Best Universities in Canada - computer science in Canada

  • What are the best universities in Canada to study computer sciences?
    University of Toronto?

    21 okt 2005, 10:43 Anonymous
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  • waterloo and toronto are the best for computer science

    If I were you I would not go anywhere else. Waterloo and Toronto hold 75% of the Computer Science Research Budget in the entire country, so that will give you an idea of the relative power they have in Canada and how central they are when it comes to technology

    Anonymous 23 okt 2005, 12:37 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • rich canadians do not study in Canada

    they go to Cambridge, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, etc.

    Anonymous 29 okt 2005, 03:36 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • waterloo or toronto

    Waterloo is a small college town, while toronto is a big city with lots of possibilities.

    Anonymous 02 nov 2005, 11:40 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • MBA in Canada: Rotman, Schulich, Ivey, Queens, McGill, UBC

    I have heard from all of this universities. If I am interested in a job in Finance or Investment Banking, where would you go?
    I heard Rotman has a kick ass Dean, Roger Martin, while Schulich has a huge alumni network, Ivey is in a crappy town (London Ontario). Queens is far from everything even though has a very small and closely knit class size. Then going to McGill, well only if you want to live in Montreal and finally UBC if you like to ski and sail in the same day.

    What a predicament!

    Anonymous 02 nov 2005, 11:44 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Go to Rotman!

    I would not go to any other business school in Canada. Ivey in London, Ontario is full of white students with very little diversity. Rotman on the other hand is very diverse and you are in the heart of a world class city!

    Anonymous 19 nov 2005, 10:02 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Rotman vs. Schulich/York

    Which of this is better?
    I want to go into investment banking. Not necessarily in Canada, but in the USA.

    Which of these schools is most recognized internationally?

    Anonymous 30 nov 2005, 09:53 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • What about studying computer science at the university of calgary?

    I have heard that the university of calgary had a very good department in computer science. Does anyone have any feedback on that? Really need it.

    Anonymous 09 dec 2005, 05:20 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Computer Science in Calgary

    The department is good. However, knowing what I know that a few months from graduation, I think it would have been better to go to the University of Toronto or Waterloo

    Anonymous 12 jan 2006, 10:34 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • queens

    For finance and i-banking, Queen's is a lot more better than Ivey.

    Schulich is a new school - they dont have much of an alumni network ,but the queen's alumni network is big, and so is ivey's.

    if consutling, think about ivey, but thats practically it.

    Anonymous 23 mrt 2006, 03:45 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • reply

    UW is the best for CS in Canada.

    Queen's is a lot more better? If you want to sound convincing, use proper grammar.

    BTW, other than UofT and McGill, almost none of the Canadian universities have a reputation in the States. If you want to work in the States, then you really have to prove yourself, which is easier said than done.

    Anonymous 29 apr 2006, 10:41 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Which is the best university in Canada for business?

    Hi everyone! I'm a grade 11 student, and i want to study business in university.. I have a great average, and would like to study Business in Canada. Can you suggest some great universities in Canada to study business?

    Anonymous 18 aug 2006, 03:04 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Best Subject

    Which is the best thing in the IT field (e.g. Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Hardware engineering, Networking....etc) is the most demanded now a days, when talking in terms of finding jobs, and Salary rates?

    Anason 01 jul 2007, 10:52 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • U of T

    Computer Science (B.Sc.)
    Computer Science
    Computer Science and Economics
    Computer Science and Mathematics
    Computer Science and Physics
    Computer Science and Statistics
    Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Option
    Computer Science Foundations Option
    Human Computer Interactions
    Information Systems
    Software Engineering

    Above are what U of T referring to my previous question, which is best?

    Anason 01 jul 2007, 10:57 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • what to look for...

    Hi, im a grade 11 student researching possible univerities to attend in the future. What would be the top five things to search for when looking for a univerity? and what exactly is a alumni network?

    Fiona 23 jul 2007, 02:20 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • for fiona

    The top schools in Canada for undergrad are UofT, McGill, Queens and UBC. But it also depends what you want to study. For example, if you´re interested in Comp. Science then University of Waterloo is amazing. If you´re interested in Business then Ivey at Western and Schulich at York University are great!
    So it really depends...the big science schools are McGill and UofT, the big engeneering schools are UofT, Queens, McGill and Waterloo.

    An alumni network is more important for grad schools. It´s basically contacs with other graduates of the same university. Which grad school is top also depends on which program you want to do.

    Hope this helps!

    helper 25 jul 2007, 05:28 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • top 20s

    Hi !I'd like to jnow the top 20 best unis in computer science in Canada that would also be a good option for an international student!(It doesn't matter if they are english or french ones!)

    Farnaz 30 jul 2007, 08:06 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • an international student

    Hi everyone! If I want to choose media as my major, which university would be the best choice for me ?

    Waiting for reply, thanks!

