Switzerland is boring!!!!

  • I am doing an exchange year in Zurich, and after a couple of months I have to say: Switzerland is just boring, and so are the Swiss!!!!

    For all the people thinking of moving here, you better think twice!! I personally regret having gone to Switzerland (I could have opted for Italy and Spain as well), as I honestly think my exchange year would have been far more interesting in another country!

    07 Jun 2007, 05:29 Michael
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  • Visit the streetparade

    go to the street parade, the world largest techno parade/festival, and you will experience another switzerland... (thats something we really can be proud of).


    Dominic 23 Jul 2007, 03:41 - Verstoß melden
  • my own pinion

    Well.. I have a friend who lives in Switzerland and he thinks is not boring. I definitely think that you maybe needs to do same extra activities to de bussy during the day. I live in Argentina! It is a good country for me. You could answer me At [email removed]

    Carol 04 Okt 2007, 04:38 - Verstoß melden
  • i'm sorry about that

    hi, i'm from Switzerland and I'm doing an exchange year in the US. i really think its hard to get to know the right people to have some fun. try to go out in the evenings...how old are you?
    anyway, try to go out, in bars and clubs. talk to people, don't wait till they come, to talk to you...they wont...it is just like that, i don't know why..
    i personally miss my country, i definitely had more fun there...
    well, i hope you will get to know some cool people...
    if you wanna write back send me an e-mail at: [email removed]

    little*A* 14 Okt 2007, 06:12 - Verstoß melden
  • Do what Swiss people do

    I hear foreigners constantly complaining about how boring Switzerland is. But they all live and work in the cities. Swiss people don't stay in the cities to have fun... they go to the mountains (skiing, hiking, swimming). And not just Interlaken, which is the only place American tourists seem to go. So, my advice to you is, take a train ride 1 hour in almost any direction and get off at a random station and then follow the clearly marked trails into the mountains. If you don't experience the mountains you may as well be in Germany, and no one ever says that's a particularly happening place.

    Mike 14 Nov 2007, 03:47 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland is boring

    I lived in Geneva for 3 years, and I strongly agree that it is a VERY BORING PLACE! Also very male chauvinist, racist, and anti-semitic. I was so lonely even though I worked full time for a Swiss company and surrounded myself with Swiss people. The good news is that, while I was there, I developed a profound appreciation for my own country. I am back in the US and have absolutely no desire to ever go back to Switzerland.

    isabelle 14 Nov 2007, 03:49 - Verstoß melden
  • what's up

    That's what they say that's right

    michaela 20 Nov 2007, 11:14 - Verstoß melden
  • then come to Malaysia...

    You can always turn to Malaysia instead...You have both world...an exotic vacation place with burstling cities and a quiet calm country place as well....see you [email removed]...

    mr soYUZZ 16 Dez 2007, 03:31 - Verstoß melden
  • Switerland and the Swiss very Boring !!!!! Please discuss ....

    OK...now I don't wish to paint all of Switzerland with the same shade of dull grey emulsion, nor do I wish to comment on the many fun and interesting Swiss people I've not yet met, but so far, in my very humble opinion the Swiss are possibly the most boring race on the planet, and perhaps the galaxy.

    I worked in Switzerland for a while, and I did try to get about, make friends and see something of the place. In fairness you could travel very well without incident or delay (nevertheless useful but in itself quite boring). The people were universally reserved and would shy away from open conversation. What on Earth do they have to hide? Perhaps this is the fun bit..?Are they secret perverts...I do hope so.

    Now I'm an Accountant, and even boring old me felt like something of a weirdo in this tight knit, "everything by the book" place.

    We now have left Switzerland ( on time and punctually...) and live in Asia. Unfortunately our neighbours ( ...BORES..just noticed the pun...get it ?) are Swiss. We've been here for three months and despite trying to exchange pleasantries we've still got no further than a curt nod for good morning and another nod in the evening.

    They spend all day cleaning the front of the house and tending to a funny little windmill which drives a model of a man chopping wood...I kid you not. I have pictures.

    I also met another Swiss couple on the beach yesterday. They had tried to buy 10 sun beds so that they could be on their own....honestly...It's not that we wanted to party or nod twice in one hour or something ! We sat down on the sand and this angry Swiss pensioner piped up...”Hey, you, I’ve paid for these sunbeds..all of them..I don't want to be disturbed....” cricky, it seemed as though he had been disturbed for years ! After a few unpleasant glances and nods, he grumbled that he had a right to not see people - in reply and somewhat ungraciously I called him a boring, nasty, tosser ! But that did do the trick...no more grumbling from him...he was probably plotting his awful revenge …perhaps he was planning to fiddle with my wristwatch when I was in the sea…pop it back a couple of minutes, change the date or something…now that’s an awful unmentionable thing in Switzerland I can tell you....I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Anyway enough of that....I’ve many more examples but I’m boring myself just thinking of them.

