Switzerland is boring!!!!

  • I am doing an exchange year in Zurich, and after a couple of months I have to say: Switzerland is just boring, and so are the Swiss!!!!

    For all the people thinking of moving here, you better think twice!! I personally regret having gone to Switzerland (I could have opted for Italy and Spain as well), as I honestly think my exchange year would have been far more interesting in another country!

    07 Jun 2007, 05:29 Michael
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    where did you come from (which city)
    that you are comparing Switzerland with?

    espana 19 Mär 2009, 11:55 - Verstoß melden
  • @ Rene

    Zurich used to be excited several years ago, but many good clubs got closed. On the weekend, you can choose between House and Hip Hop parties. But what about NuRave, Indietronics and all those other genres that haven been rocking in Berlin for three years? Yes, Zurich is retared in pop cultural terms.

    The gay community in Zurich is quite boring as well. We all know that gay men are quite fascist when it comes to age and looks ("survival of the prettiest"blunk, but Zurich has gone extreme. In Berlin you're unlikely to find a boyfriend when you're older than 30, in Zurich you're already unlikely even to find someone to have sex with when you're older than 24!

    So if you're young and want to experience some fun, don't stay in Zurich. Go abroad! Go and live in London, Berlin or New York City!

    I was a terribly bored and frustrated young man until I went to Berlin. Then everything changed.

    DD 20 Mär 2009, 09:45 - Verstoß melden
  • boring?

    I'm British and I've been living in Zurich for five years and find it anything but boring. I mean, why do you keep comparing Zurich to cities like Berlin or London? Consider the size! This comparison makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Of course there is more entertainment in cities with ten, twenty or even thirty times as many inhabitants... I think Zurich has an astonishingly high density of clubs and bars and offers a wide range of activities for its size. Compare it to cities of similar size abroad, and you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm originally from Reading (roughly the same size) and I know what I'm talking about blunk.

    Claire 20 Mär 2009, 02:57 - Verstoß melden
  • @ Claire

    It's not about size, it's about attitude, and how Zurichians believe they were living in a truly international metropolis. Which isn't true at all.

    Given the size there's something going on, but the people aren't as outgoing as elsewhere. I don't know about the people in Reading, but Zurichians are not interested in anything new. Safety and security are far more important than fun and making friends. And that sucks.

    DD 20 Mär 2009, 06:26 - Verstoß melden
  • @ Claire

    DD is right. Other european cities have far more to offer than Zurich, despite they're smaller than Zurich. It's not just about clubs and activities, it' about friendliness, humanity. Switzerland isn't that bad actually, but one should grab the swiss by their underpants and replace them with anybody else. Switzerland is just so provincial and boring. Yes: b o r i n g.

    sunny 20 Mär 2009, 11:28 - Verstoß melden
  • Claire is right

    I'm from England too and have to agree with Claire. You say it's not about size, but in the end it's all about size. Switzerland doesn't have that ONE buzzing metropolis by which other countries define themselves and are often reduced to. Those cities change the perception of a whole country. Take London away from England, Berlin from Germany, Paris from France... And what is left? Do you honestly think people in smaller cities in England are more outgoing than those in Zurich? (And besides those in London aren't either - and MUCH MORE unfriendly in addition to that)! You might disagree, and in the end it's all about personal experience. I for myself am surrounded by friendly (just because they don't hug you after five minutes doesn't mean they're unfriendly) and fun people in Zurich, and after all any city is just what you make of it... But if you're happy complaining go ahead. =)

    James 21 Mär 2009, 12:43 - Verstoß melden
  • booooring CH

    switz is just SO BORING!! swiss chees, swiss food, swiss culture, swiss trams, swiss, swiss swiss....all swiss... SWISS SUCKS! should replace it by more internationality, colors and open mindedness! But that is too much asking for swiss people! they have no brain and no heart!

    swiss = land of mummies 21 Mär 2009, 12:02 - Verstoß melden
  • zhch

    what is wrong with all of you? if you don't like it here then GO AWAY again.. it's not rocket science: pack your bags, get on a plane and go somewhere else! if you're unhappy then do something about it, quit complaining. and for crying out loud stop generalizing, haven't you learned anything from history?!

    he 23 Mär 2009, 06:02 - Verstoß melden
  • To James

    Thank you blunk You're really got something in your brain!!

