Email : ([email removed]) P.O. Box : (37444)

    Course Registration Card

    Registration No O Individual O Group
    General information For Individuals:
    Name: ……….
    Gender: O Male O Female
    Nationality: ……….
    Place of residence: ……….
    Occupation: ………
    Your level in Arabic Language: O Don’t know anything O Know little O Intermediate O Good O Very good
    For Groups:
    Body: O University O School O Company O Group of friends O other, specify: ……..
    Number: Number of males (……) number of females (……)
    Nationality: ………
    Place of residence: ………
    Language Level for the Group:
    O Don’t know any Arabic O Know little O Beginners O Intermediate Level O Good Level O Very different

    Required program Please select:
    O Arabic for All Program (9 months)
    O Beginner level (3 months)
    O Intermediate level (3 months)
    O Advance level (3 months)
    O New teachers qualification
    O Teachers training
    O Intensive program for special purpose, please specify:
    Program Subject Time Period in Weeks
    ……….. ……………….
    Course date Please choose the appropriate course start date:
    From: --/--/----G to --/--/----G
    Student address or person in charge of the Group Name: …………..
    Mailing Address: ………….
    Telephone No (…………….…….)
    Fax No: (……………………...….)
    Email : (………..............................)

    For more information, please visit our website on the Internet http://andalusuniv.net/arabic_for_all/

    To contact us:
    Yemeni Republic – Sana’a - Al-Andalus University for Sciences & Technology- Arabic for All Institute
    Email : ([email removed])P.O. Box : (37444)

    ayman 28 Mag 2009, 10:02 - Denuncia
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