    Cady 19 aug 2007, 05:31 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • best universities

    which is the best university in canada in multimedia ,is there any other best universities in other countries than canada ,how much cost

    paramesh 02 okt 2007, 07:18 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • best universities in canada

    i'm searching for university of media as well!does anybody know where's the best university for media?thanks~

    anita 11 nov 2007, 04:05 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • computer science degree --- UBC or SFU

    hi everyone, I'm currenlty living in vancouver, and I'm considering taking computer science here.
    Since there are two main universities here (UBC and SFU), I'm confused which one has better programs. Can you give me some suggestions?
    Thank you

    E.W 27 nov 2007, 03:47 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Help Needed

    Is Computer Science PhD from University of Waterloo recognized worldwide.How is it compared to SUNY-Stony Brook

    Ashish 18 dec 2007, 10:55 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • hows dalhousie university for MS in computer science

    hi anybdy has any information about Dalhousie university,canada.please let me know if anybdy has any mail id is [email removed]

    kanika 08 jan 2008, 07:07 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Computer Science in Canada

    The statement that Waterloo and Toronto hold 75% of "the research budget in the entire country" is patently false. The top five institutions in Canada for Computer Science are: Toronto, Alberta, UBC, Calgary and Waterloo. Waterloo's graduate and research programs have been faltering in the last 10 years. Toronto, Alberta, UBC and Calgary now outperform Waterloo in research by a considerable margin. The only thing keeping Waterloo in the top 5 in Canada is its unique undergraduate program and its focus on entrepreneurship. I would recommend any of the other top 5 over Waterloo.

    Anonymous 20 mrt 2008, 05:22 - Rapporteer misbruik

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  • I want to know which university does well in chemical engineering

    thank you!

    olivia 27 apr 2008, 10:14 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Waterloo is best for comp sci

    That statement that was made about Waterloo program faultering is absolutely false. The person who mentioned that 75% of research endowments was allocated to UofT and UofWaterloo may have been exagerating. However, in the feild of computer science University of Waterloo is by far at the head of the game. Bill Gates has made several speaches at that school and it is basically the most acknowledged comp sci school in canada. Well, not basically, it is!

    Greg 08 mei 2008, 08:46 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • How is management in University of Toronto

    I wonder how is the management and IT in U of T
    What is the differences among the campuses?
    Thank you very much!

    Ying 21 mei 2008, 04:09 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Chemical Engineering

    Universities in Canada offering Chemical Engineering Programs

    British Columbia
    New Brunswick
    Nova Scotia
    Saskatchewan 07 jun 2008, 10:40 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Aeronautical/ Space engineer, after B.Tech?

    I am doing B.Tech. (Mechanical) from Pondicherry Engineering College PEC). My aim is to become an aeronautical/ space engineer, after B.Tech. What course should I take up after my bachelor's degree?
    suggess me please

    Jecaub 07 jun 2008, 10:44 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Space Engineering

    The required qualification to work as an Aeronautical Engineer is a B.E./B.Tech. Degree with specialization in Aeronautical Engineering. You can do your M.Tech in Aeronautics offered by Indian Institute of Science. You might like to write to ISRO for some information on Space Engineering. 07 jun 2008, 10:46 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • architecture

    will someone plz let me know the universities in canada esp torono tht offer architecture
    thank you very much

    kenza 27 jun 2008, 04:57 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • computer engineerin

    am planing to do computer engineering.....whch 1 is better among Simon Fraser university or Thompson rivers university

    rahul 01 jul 2008, 07:01 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • good university for phd in computer networks

    I am looking for a good university in canada for level phd in computer networks or computer angineering. Please help in selecting a good university.

    Bahar 07 jul 2008, 07:38 - Rapporteer misbruik

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  • Industrial/Organisational Psychology

    I know this may be the wrong forum but I just came across it and it's worth a try.Anyone familiar with I/O Psych in Canada and which universities are tops?

    Caribbean student seeking top class education 09 jul 2008, 02:58 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Best univ for Csc

    Hi i am planning to do my MASc in computer in canada coming jan i found waterloo deadlines is over can any one tell any other universities for Csc which has deadlines open for jan

    bal 10 jul 2008, 10:54 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • THE BEST? You choose....

    People, its all a matter of what exactly you wanna focus on....If you want a core program in CS UofT is great and they have interdisciplinary programs, where, you can mix computing science with subjects from other faculties like Economics etc.

    However, from my own research, I think it's safe to say Waterloo is leading right now. I heard their facilities are great. However, the whole of Canada knows this, and so does the rest of the world who wishes to study in Canada. So expect competition to be high, you obviously have to have great grades.

    On the flip side, another great school is Queen's although they aren't really known for their CS to be outfront, this school is great also. I was on their website the other night, and the first thing that caught my eye was the diversity in their program. Their newest addition is 'Computer Science and the Creative Arts', where you learn a core program in Computer Science, and you can mix it with art, music, film and media.

    I heard Simon Fraser,UBC,Calgary etc. are all pretty cool schools too.

    So, after exhausting myself typing this long reply, my point IS:

    Only YOU would know the perfect university for yourself. If you want a school backed by resources, REPUTATION! and a great co-op program, Waterloo may be great.

    U of T is known for strong core programs in CS etc but Queen's is highlighted by its diversity.

    I only mentioned these three because I'm focusing on Ontario since that is where I will make my selection from (It's where I live, I'm not biased, lol).

