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  • Worlds economic situation and recent degrading of currencies as a worldwide secure payment method has almost vanished, therefore the time has come to rethink the principles of business operations due to the monetary shortages, decreased purchasing power and deteriorating economic outlook. We have developed an internet based commodities exchange platform which solves these problems. The principle is very simple and is partially based on barter operations – company has goods which it cannot sell or wants to raise cash to grow its business, find new partners, pay for its overheads and loans or simply to get rid of hard to sell stock and acquire needed commodities - through our platform it avails these opportunities. As with barter you exchange your products or services for other, which are listed in our system and lodged in our partners’ warehouses throughout Europe, Asia, States and the rest of the World. Should you prefer to raise cash instead - simply use your virtual currency that we have developed to exchange for real money in our open currency e-auction. You could also use warrants or bonds that are issued by our Fund and secured by non-decreasing quantities of goods in our warehouses as guarantees for many purposes (i.e. banks payments if you decide to take up another loan). Conducting transcontinental commodities exchanges eases the taxation and customs pressures. In this way our platform is similar to the bank whereby you lodge the goods in one country and receive the exchange in another, without the physical transportation. Or sell the goods to the system in one country and buy in another. This is very convenient. MFT helps organizations, in time of economic recession, save production volumes, increase output quantities, optimize taxation pressures, and conduct trades without financial payments – all very important when there is a lack of liquidity. We create and develop new networking opportunities, business contacts and trading channels that help companies survive and grow, become profitable and recognizable even in sluggish economic conditions.
    Partnership request:
    We are looking for partners in Europe, Asia, and States who would like to become a part of this business venture and be responsible for their own geographic market operations and development. Yes, some investment will be needed; however, the return on equity will be no longer be more than 5 months. To find out more please contact
    Mr. Mikhail Yegorov on either [email removed] or +353 86 6636464.
    As a partner of the company you will avail of a healthy % of the generated revenue streams by the platform and you will be, depending on the performance, managing partner in the region of your choice.
    Thank you and best regards,


    16 apr 2009, 11:27 Mikhail Yegorov
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Deze forums zijn niet langer actief. Als je een nieuwe discussie wilt starten, ga dan naar onze nieuwe Duitsland Forums.