Working at Just Landed

Live the international spirit!

Live the international spirit!

At Just Landed, we want you to challenge yourself and your limits, but we also want you to have fun and enjoy the time we spend together.

Working at Just Landed is more about output than formalities. As a start-up company, our staff is young and comes from all over the world. We love to play jokes whilst working, and you will often hear the sound of a toy gun being fired. On top of the drilling sound of the telephones, we enjoy listening to music too.

Our team

At Just Landed we live the international spirit. Our team reflects our site, with over 10 nationalities represented. Conversations are carried out in English, German, French, Spanish and quite a few exotic languages.

Everyone gets a say in the music played at the office, resulting in a mix of Venezuelan electro and Rachmaninov. The cultural exchange continues at lunchtime – a perfect opportunity to taste strange-smelling cuisine.

Our office

Just Landed is based in Madrid, a bustling city suited to open-minded individuals. We are located in Ríos Rosas, near the centre of the capital and immersed in an energetic and lively atmosphere.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants around too, but with our very own pool table, Raspberry Pi console and kitchen, why would you want to go there?

Our culture

At Just Landed, we care more about results than about appearances. You will rarely see anyone in a suit. Some of our visitors complain that our fashion sense is slightly questionable. “I love my work so much I don't have time to go home and change” – is what you'll hear from most people (there's nothing to the rumours that it has to do with partying all night).

Even less important than appearance are titles. Using a flat hierarchy means no Devilish boss breathing down your neck. We prefer to work as as team and invite everyone to voice their ideas.

Everybody working at Just Landed is involved in daily decision making. For new projects, we encourage collective brainstorming and discuss the best ways to move forward. It usually results in chaos.

Out of hours

So, what are we doing this evening? The sound of a beer being cracked open is not uncommon on Friday evenings. Occasions include new product launches, people joining the team and just because.

During summer, we enjoy meeting up for barbecues. If you can't stand the heat, turn to the ice cubes – you can tend the bar. Some barbecues lead to shameful sights of people dancing, so don't forget your camera!

On our team events, we organise hikes in the nearby Sierra. Bring good shoes as these are likely to turn into marathons once night falls in the mountains.

If you didn't get cold feet after reading all of this, we would love to hear from you. Besides our advertised positions, we always look for great people that want to make a difference. If you have ideas on how you could contribute to Just Landed, let us know!

Does Just Landed sound like your kind of company?

Then feel free to do a virtual tour of our backyard, to see where the magic happens.