What to do first arriving Canada?

  • I am arriving Canada as a landed Immigrant in coming weeks.

    What to do first when reaching Canada? My accomodation has been arranged.

    Get a Bank Account first or PR Card or Health Insurance or Driving Licence.

    I need a suggestion.



    28 sep 2005, 08:28 Anonymous
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  • When getting to canada, get the bank account first

    Among all these choices, you definitely need to get the bank acount first. For that you may need 2 or 3 pieces of government issued IDs (your passport, your PR Card, your home driver's license or your student ID at the university, etc.)

    If you are arriving as a landed immigrant, the PR Card will be sent to you prior to your arrival. Contact CIC or the Canadian Consulate near you.

    The PR Card susbstituted the old landed immigrant document (IMM 1000), which was a looooong page that you needed to attach to your passport and show it to immigration officers in Canada everytime you came to Canada.

    The health insurance will take a while. You need to reside in canada for at least 90 days in order to apply for provincial health coverage and the drivers's license... well, that will take a while. You need to set up an appointment, etc, etc, etc.

    So, the bank account you will need anywhere and likely from day 1

    Anonymous 28 sep 2005, 11:35 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • What to do first arriving Canada

    How much amout is needed to open a bank account in Canada? is ther any service charges?

    Thanks in advance.


    Anonymous 06 okt 2005, 11:30 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • funds to open a bank account in Canada

    it depends... must checking or "chequing" accounts as they are called in Canada, can be open with $500 or even less. Some of them require that you have a minimum balance and sure, they get you with service charges. Each bank has at least a dozen different packages and they differ by the level of service (i.e. free transactions per month). My advice is to determine your needs and go to the bank requesting something that looks like you.

    In terms of which back to get??? well, many people may disagree but I think that they are pretty much the same, especially in the major cities.


    Anonymous 06 okt 2005, 11:02 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • buy a coat when you get to Canada it is cold!

    The first thing you need to do when you get to canada is buy a VERY warm coat. It is freaking cold here!

    Sam, recently imported from Australia to Canada

    Anonymous 24 okt 2005, 11:56 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • buy health insurance!!!

    the first thing to do when you get here is to get health insurance. I would even get it BEFORE getting to Canada. If you come as a landed immigrant, you will need to be covered by the provincial insurance, so it is definitely recommended

    good luch Nauman

    Anonymous 14 feb 2006, 02:40 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • bring all your energy and open mind!!!!

    coming to a new place is hard. Bring an open mind to see how the world can be very different in different parts of the world. So, when you arrive to Canada, be open to learn!!!!!

    Anonymous 06 mrt 2006, 01:21 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • I like the 'Bring all energy and open mind' answer

    That is a very good thing to tell someone who want to move to another country.I am about to move to the second country(Canada) and from the experience of Europe from an African land,I will bring an open mind.Thanks

    Anonymous 13 okt 2006, 11:23 - Rapporteer misbruik
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