Help research Ayurveda LEUKEMIA treatment.

  • I am trying to participate in study program of Molecular Biology or Cancer Genetics of universities of advanced nations to see scientifically how Ayurveda healing reinstates normal cell functioning, even in leukemia that do not respond to any treatment currently available. Result of this treatment is unmatched by any centers else. Scientists can research if Ayurveda stops translocation of genetic matter among human chromosome. They may also see how this therapy acts selectively, inducing cell death in only the malignant cells and not affecting neighboring healthy cells. It is my sincere request to international scientific community to focus on what can be done to expand the current research environment so that practices that lie outside conventional science are appropriately addressed.

    Thank you,
    from Cochin, India.

    31 8월 2008, 04:05 Vaidyan
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