    But don't be afraid to make your selection based on where you live. For example, if you live in Quebec, McGill is GREAT, and I heard Concordia has a pretty diverse program too. So before you decide to choose a school based on popularity, is the school right for you?

    Does it support what YOU want to do?

    Jinxx 11 jul 2008, 09:47 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • THE BEST? You choose....(cont.)

    I forgot to mention one of my more important points....PRICE!!!!

    You can enter a program at Queen's for about $4800 for tuition and they are still so well known about the world.

    UofT is about $7000+ and Waterloo $8000+. And that's just for tuition.

    Also, UofT says their admission grades is about mid70s while Waterloo makes individual selection from about mid and upper80s.

    I hope I was helpful.

    Jinxx 11 jul 2008, 09:53 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • How abt University of Carleton

    Is university of Carleton good for CSE

    bal 14 jul 2008, 08:45 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • best mechanical engineering schools

    well said Jinxx
    I am looking for a good mechanical engineering undergraduate program. Can you give me the top 5 mechanical engineering schools?
    Will be grateful if others can help too. Thanks!

    jason 29 jul 2008, 02:07 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • CS school

    There are some good advices. I am not surprised that nobody has University of Ottawa. I did my undergrad at UofT and came to OttawaU to do my Masters - one of the worst mistakes in my life. looking back at it, the writings were on the wall from day 1. There are Phd students at OttawaU who, if you give them a pseudo code, they wont be able to give time/space complexity. I was even asked:"What does it mean: 'Unless P=NP'".

    Universities that one should consider (in no particular order) are:
    1) University of Toronto
    2) McGill
    3) Waterloo
    3) Queens
    4) UBC
    5) Alberta
    6) not sure about Montreal/Quebec ...

    For any other university, think twice.

    Marco 06 aug 2008, 03:14 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • McGill

    McGill is the best university in Canada, it holds the most prestige

    McGill Student 08 aug 2008, 03:11 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • How is Univ in Carleton

    Can anyone tell about university of carleton.Is it good or bad

    bal 08 aug 2008, 05:30 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Universities in canada for the computer science?????


    i m the A-Level student in science frm Nepal.

    Here i m not getting any better ideas for the further courses in computer science.

    So anyone is there who can guide me on this field,

    Then,I will be very gratefull for the better response ...................

    Zenith 09 aug 2008, 06:22 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • For Bal and Zenith

    Bal and Zenith:

    are you guys asking for undergrad or graduate school?? If you are living in Ottawa (bal), and you are not willing to move, then you have very little choice. I dont think there is such a big difference between Carleton and OttawaU (at the undergrad level) - at grad level, they are exactly the same! If you wanna learn CS (at either level), you should avoid both universities (especially if you wanna do grad school later on); if you dont care about grad school and all you wanna do is get the job after the school, either (Carleton or Ottawa) will do (no big diff).

    since you are moving anyways (from a diff country), as I said before: consider only these universities: Univ. of Toronto, McGill, Waterloo, UBC, Alberta, Queens (more or less in that order). Every other university - please avoid! (that is true for CS and other programs)

    Marco 10 aug 2008, 03:38 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Thanks Marco

    I am from India.The problem I am facing is that I missed all admission dates of all top universities and trying for Jan2009 to get into one from the rest ,also i am undergraduate in CS with 2 yrs experience.Can you suggest me some universities.

    Bal 10 aug 2008, 03:48 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • For Bal


    I guess you cannot get visa if you are not enrolled in a program? Otherwise, if you are here, you could always take some courses as a "special student" and then try to enroll into a program later on...
    But since you missed the deadline, now you are asking me to suggest you a university that is not very good, but is better than the other "bad" universities? happy That's a hard call ...
    Check this link:
    (I replied there too ... as you can see) happy

    Good luck!

    Marco 12 aug 2008, 01:11 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • thnks for help

    PLEASE!!! Can anyone write about the universities that have good finance programs that will help to get a job in petroleum business.

    asdf 19 aug 2008, 07:09 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • hi

    Seems like you guys tried your best to reach to an end of this crappy comparison. Well, it's pritty good helpin each-other out of everyone's extensive experience. I don't really know how extensive it is, but just guessing after reading all responses...and thus excuse me to say that you're completely "Idiots". sorry, but it's just the way it spend time askin ppl to help u go for a better university, whcih u can easily find out urself, don't ask me how as you're an academic student since u know how to make good questions, but never made a better answer. U can just visit the uni website and read the curriculum that match ur interest. that's it, why do u go for a reputation which does NOT feed ur purpose. all u want is to study somethin u want, NOT somethin ppl want. So, to end this now, never make a choice that belongs to someone u don't even know, especially when things turned up shit like whatchu got in rite above.

    Maq 21 aug 2008, 08:42 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • study cs in canada

    hi everybody!
    i'm a BS student in the best university in Iran.i want to apply for cs ,my GPA is 3.3/4 and i don't have any research experience .what universities ,do you think,can i apply and be accepted with funding?ill be very grateful if u help me!

    samira 24 sep 2008, 10:20 - Rapporteer misbruik
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