    SWITZERLAND, and the SWISS are the most dull and uneventful bunch of people you could ever wish to meet.

    Gordon 22 Jan 2008, 04:17 - Verstoß melden
  • Zurich is so boring

    I have been working in Zurich for more than 3 months and I can't stand this place anymore, there is nothing to do!! The streets are deserted and these Swiss are so boring to talk to. I will go away asap.
    I strongly descourage you to move to Switzerland, nice landscape but living here (if you like nightlife) is just a nightmare!!

    M 28 Jan 2008, 11:58 - Verstoß melden
  • Depends

    If you want nightlife and parties, Switzerland is not the place for you. But I find there is loads to do here. Once you crack the egg, the Swiss do like to party...it is just really hard to crack the egg. The herb side of life is great here too. I suggest finding some expats to hang with, and eventually you will start to meet some Swiss. It takes some time for them to trust you, because most foreigners leave, and they get tired of losing that relationship. We have been here 7 years, and now feel like we have some good Swiss friendships, and feel like we will be friends for life. So be patient, it will come.

    Tim 06 Feb 2008, 11:33 - Verstoß melden
  • switzerland BORING !

    7 years to make friends?? wow LOL

    You can make STRONG friendship bonds almost everywhere else in months of daily interaction.

    SEATTLE all the way !

    matt - SEATTLE 08 Feb 2008, 04:32 - Verstoß melden
  • Zurich is the most boring city in the world, and I have been to MANY cities!

    Zurich is the most boring place in the world, and I have been to MANY cities and many places! The Swiss are by far the most boring and most introverted and the most racist people in the world. I have never been treated more disrespectfully than in Switzerland. Don't tell me I need to go out in the countryside - it's the same: city or country, Switzerland is just plain BORING! And if you want great mountains, the scenery is much better in Germany, Austria, France or Italy.

    cuplost 08 Feb 2008, 05:16 - Verstoß melden
  • switzerland or not? to be or not to be

    Well ive been reading this thread with interest.
    We are living in Italy my husband is Italian and I'm a british citizen who has lived in Africa. We spent many happy weekends over the border in Ticino and decided we loved St Vitale near lake Lugano and started investigating buying a house. We met a Brit who was going back to Britain and she offered to rent her house to us for 6 months while we found out if we wanted to stay. We did.... and love the mountains, lake clean air and lack of traffic.
    So we investigated what we needed in the way of permits went to Mendrisio for what was supposed to be a 2 week wait with the efficient Swiss people.
    Well that was three months ago. they keep asking us for this piece of paper and then that and fobbing us off on the Bellenzona office were they sent the papers away to. We have taken so much leave to go there both of us in person, and they look at the computer and say no there's no problem ..just a backlog,
    We cant get a phone internet or anything else while this is going on and we are stuck in limbo with our house in Italy.
    We both wish to continue working in Italy so it's not as if we a re taking a Swiss job.
    My husband is an engineer and I have a training company. We have given bank statements etc etc. Then two weeks ago when we phoned they asked for my last year tax declaration, so I sent it and waited nothing. We phoned them today now they want something else. I'm stuck and would welcome any advise as we are between two homes at the moment. Anyone had a similar experience?. Ive heard it said that the Swiss are race aware. We are both caucasian so it cant be that? help??????

    weary 08 Feb 2008, 02:43 - Verstoß melden
  • the outsider's view from the inside -- still boring

    I support this forum's topic very much and I was never one to write and complain in an expat forum about a culture, until now.

    I'm Canadian, recently married to a Swiss (we met overseas - they say the most interesting Swiss actually leave Switzerland). I've lived in now 3 of Switzerland's "bigger" cities and although you can it is boring everywhere, as expected it is less boring and the people are a little savvier in the cities. But this is relative. I still feel the haughty curious-reserved stares even in the big cities. It's a laugh really - recall that no city in Switzerland even approaches a million people, much less half a million. This is a tiny country made up mostly of tiny villages. The village mentality is supreme.