    someone with brain too 27 Mär 2009, 11:08 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland isn't boring

    I'm Swiss. Thanks for all those nice things you said about Switzerland haha. I can tell we are NOT boring. It's just that we are quite reserved and if you don't know us very good you may think we're boring. I must admit it's a very expensive country.
    And there are also lots of racist people but it depends where you are. In my region there aren't many racists. And I know a lot of foreigners and they really enjoy living here. If you go to a different country you can't expect that it's the same atmosphere as in your country and maybe you should try to adjust yourself to Switzerland (okay don't know how to say that) and if you can't do that then you maybe you are the problem not the people in our country. There are nice and funny people all over the world. But I think it's well-known that Swiss are a bit reserved and that it's quite a small country so maybe you should have thought about going to Switzerland twice.

    viviane 02 Apr 2009, 01:28 - Verstoß melden
  • for switzerland hater swiss man

    Hey man.You are right.Switzerland and whole middle europe is so.A miserable abstract rich part of the world with a mentality from the middle age times.Actually it is one of the worst countries from modern part of our world.
    Now i am preparing myself for a next immigration but i know that i can never forget Switzerland.Because, being a victim of such a "Blood/soul sucker" bullshit country from the medieval times is a very difficult act.
    Since last year i began to meet some other victims from the same list as me and then i noticed that they were lost but i not. They did not know how to be stronger than the implicated mentality and as a normal consequence they lost their mind.So,it is the time to go away for me now.Because,watching such a miserable scenes began to hurt me more than my problems.I am happy of being a very big specialist of my work.So,i can escape easily from this strange island which made me learn all the negative faces of life and success.That was a great experience but it now it is too late to repeat it again.So,good bye Switzerland.

    thomas paine 15 Apr 2009, 11:23 - Verstoß melden
  • not correct

    then go to another country stop spoiling the image of the country

    markus 17 Apr 2009, 05:04 - Verstoß melden
  • thomas paine

    Good bye thomas paine, never come back, we don't want retarded, intolerant and weepy weenies like u!! Bye bye blunk

    fuck off 27 Apr 2009, 02:25 - Verstoß melden
  • haha

    then go to another country stop spoiling the image of the country

    sorry but the swiss only have themselves to blame for spoiling the image of the country

    rosenberg 04 Mai 2009, 02:47 - Verstoß melden
  • shocked

    As a Swiss, I'm quite shocked about what's going on on this forum. So many insulting stuff. Have you ever thought about that the swiss might like their boring live? They don't have to care about what you (tourists, foreigners) like... If you have a totally different culture, then it might be difficult for you. But the swiss have reached what they really want to have...We work much harder and longer than the french, brits or americans. That makes possible a better health system, better insurances and so on. It's clear that we have less time for parties, but that's not what we want all the time.
    By the way, the Swiss are neither corrupt nor mean. They give quite a lot money away for developping countries and charity, a lot more than people from other countries (you can look that up on internet). They are arrogant neither. As you can see on this forum, every swiss started with writing: you are right, it can be boring here instead of (as other people did): F*** you all, we are the best.
    One last thing: Why does everybody think that the Swiss are racists? Rasiscm is not the same like being reserved. I've recently been to a lot of other countries such as USA (california, Malaysia, Turkey and Israel.
    In California, gay people have far less rights than in Switzerland, and I don't want to mention the racism between hispanics, blacks and whites in LA. In Malaysia, the muslim mayority surpresses the minorities and people with other religions far more than here. In Turkey, the patriotism a way stronger than in Switerland, its actually quite scary. That racism is widely distributed in Israel among the israelis and the arabs is no secret. There's a racism that will never be reached here.
    Sorry, you might find Switzerland awfully boring, but that gives you not the right to insult every Swiss.

    Ca 08 Mai 2009, 10:13 - Verstoß melden
  • @ Ca

    I am a Swiss living in California. You were not right that gays have less rights here. It's just about the same. California has civil unions which is exactly the same what Switzerland calls eingetragene Partnerschaft. If the Swiss had to vote for gay marriage (like Prop 8 last November in CA) they would never never accept it, believe me. Besides living openly gay is far easier in (most of) California than in Switzerland!

    Of course Swiss work more, but as one of them I have to say, I am not alive just to work, there are other things in life too. Obviously this is kinda hard to explain to the average (boring) Swiss.

