International universities in Switzerland

  • Can anyone recommend me some English-speaking universities in Switzerland? Thanks!

    29 Lis 2007, 10:53 Maria
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  • International universities in CH


    Why don't you try out the International University in Geneva, appears to have a good reputation.

    S. Miller

    steve miller 09 Gru 2007, 09:27 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Education


    I also have same problem.
    Now i am studying German which is not going so well at the moment just so i can attend some school here.
    Please let me know if you find any.

    And i think one option is you start german classes also.....u never can tell


    sarah 21 Lut 2008, 12:31 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • American college

    Franklin College in Lugano

    Justine 17 Mar 2008, 05:38 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • The American Graduate School of Business

    AGSB, location is amazing
    But its rather small

    Dina 07 Lip 2008, 10:08 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • hi

    could you please send me a list of english speaking universities in switzerland or other european countries with low tution fees

    wale 13 Sie 2008, 10:32 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Università della svizzera italiana

    USI in Lugano offers many master courses in english in the economics, communication, finance and informatics fields. it is also quite international, too.

    celeste 23 Wrz 2008, 05:26 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Enquiries

    Patrick's resume and enquiries.


    I am interested in finding an academic postion in your high institution of learning.I am a holder of Bachelors degree from the University of Buea.I major in geography and environmental sciences.
    I also studied courses in Biology, chemistry, math, geology, Education, french, and Economics.

    Recently I was addmitted into the Explorers club (world famous exploration Body Head Quartering in New York).With 3,000 members in the world.Members were first to the Moon, outer space, deep sea trench, mount Everest, North and south Poles. ( you are invited to have a tour of our website)

    My certificates have all been evaluated by an ARIZONA INTERNATIONAL CREDENTIAL EVALUATORS (USA). You can see the PDF attachment. So there is no fear as to the it's Validity.

    I am interested in studying for masters program in Geology, or Geography,Or Environmental Science.With any of the above subjects at masters level, I will be able to fit well into the above organisation and contribute in the effort to get our world exploring and enhance scientific learning..

    Sir, should you have any sugguestions to make, I will be greatful to welcome.

    sincerely yours,

    Mailing address.



    ASTON Yin Yu Xue Xiao Hanzhong.

    Hanzhong City,

    Shaanxi Province,


    Tel; 0086 13772203021

    0086 9162248826

    Patrick F. Atemnkeng 15 Paź 2008, 10:07 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Hi!!!

    Hi.,What about the business schools in Switzerland requiring no GMAT for attending? Do you know any,please guys?

    Emil 03 Gru 2008, 08:56 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • hey

    webster is's in Geneva.but it's pretty expensive.

    Rasha Rkein 10 Gru 2008, 07:15 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Medical University

    I am interested to continue my study in medicin in switzerland international universities with english languages. Now i am a GP and i like to continue there.
    Please help me.
    [email removed]

    amir alemohamad 04 Sty 2009, 04:36 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • favor


    I really love to study in Switzerland...But I don`t know what should I do? I need someones`s help...God loves us..

    bujinlkham 13 Sty 2009, 02:05 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Hope for African students?

    I'm an aafrican student with a first degree who wants to study in an international university in switzerland, any help?
    ([email removed]).

    clement 15 Sty 2009, 09:32 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Study MCA(Master's in Computer Applications) in Switzerland

    I would like to know which is the good university to do MCA in Switzerland? pls provide me the Criteria and university website ...thank you

    Ash 19 Sty 2009, 03:35 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • post graduation

    respected sir/madam,
    i'm kunal soni doing medicen in ukrain last year, i want to do my post graduation in general surgery. can you please help me to tell about univer. for post graduation

    kunal 26 Sty 2009, 12:36 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • hi

    I am an afiican student wishing to do a business degree in stitzerland...can you please recomend some english speaking, affordable universities.
    ([email removed])

    tatenda 06 Lut 2009, 09:13 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • post-graduate diploma

    hi, pls can anyone recommend englis speaking universities in switzerland and canada that offer post-graduate diploma to african students in any computer related courses. thank you. pls e-mail me on: [email removed]

    Ekom Essien 16 Lut 2009, 02:13 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Can anybody help me?

    I am a student from Afghanistan interested to study in Swithzerland, please let me know if anyone knows about any English Speaking university that offers Bachelor prgrams in Business Administration,Economics, Geomatics or Civil Engineering... Thank you

    [email removed]

    Hasib Jabarkhail 10 Mar 2009, 11:48 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • A student from Afghanistan

    I am interested to study in Swithzerland, please let me know if anyone knows about any English Speaking university that offers Bachelor prgrams in Business Administration,Economics, Geomatics or Civil Engineering... Thank you

    [email removed]

    Hasib Jabarkhail 10 Mar 2009, 12:01 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • uni

    hi iam a student in bellarus and am studying in midicine university and am in the 2nd course so i would like to apply to your university in frensh language .tanks.rosa karsifi

    rosa karsifi 19 Mar 2009, 09:45 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • sry

    iam rose karsifi nd this is my name
    [email removed]

    rose karsifi 19 Mar 2009, 09:49 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • post gradute diploma in nephrology

    am v intrested to get admission swis land university under ur kind super vision .so kindly help me andguide as wel.
    am belong from the north of pakistan. where w r still with out this future am intrested to make a full set up under ur supervision.and hope for the best.

    dr bashir ud din 20 Kwi 2009, 02:01 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • universities in switzerland

    Hello am interested in studying in switzerland.... am looking for english-speaking university.

    My major interest is Arts and media related studies. more so a university that offers sponsorship programmes...

    kindly sned me the information on my email address. [email removed]

    maruti 17 Cze 2009, 11:56 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • universities for nepali students and admission procedure

    We are running an educational consultancy, so we would like to know that Nepali students can apply in any of the university in switzerland or not.If yes then please tell us about the fees and detail information about university. Thank you.

    kriss educational consultancy 22 Cze 2009, 09:52 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • hi

    i have the same problem like amir alemohamad
    pleaz help me
    thank you
    [email removed]

    nazi 30 Cze 2009, 02:29 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • i want apply as operation theatre asistant

    my dear sir i want to apply in hospital as operation theatre asistant i have 7 year exprince in that job kindly plz i am intreseted in swizerland

    my name is ansir abbas 04 Lip 2009, 09:23 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • help please

    i am also looking for english speaking university my number is +2347031801536

    christian N 16 Lip 2009, 10:39 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • educatio

    dear uni presenters

    i want to continue my medical education as third semestar in uni of zurich.could u tell me the informations ho i can.



    JASER 22 Lip 2009, 12:59 - Zgłoś nadużycie



    [email removed]



    JASER 22 Lip 2009, 01:03 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • postgraduate diploma in nephrology

    I would like to get a chance, Iam a physician holding MRCP( Ireland).

    Hatim 24 Lip 2009, 12:32 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • Postgraduate degree in International Relations

    Can I get some information on Universities in Switzerland that are English Language. I am interested in a number of fields within International Relations.

    [email removed]

    Greg Mayer 29 Lip 2009, 07:47 - Zgłoś nadużycie
  • how to study in any university in switzerland

    please we will like to continue my studies in any university in switzerland; so we will be greatful if you give us any information about that

    nsoh frankline and kum lawrence 05 Sie 2009, 02:22 - Zgłoś nadużycie
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