aupairs in luxemburg

  • this question is rather strange i know, but i was wondering if there are some expat-families here in luxemburg city with aupair girls, that might like to meet me, german aupair girl, 20, here since the beginning of august...
    would be really awesome happy...

    09 Aug 2008, 11:21 sophie
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  • :)

    hey, ich bin auch au pair in luxembourg. seit anfang september. wenn du lust hast meld sich mal. e.mail:[email removed]

    lisa 02 Sep 2008, 08:47 - Verstoß melden
  • au pair in lux

    hi, i'm going to be an au pair in luxembourg. i'm arriving on september 16th. i'm 21 (a girl) and i'd love to meet you once i get settled. my email is: [email removed]

    Sam 03 Sep 2008, 08:51 - Verstoß melden
  • Au Pair in Luxemburg

    Hallo =)
    ich bin seit dem 1. September Au Pair in Luxemburg! Bis jetzt habe ich leider noch kein einziges deutsches Au Pair getroffen. Aber dafür ein paar schwedische Au Pair happy
    Wäre cool wenn ihr mir schreiben würdet! Meine E-Mail-Adresse: [email removed]
    Liebe Grüße

    Tina 14 Okt 2008, 12:59 - Verstoß melden
  • Hola :-)

    I have been aupair here in Luxembourg for 14 days so I am looking for friends! If you are interested in meeting me, this is my mail: [email removed]. Looking forward to hearing from u!

    Agnes 31 Okt 2008, 10:12 - Verstoß melden

    Dear Friend,
    We are a British family, currently have two kids aged 2yrs and 4yrs old, we looking for a Aupair or Nanny from Any Country that can speak English and is willing to stay with us for a minimum of 2years

    About Our Family.....
    We are a professional couple, My kids are fairly easy going and relaxed, they would enjoy someone with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Having English as a first language is not required and in fact, we would entertain the nanny speaking to him in her own mother-tongue.

    We only seek a Aupair for basic child care and light housework. If you accept to take a position with us, you would be paid £1100 Gpb with a weekly pocket money of £120. Hence we are doing anything that would motivate the intending Nanny to put in his/her best in taking care of our child.

    You shall have a private accomodation with furnished sitting room and bedroom and also a private bathroom. A Fixed landphone and an Internet ready computer. Do well to send us your references or resume, and we would get in touch with them. Should the outcome be positive, we would send you a Contract Letter. We shall discuss travel arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous assistance to you.

    You can reach me on this
    email address :[email removed]
    Cell No : +447024068246

    We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Wishes,
    Engr. jerry waterman,
    For the family.

    jerry waterman 10 Jan 2009, 02:59 - Verstoß melden
  • aupair in luxemburg

    heY ihr lieben ich bin auch ein aupair in luxemburg.. würd mich freun wenn ihr euch meldet.
    liebe grüße janina
    meine email: [email removed]

    janina 27 Feb 2009, 05:04 - Verstoß melden
  • au pair in luxembourg (diekirch)

    Hi, I'm Pati and i will be aupair soon (11 Murch). I'm looking for new fiends, to spend together weekend sometimes, go to shopping, visit new place. If u r interasted, please coontact me: [email removed]

    Patrycja 27 Feb 2009, 10:18 - Verstoß melden
  • Luxemburg


    ich bin Charlie, 20 J. alt u auch bald in Luxemburg ;O)
    würd mich freuen, von euch zu hören

    [email removed]

    bida *g*

    Charlie 02 Mär 2009, 02:01 - Verstoß melden
  • a caring and versatile aupair needed urgently

    Dear Aupair/nanny,

    My name is Mr. Mcgill Scott , I am 39 years old Man, I work own an Orphanage home in United Kingdom and i am not usually at home except during weekends.

    I am urgenly needing an Aupair / Nanny for my child... Name Emily. She is 3years of age,Now i am currently on a business trip to West Africa on Problems causing Orphanage. I am a busy man and my wife who is the mother of my child is also an international oil firm, working with the Oil firm in the state of America [the greatest state there!] as the chief Engineer in the state. So we are so busy and do not stay at home regularly that is why we will be needing an Aupair / Nanny to take good care of our child..
    We are offering 4,500 pounds every four weeks and 500 pounds weekly allowance... You will have your own apartment with a personal bathroom and toilet..

    if you are willing to work with us, We will provide you a personal BMW car that you will use here in Uk. your duty is to take good care of the children and take them to school...

    if you are interest in this offer kindly email me back at this email([email removed]), so that i will be bale to get back to you immediately.
    I await for your urgent respond. Thank you for taking your time to read my mails /offer

    Mr and Mrs Mcgill Scott

    Mcgill Scott 14 Mär 2009, 12:29 - Verstoß melden
  • in Luxembourg

    Hi now I m in Luxembourg aupair, so so email; [email removed]

    ILONA 16 Apr 2009, 12:36 - Verstoß melden
  • au-pair in luxembourg

    hi! i am going to luxembourg city in a week, and will be staying for most of the summer. If someone is keen to catch up and do something, send me an email: [email removed]

    angie 20 Apr 2009, 12:15 - Verstoß melden
  • i am yassin

    hi my name is yassin i want visa to Luxembourg
    SO my tlfon FAX is +212535207008 and my email
    [email removed] tank you and my adres
    ajdir taza maroc code postal 35052 and my nabre
    boat 102

    ........tank you ......

    yassin 10 Mai 2009, 05:12 - Verstoß melden
  • au pair :)


    i looking for new friends here to luxembourg.i´m a german girl and i come for one year ago to luxembourg happy
    u can send me a e-mail or a sms?

    e-mail:[email removed]
    gsm: 661817188

    see u soon happy


    Kris 20 Jul 2009, 08:23 - Verstoß melden
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