Los Angeles: Cost of living and salaries

  • Hi there! I'd like to study in Los Angeles for a year but need to finance myself. Does anyone know about the cost of living there and the salaries for student jobs?

    03 7월 2007, 06:00 Bettina
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  • Cost of living in Los Angeles

    If you want to live in the City of Angels, you have to pay a premium. The overall cost of living here is 33% above the national average, with housing costs tending to be among the most expensive in the nation. In the city of Los Angeles, the median cost for apartment rentals is $735 per month. You can pay less in areas such as Glendale, Long Beach and the San Fernando Valley, all of which have a median rent for apartments at $600 per month. Expect to pay even more for apartments in places like Santa Monica, Malibu and other upscale communities.

    Charly 03 7월 2007, 06:01 - 욕설 보고
  • America sucks

    yeah,They are so proud in such a way that they think America is heaven.But i think China will be the most powerful country the world will ever see,it has connections everywhere,even the products in america they are made from China.And they are disturbing peace these people while claiming to promote it.

    Anti-American 30 11월 2008, 09:49 - 욕설 보고
  • America Sucks

    Chill out Harpal and Anti-America. I feel ya. Some americans are Ignorant but some Indian and chinese people are also quite ignorantly self serving too. dont hate the country for the worst of its citizens. I'd say Indias and chinas economy are rapidly expanding towards the largest in the world, However. They are far from competing with the standard conditions for living that America has Provided In the past and continues too provide for its citizens. Not to mention the higher standard of their Rule of Law. For a relatively young country of around two centuries they are doing very well to economically surpass the Indian and Chinese nations. Who despite being around for many more millenias. Are still just catching up with america. I have high respect for china, India and america. suprisingly less for america despite my comments. I have high respect for china, India and america. suprisingly less for america despite my comments.

    P.S. Only porcelain products can be refered to as being made from china.

    Jay Dee 14 5월 2009, 02:46 - 욕설 보고
  • the guys who have all the comments about who is best country or arrogant

    you guys sound like a herd of fools. look at your comments, like the one calling the americans arrogant, which i agree, is rather annoying and egotistical, but perhaps the new administration won't be so snobby, yet sir, you don't sound like the model of humility yourself.you guys are like kids in a playground, the way your mentality is so childish. look,India, is a cultural gem, it is an piece of golden spiritually enlightened in many respects of self improvement towards perfection and all that stuff, but the reality is sir, that in the world everyday life and global politics, India is too poor to be the superpower you dream it is. that is just not the reality. the power that you express is not only financial status of the strength of India currency it is also the military strength of the country, if it is only that aspect alone we were to use as a measurement, korea has a military that would eat the India military for breakfast , as an example. you need to be realistic before spouting off emotional nonsense which is simply a matter of distaste for american style and love of India style. that is not a problem. people are not manufactured from a mold. you like what you like and other people like what they like. but as far as India ruling the world as you say, you have the population working for the firms that are western based like the people who answer phone calls for western companies. in other words , you are not owning and running the businesses you are instead working for us at this time. do you get that point? and as far as exports of goods and services, etc. there is not enough agriculture, etc. to feed the population of India as for example, the united states has miles and acres of food and grain. you know what I say is true. and i am not saying it to make you feel badly. I have found your country , it's culture, and even the food and clothing and so much about it, entrancing for most of my life. i think India is incredible but it is very poor and there are many severe problems with too much
    overcrowding and so many of the situations that beset a poor country with many people and also a country that has been raided and raped for centuries by outsiders for its natural resources like the tea and the english takeover in history. your passion and love for your homeland are nice however, your words are those of a young and foolish man, who is angry above his level of logical rationality. jai sri sat guru maharaj ki my brother. hari om shaanthi.

    firewilson81@gmail.com 15 6월 2009, 07:43 - 욕설 보고
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