any final tips for moving?

  • hi,

    me and my wife are moving to the south of France in 1,5 months. We think we have arranged everything, but are still not 100% sure (you probably know htat feeling). does anyone has any tips or experiences with things that came up at the last moment?

    John & Els

    28 mei 2007, 09:30 John
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  • Removals?!

    Hi John,

    We are also moving to France (Dordogne) in about 6 weeks, we're still trying to work out the best and most cost effective option for transporting our furniture, I was just wondering what you have done?


    Danny 18 aug 2008, 01:13 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Moving to the south of France

    Hi John, Els and Danny.
    My husband and I are thinking to move to Toulouse or Pau (we are going there in a couple of weeks to try to decide)
    We are way behind you guys since we haven't decided yet whether we are moving to France (that's 99% decided actually) and there in France: Pau our Toulouse... or even another place)
    Anyways, about transporting the furniture, since we live in Spain we will rent a van and do the transporting ourselves. We hope to sell our cars so we both go in the van with our stuff. Once in France if we have rented and appartment from here then we would just have to move in. Otherwise we will have to rent a deposit or something to leave our things till we find a place to live.
    Any advice?

    Liza and Patrick 30 aug 2008, 12:09 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • moving tips

    The first thing is to obviously make a game plan

    The decision of moving to another place is however exciting, but packing up is something most of the people fear.It is better to hire professional movers if you want hazel free move and can afford it. But if you have decide to move by yourself. here are some useful tips.
    1)First you need Make sure that you create a complete inventory of all your belongings that you will be moving to your new address
    2)Make sure you have enough help and trucks/vans to load up your boxes
    3)Before you start packing up your house, decide what you really need to bring into your new home. Many things lose their value or use over the years, but you still hang on to them
    4)Do not wait until the last minute for packing. Start from that room which you do not use most
    3)You will need to have the following materials in order to start packing.
    Strong boxes, Wardrobe boxes, Bubble Wrap, newspaper, Markers etc
    You can find some good moving tips on Site.

    harmonsmith 20 feb 2009, 08:12 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Moving Tips

    Moving Checklist

    The following list contains most of the big tasks that you'll need to do and some that you won't, depending on whether you now rent, whether you're relocating to a new areaor other factors. There may be things not on this list that you'll also have to do; add them in the space allotted. Your moving company may also provide its own moving kit.

    While REBAC's Homebuyer's Toolkit provides some valuable information, defer to the expertise of your moving company when dealing with them.

    8 Weeks Before

    O Call moving companies for estimates.
    O Remove and dispose of unnecessary possessions from your closets, attic, basement, storage sheds, etc.
    O Start compiling an inventory of your possessions.
    O Get a floor plan (with room dimensions) of your new home to help you decide what furnishings you want to keep and what room they
    will go in.
    O Start using up things you can't move, such as perishables.
    O Start a file of moving-related papers and receipts.
    O Arrange to transfer your children's school records and family medical records.

    Barkri12 28 apr 2009, 05:42 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Moving


    Just the thought of packing and moving make me sick , i find it very difficult and tiring job, i rely on professional packers and movers for that rather than doing it by my self.


    sarah_9 21 mei 2009, 10:06 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Moving Tips

    Moving is a very stressfull moment for every person.I have been moving my house some times but at last i bought my own house.after that i want to from PA to NJ that's why i recommended for move my house carefully.

    Barkri12 03 jun 2009, 06:30 - Rapporteer misbruik
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