Great property for sale central Portugal

  • Hello,

    if you are interested in buying in Central Portugal, please visit site below for property and info on the buying process in Portugal.

    02 Ago 2006, 02:09 Anonymous
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  • Hi

    You can also visit:

    Anonymous 09 Jan 2007, 09:58 - Reportar
  • property

    property and info on the central portugal region.

    Anonymous 13 Jan 2007, 12:27 - Reportar
  • MyHouseInPortugal

    A house, or second house, in the beautiful heart of Portugal

    Anonymous 30 Jan 2007, 04:55 - Reportar
  • Places to stay while viewing

    check out our site

    PatR 09 Abr 2007, 06:55 - Reportar
  • info on living, working and buying property in central Portugal

    Derek 20 Abr 2007, 11:24 - Reportar
  • estate agents

    New INCI registered estate agent based in Tomar, Central Portugal owned and run by British and Portuguese partners with properties for sale throughout the central Portugal region.

    Nicky Carter 12 Out 2007, 11:52 - Reportar
  • Waterfront property in the Azores, best location

    Waterfront property in the Azores, best location, 100meters+ linear ocean frontage, south coast.
    Construction of 4 or 5 star hotel financed up to 70 pct by Touristic Incentives Program - you should react immediately, Azores tourism recorded highest growth rates for the past six years. Beginning this year only luxury hotels are still financed.
    Photos, contact

    Francis 15 Nov 2007, 01:34 - Reportar
  • Property Central Portugal

    AMI Registered British/Portuguese Medicao Imobiliaria central Portugal. Unip. LDA AMI 8051
    Properties In Perfect Portugal.(PPP)

    There are reasons why people should only use registered Estate Agents!

    Sarah Keogh 18 Jan 2008, 11:57 - Reportar
  • Direct from the Developer J.W. Developments Lda

    The very best properties in the Silver Coast Portugal [The Irish Developers]

    Frank Johnston 05 Abr 2008, 05:46 - Reportar
  • Licensed Agent in Central Portugal

    A good source for property in Central Portugal is with property of all prices in and around Central Portugal

    Peter 06 Mar 2009, 02:22 - Reportar
  • Goispro Mediação Imobiliária, Lda AMI 8433

    Based in the heart of Góis, we are the only licensed estate agents located in the concelho, and we possess an extensive knowledge of the whole Góis region, one of the most beautiful areas in Central Portugal.

    Richard 25 Mar 2009, 08:06 - Reportar

    Visit us...we do have the house you´re looking for.

    OasisPortugal 30 Mar 2009, 05:39 - Reportar
  • Licensed agency with offices in central portugal and the silver coast

    When looking for property in Portugal its very important to only buy through a legal licensed estate agents, a lot of companies are working illegal, look on the companies website for the AMI number, if its not there then they are not legal, and are working outside the law, for your own protection only use legal, registered and insured companies.

    for property in central portugal try
    Licensed estate agents with offices in Tomar and on the Silvaer coast. AMI number 7856

    Derek 02 Abr 2009, 04:29 - Reportar
  • Rustic Property

    AMI 1086

    A.Reis - Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária, Lda. 16 Abr 2009, 05:54 - Reportar
  • 24 Abr 2009, 07:16 - Reportar
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