    Rene 12 Mai 2009, 06:22 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland

    Switzerland is the island of Dr. Moro. The animals transformed to mankind by genetic manipulations.Very disgusting society.The percent of the goods person is fewer than other culturs.

    zhomas zaine 12 Mai 2009, 03:04 - Verstoß melden
  • beyond chocolate

    I am glad to see a forum like this, people can say whatever they feel and think. Even more than glad to see so many fellowmen are aound.

    It must be somehow true if so many foreigners having the same opinion - Switzerland is boring. I wonder whether a country change people first, or people change the country first. After staying in Switzerland for 5 years, I realize more and more that I am getting boring too. Although I was not at all like that before and also thought to try my best to make a happy and interesting life here. But it is almost impossible, at least for me. The slowness of those walking people on the street make me walk slowly; the ugly dressing of the people make me feel no any desire to dress up nicely; the so-called democracy make me lost my determination; the darkness on the street make me not much excitement for outgoing; the invisible distance between people make no easiness to keep friendship...

    I don't like to admit that my life is not enjoyable here. But I really want to shut it out: THERE ARE MUCH NICE PLACE TO LIVE ON EARTH THAN SWITZERLAND! Especially to those who once had different life else where. Of course those Swiss who have never lived outside for a year, they won't understand it and they don't want to understand maybe.

    I agree that there are many good things about Switzerland. I know if you don't appreciate a country you live in, you can't enjoy yourself there. However, there are many things much more important in life than chocolate, landscape, health insurance, public transportation, high salary, etc.

    I am sure those who agree with me will easily understand what those things are...

    FK 13 Mai 2009, 01:23 - Verstoß melden
  • @Rene

    Allright, you might have a point with these civil unions. So it's about the same, still good isn't it? No, I fully understand you, there are other things than working. But I guess you have to accept that some people like working hard. That might be boring, but I also consider hanging around all the time boring. You can see a lot of such guys in L.A. Oh, and I forgot, those hard-working Swiss are responsible for the fact, that only few people are homeless (social system). Very different to California you have to admit. So not everything is bad and boring. But of course, burning cars (France) are far more exciting.

    Ca 13 Mai 2009, 07:23 - Verstoß melden
  • glad to find this forum

    i am austrian but have been living in the uk for many years. i have now got a project in switzerland and i have been really looking forward to spend some time there.

    however, like many posters on this thread, i haven't had much fun there. ok, i've been working a lot but the evenings i've been out in zurich have been disappointing. my boyfriend came over from london for a weekend too and we really didn't find it "happening". my swiss cousin did his best and took us to some bars and clubs but we were missing the VIBE.

    i also found the lack of fashion quite astonishing. there are very few people displaying creativity and style in the way they dress and shopping there is hopeless, apart from the freitag bags and some other design items.

    but the swiss themselves... i think they are lovely people. the project i have been involved in has been very relaxed, the swiss - in my experience - concentrate on what's important and concentrate on finding a solution rather than complaining about the problem (like the Germans). they are helpful and efficient, so i can understand why many companies and banks would choose to base themselves here.

    but like many people on this thread said... the swiss just seem a bit boring! there is no fun and banter in the office and jesus, the jokes just made me cringe.

    of course you can't put a nation in one basket and many swiss i have spoken to are actually quite interesting but it's the way they do things and talk about things, you just want to shake them and tell them to go a little crazy sometimes.

    and even if they are modern in their life, their technology, etc. (where they do push boundaries btw) they are quite conservative.

    it's a real shame because i wanted to like switzerland. i even have a job offer there but i am not sure i can handle it.

    i'd like to know how zurich compares to some of the other cities in the region... vienna and munich maybe?

    chrissy 16 Mai 2009, 03:09 - Verstoß melden
  • glad to find this forum

    i forgot to say... i am glad to find this forum because i thought i must be doing something wrong or the real life of zurich is happening in a secret place underground but the many people googling "boring zurich" kind of confirm my theory.

    chrissy 16 Mai 2009, 03:15 - Verstoß melden
  • swiss police is cold and racist

    I guess karen is quite right swiss people and police all are a bit racist , I called police because some drunk guys were
    shouting at me and my friend than police said we dont speak english we will find someone and they put the phone on hold than after 15 minutes some lady came on phone and started asking me stupid questions like who are the guys where are you do you remember the face of the guys i said they are following us than last reply was sorry we cant not do anything and if you wanna complaint come to police station or find the address or names of those guys so that we can do something ..what the police will do if some girls is being raped ..will they
    police ask the same question??????