    It was a hard decision to move here, but my husband's job was less portable than mine. I have lived in 4 countries for my professional work, in Asia and in Europe, and I was stunned how hard it was, and still is, to adapt here. I thought I could manage the culture shock as I have done in the past quite easily in non-westernised countries, but Switzerland took me by awful surprise, maybe because I thought it would be the easiest of all adaptations. It took me months to figure out what were the differences, they are at first subtle. I agreed to immigrate because I too have images of Switzerland as the neutral haven, postcard perfect, cute "smallness", cheese, chocolate and international UN organizations. I thought it would be easier adapting with an "insider" husband but actually, it was worse. Only I went through the shock. I remain an outsider in HIS inside world. Observing the Swiss culture in their inside world is not much different - they are still reserved, formal and based on old ties. I have read nearly every book available on Swiss culture (and there are not surprisingly MANY books dealing with the culture shock from this strange lot).

    I cannot see this place ever be welcoming or feeling like home and it is going on more than 2 years now. I actually have two Swiss friends on my own, yes they take the friendship seriously, yes it will be permanent which is wonderful, but my situation accelerated local friendships because I am married to a Swiss and I tried hard. Learning to speak German has helped but it does not change a culture! I have now good quiet friends. My first impression of one was not very good - cold, hesitant, reserved, cautious etc... she now is warm, hesitant, reserved, cautious. It is not like the personality is completely 180 degrees different once you break the shell... all the qualities you want for say, a secure bank/banker but it doesn't exactly make you want to dance on the table with them does it. And it does take a long time for them to crack a smile at any joke (just forget any english wordpuns). I tell my husband often how I miss a good laugh. First time as an expat in any country that I am watching Youtube and DVD comedy shows just for a laugh, because I seem to be starved of a good laugh here.

    Yes there are 101 examples of the unfriendliness, the narrow-minded insularity, the smugness, the male chauvinism, anti-Semitism, anti-Turk, anti-Balkan, anti-EU - you name it, it's anti-so-leave-us-in-our-mountains mentality. I've come to explain the Swiss that it's their lack of experience and fear of change - those who don't experience any upheaval have intense fear of facing anything new! The Swiss as a bunch are conservative, tight-knit and suspicious of foreigners. One commented on the male chauvinism - I wholeheartedly agree. I feel like I am in a time capsule and women here have mindsets like the 1950s. Remember women's right to vote was only in 1971 and the last remaining canton was forced to allow women to vote only in 1990! This says a lot. I too have never experienced such disrespect and chauvinism until I came here. I think my problem is that I am working in a Swiss company under male Swiss dinosaurs and this makes my exposure to society here very narrow and the first time in my life I see a glass ceiling and it is painful. I am planning to leave this company for an international one and I do not want to work again under a Swiss boss. The boring rigid environment is not improving my impressions and negative generalisations about the Swiss (which are becoming fixed!) and it is not improving my marriage.

    I will end up as one of the expats who enjoys a nice rich safe bubble in Switzerland but stops trying to "integrate". The Swiss don't really want you to integrate, they see even 2nd or 3rd generations here as foreigners or newcomers.

    Switzerland has a completely different approach than Canada's embrace of multiculturalism and equality. My aim now is to surround myself with expat friends - not at all what I wanted when I came here. I find most of my husband's friends "nice" but uninspiring and conforming. If you want inspiration, look outward and internationally and you'll see there are a lot of newcomers here with the same impressions. The Swiss are too busy looking inward and protecting their "good life".

    I too appreciate the safety and the fact that trains run on time and the products are good quality. That's just about it. This does not make a "paradise", as many Swiss seem to believe. I don't know how people can claim theirs is the best country in the world when they've had no experience living in other countries (much less got out of their little Swiss valley) to make such a comparison. David Hampshire in his book "Living and Working in Switzerland" call this country a ROBOTIC paradise, which seems a lot closer to reality.

    I'll add one more thing. Be cautious to whom you complain about Switzerland. I don't appreciate zealous nationalism of any kind and I was surprised to learn how flag-waving the Swiss are. I recently talked about my impressions about Switzerland with a visiting Canadian friend. We were on the train and nearby us, two Swiss were listening unabashedly. They made snorts and looked deeply offended by our quiet comments. They were really straining to listen and straining for the chance to be offended. What is interesting is that these were two young adults, rather hick Swiss. The young Swiss are just as nationalistic, it's not just the old farts with all the rules who call police for any noise past 10 pm etc. If an immigrant complained about Canada and I was eavesdropping, I would see it as his or her right to do this, that I might learn a new perspective. Here they just think we expats are ungrateful and those who don't like it should leave (because they're not interested in changing). The Swiss are fiercely proud of the sterile lackluster (BUT rich cosy) environment they've created. It is best to complain to other foreigners because you'll greatly offend a Swiss by giving your honest appraisal.

