State health insurance for foreigners

  • Is there a State health insurance for foreigners in the US or do I need to get a private one?? Any hints are welcome...

    03 7월 2007, 06:20 Mary
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  • Health care in the US

    Hi Mary, the US health system is very complex and in some cases it could happen that you'll need to cough up a lot of -$$$-. Insurance companies in most western countries offer a US health insurance add-on on your holiday insurance. This could cost you up to $50 a month. I urge you to take this seriously because healthcare in the US is a very complex matter and doesn't work as simple as the UK NHS or Aussie Medicare.

    Michael 02 12월 2007, 05:50 - 욕설 보고
  • Medicines

    Hi Mary,
    You should have to be care with your health because is an important thing in our live, just in case, if you need any medicine you can buy it on-line and it's safe.

    Claire 26 12월 2007, 10:00 - 욕설 보고
  • Pregnancy

    I am pregnant and I'll be visiting US for 1-2 months,can I get any pregnancy coverage?what If I deliver my baby prematurely?

    Sras 18 6월 2008, 11:53 - 욕설 보고
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