    Rohit 16 Mai 2009, 11:50 - Verstoß melden
  • swiss police is cold and racist

    I guess karen is quite right swiss people and police all are a bit racist , I called police because some drunk guys were
    shouting at me and my friend than police said we dont speak english we will find someone and they put the phone on hold than after 15 minutes some lady came on phone and started asking me stupid questions like who are the guys where are you do you remember the face of the guys i said they are following us than last reply was sorry we cant not do anything and if you wanna complaint come to police station or find the address or names of those guys so that we can do something ..what the police will do if some girls is being raped ..will they
    police ask the same question??????

    Rohit 16 Mai 2009, 11:50 - Verstoß melden
  • Don't go to Switzerland

    I have been in Switzerland for over a year now, already lived in several countries and I have never felt so lonely, finding interesting people (or people in general) is a challenge. There is nothing to do anyway.I am looking forward to moving away before getting depressed. It is awful here, they can keep their money and lebensqualität, what's quality life if there is no life at all? Death quality maybe?

    Mark 17 Mai 2009, 05:12 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland is Fantastic! I LOVE IT!!!!

    I've read a few comments on this forum and I'm actually suprised how quick people can make a judgement!
    Switzerland is a fantastic country, the quality of life is great, the landscape amazing and most people are interesting. Yeap, that's right, interesting!
    You can find boring people everywhere, not only in Switzerland! In order to make the most of your stay, you have to be opened minded, accept cultural differences and accept that you mind not get on with everyone! Just like in your own country.
    Switzerland is full of surprises and there are plenty to do! From cross-country skiing, snowboarding or curling in winter to rock-climbing, canoing, mountain biking or paragliding in summer.
    The place also have plenty of festivals throughout the year such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Hope Festival, the Wake Surf Festival, the Rock Oz'Arenes or the Gay Pride to name just a few.

    Not ALL Swiss people are boring... they might not be amazingly welcoming at first but if you're patience and get to know them, you might well build fantastic friendships.
    It's far too easy to label a country as boring based on stereotypes or a few negative experiences. You first have to try to make the most of your stay in Switzerland. And then you can judge.
    I'm Swiss and I'm definitely very pride of my country and nationality.
    I live in the UK and I've been here for the past 6 years. Believe you me, it has not always been easy to live in a different country and I also didn't think at first that English people where that welcoming or interesting. But my patience paid off. I really like this country, despite the rain or other stuff I don't agree with.
    So please... give me a break and try to be a bit more open-minded. Go and visit what Switzerland has to offer.. you might actually be positively surprised!

    A bon entendeur,

    Valerie 17 Mai 2009, 08:21 - Verstoß melden
  • Greek person in Switzerland

    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum and to posting....but i can safely agree that switzerland is THE most BORING place ON THE WHOLE EARTH, INCLUDING THE GALAXY and beyond.

    I cannot understand how people surivive here. I come from a place where people are encouraged to be social, to laugh, to mix, to spend time with each other, to have fun (and i dont mean drinking, and getting pissed), and in general to be open minded and hospitable.

    I have lived both in TICINO and in ZURICH for nearly 7 months now. I have no idea how i survived, i learnt some swiss german, and i can understand and handle italian. So its not the language. The people in ticino are much warmer, if you can even say that. But on the whole , I agree with what someone said before, it is just a country of villages. With a village mentality, and NO LIFE whatsoever.

    STRONG ADVICE: DONT EVEN CONSIDER moving here....Not even for a try...after 4 days I realized the mistake I made!!!! DOnt be fooled! Have mercy on ur soul

    marianna 18 Mai 2009, 05:42 - Verstoß melden
  • Swiss Boring???


    I am offered a job in Zurich with good salary. After reading all the crap here, it seems that the whole country is so boring. I have been to Zurich for a couple of times for work and was already thinking that there was little going on. Though, I have to say that swiss girls are among the most beautiful on the planet (and beyond) and I have been to many places (incl. Brazil and Russia). I think that many of the posts here are related to not being adaptable to the other's culture. Swiss seem to appreciate their mountains and biking more than a good dance, which is then also reflecting in the number of bars I guess. I just hope that 99% of the treaths are wrong, though I understand what you mean as I know a few swiss people. I think overall, with 300K people total of which over 30% is expat, you can still live your life even with fewer people around you. I probably post to this board again in November when I am dead bored and winter is starting...blunk

    Niels 25 Mai 2009, 03:26 - Verstoß melden
  • A country of villages

    It makes a big difference if you are a white male western European moving to Zürich, earning a good salary. It will be easier for someone like that and even then, it may not be so easy!

