looking for a sponsor for my education

  • Hi!
    My name is Dagmara and the first thing you can say about me, is that I do have a passion for learning. Especially when it comes to learn a new language. At the moment I can speak Polish (my native language), English, French and Italian. However in my future I would love to learn as many languages as possible.
    Let me tell you something more about me. I have two BA degrees (one in BA Tourism with specialization within Middle East countries, second is BA in Romance Philology ) I have real passion for learning and I would like to continue to learn. And here is the main problem I am facing. The money.
    Recently I’ve been offered a place at Aston University to undertake the MA in Translation in European Context. This course is very important for me, because it is kind of the doors I need to open and then my future will be brighter. Moreover in my country I do not have any possibility to take a course like this – simply because this course does not exist at any University in Poland. Moreover on July this year I would like to undertake a course for teachers of French as a foreign language in France. This particular course in France is a monthly course and it begins on July (only once a year). As a Qualified French Teacher I need this course to improve my skills and my language.
    Also I would like to start a PhD course next year which is one of my biggest dreams.

    I was trying to find myself some sort of founding, however I could not find anything, because as the foreign student in UK I do not have many possibilities to find it.

    Here is something about deadlines I am facing. Until the 22nd of June I need to pay my registration fees for the course in France. Also until 20th of June I need to pay £200 deposit to secure my place at Aston University.

    That is why I wrote this advertisement asking for some support. My fees for all those courses are quite high. Too high for me. But I also know that if you are focus on something it will happen. I know that our thoughts and dreams can become true. I believe in it.
    In return I also would like to do something for you. I would be very happy to learn your native language. It will be more than a pleasure for me.

    If you would like to get more information about me please do not hesitate to contact me: [email removed]

    I will be able to give you any information you might need and also give you details about my deadlines that I have to stick with in order to start a particular course.


    31 5월 2009, 10:41 dagmara
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