    Imagine the daily experiences for a non-white African woman moving to a small town in Switzerland. The country is known for conservative narrow views and xenophobia! The experience depends a lot on how well you can blend in just on your appearance and your wealth, not only how much you can adapt to a culture. Of course speaking one of the national languages will help a lot.

    It is important to remember this is a country of villages and that means there are many with narrow small-town attitudes. You will always be a foreigner to the locals even if you stay for years.

    Someone has said before - you pay a high price for security and stability in Switzerland.

    city girl 28 Mai 2009, 11:28 - Verstoß melden
  • switzerland

    Nothing to say about this shit..

    jamin ligne 27 Jun 2009, 05:00 - Verstoß melden
  • to city girl

    Do you really think that u wouldn't always be the foreigner in most other places on this earth as well? I am Swiss and I lived in India, Peru, Australia and Senegal and guess what, I was always the white girl no matter how long I lived there... Im back in Switzerland now and really love it more than anything. It's the first time in my life people don't stare at me, don't spit on the road, are polite and respecful to each other and don't blame others all the time for their unhappiness, corrupt governments and broken or inexistent systems (education, health etc.) . And I also know why Swiss aren't complaining all the time, coz they are happy and what else could matter? It doesn't matter which way of living u choose to become happy, accept that the Swiss found their way!

    sharleen 01 Jul 2009, 03:15 - Verstoß melden
  • how useful is a local opinion?

    Seems rather silly if a local person like Sharleenwrites things are fine in Switzerland. How is it supposed to be reassuring or relevant to anyone justlanded if a local says, hey but things are great for ME, I have no problems. I grew up here, earn a decent wage, fit in, etc?

    Sharleen. how long did you actually live in all these countries you mentioned? Not sure why it was so hard to be a "white girl" in Australia, perhaps the other countries mentioned you may have stood out more.

    Still it is no biggie you are happier now back at home and all that is familiar for you. And you cannot say it is the same being a foreigner everywhere else, you have not been everywhere.

    C'mon, read some books, watch some local films like Die Schweizermacher (the Swissmakers) - a classic movie that pokes fun at Swiss self-righteousness and xenophobia (even if it is boring here there still can be some outlets fro humor). Except for a few small cities Switzerland has mostly a rural conservative and closed-minded culture. That is admitted even by some Swiss.

    There are pros and cons for every country but as an expat here for 4 years I still say it is not a warm or welcoming society. I say that and think I have it easier (I blend in, speak the language, have a good wage etc). Just how much interaction and friendships do foreigners have with non-white expats. Can locals really know what it is like to be an expat in their own country?

    Sure it does matter if you blend in physically and can speak the languages (if you live in the German speaking area, mastering the dialect adds one extra step for integration).

    ps - Swiss people also seem to stare a lot at obvious foreigners in buses and trams, but as a local Swiss you may not notice how much. So far, I havent seen many Swiss spitting... happy

    city girl 01 Jul 2009, 08:40 - Verstoß melden
  • to city girl

    I live in Switzerland for 5 years now and spent the rest of my life (27 years) in the countries I've mentioned. Of course there was no staring problem in Australia, I just mentioned it for the completeness. Therefore, I lived on almost every continent for at least 5 years.

    Whatever, I just didn't like that u said ppl here would treat u different if u were a white male. I don't say that this ain't right, I just wanted to tell u that it ain't different in africa if ur white.... Where ever u are, if u look different ppl treat u a little different an this has NOTHING to do with Switzerland ok? I'd say in other countries its even worse. If u life in Senegal or India as a white person, u will always be treated like a cash cow. Pretty hard to make true friends there don't u think???

    sharleen 17 Jul 2009, 04:43 - Verstoß melden
  • whats the problem

    Thats right, tell'em sharleen! Most annoying people (like the ones on this forum) would probably be losers and loners in any country, mostly in their own! haha! Switzerland rules!

    Cash Stallion 17 Jul 2009, 05:30 - Verstoß melden
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