    I know now I am not the only one to have these experiences of Switzerland as a foreigner. Good luck making a happy expat bubble!

    just an expat 14 Feb 2008, 10:08 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland is great !! Zurich is great !!

    I am an italian working in Zurich since 3 years and I find the city and the country just great! And I also know a lot of other italians and foreigners which loves this city (> 32% of residents in zurich are non-swiss...). The swiss are far more open-minded than italian for instance... I think your undifferentiated Switzerland-bashing is more expression of a personal frustration.

    Italiano 15 Feb 2008, 04:07 - Verstoß melden
  • Italians in Zürich

    Dear Italiano,

    what's your name? Where do you live in Zürich.
    I live between Milan and Zürich - I am Italian of course - and I'd like to meet Italian people in Zurich.
    Thank you


    Italiana 15 Feb 2008, 09:55 - Verstoß melden
  • just an opinion

    My goodness. We all have our own experiences, that is all this forum is. I wouldnn't deny your views but I shouldn't need to defend my opinion as more than undifferentiated bashing or personal frustration. I've never lived in Italy ... but Italy is not the final comparison to Switz and neither is my home country. Anyway I never thought one's background - be it from a neighbouring European country or North America - could ever speak for everyone.

    And there are far more places, smaller villages, in Switzerland than just our "big city" Zürich that have a lower proportion of foreigners. Hard to assume life in Zürich reflects it all. I've had consultant work and time in 3 cities of Switzerland but all were "big". I can also compare Switzerland to 3 other countries I've expat'ed.

    JUST my opinion - it IS rather boring here (yes even in Zürich), foreigners find themselves huddling closely to other foreigners, and it's unusually hard to integrate or make local friends. I tried to make local friends but found it very challenging, there seems to be more roadblocks I did not have in other countries I have worked and lived. I have never lived in Japan but I wonder if some of the social roadblocks and the in-society things are similar to Switzerland's.

    If you have access the book Living and Working in Switzerland, there is section titled "the Swiss" tucked in the back, or the Xenophobe's Guide, they are helpful! And the Ticking Along with the Swiss series are full of happy and unhappy stories, just like this forum.

    Again, good luck!

    just an expat 18 Feb 2008, 10:30 - Verstoß melden
  • check out www.glocals.com, Switzerland's largest community of expats

    Switzerland is boring at first, true. But once you get people, it becomes a great place to live in.

    Check out www.glocals.com .

    It's the biggest social network of expats in Switzerland with nearly 20,000 members, and a great way to meet new people.

    Good luck!


    Nir 18 Feb 2008, 09:02 - Verstoß melden
  • expat all the way

    Sure, I see why people here say it takes an awful long time to crack a boring Swiss egg. I say just don't bother. The expat groups are thriving for a reason, at least in Geneva. So I suggest you find a good group then it's fun like you've had elsewhere. I was warned and I think I spared myself loads of grief because I never tried to integrate. If locals are humourless, at least the country runs like clockwork, the landscapes are beautiful, and lots of us are paid better here than at "home". You know, we are seen as just guests to most Swiss. I'm surprised no one mentioned the "black sheep" posters from the SVP political party. Just google that. At least 1 in 4 Swiss actually voted for this party, makes you really wonder...Just stick with the international crowd and steer clear of conservative Swiss nonsense.

    Oz 19 Feb 2008, 11:09 - Verstoß melden
  • Join the fun!!

    I have just joined a site that looks like it could be some fun. The haven't launched yet..apparently... stumbled accross it on Google.... Only has a few memebers but might be worth having a look at at!


    Martin 22 Feb 2008, 05:47 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland is boring

    I lived in Basle for one year, speak fluent Schweizerdeutsche and I couldn't get over how boring the people truly are. It is not as if they have no freedom to explore other ways, it's just that they haven't got the imagination. The film "Schweizer macher" is nearer to reality than the Swiss believe and explores how the people "police" each other. In rural villages people have lived there 20 years and are still considered outsiders. I left the golden cage which is Switzerland and now just feel sorry for the Swiss as they have lots of money but no souls.

    Markee 03 Mär 2008, 03:29 - Verstoß melden
  • don't go there

    I moved to Geneva and already after 3 month completely regret it. It is not that there is nothing to do here, but the match with the swiss is just absent, they are often a bit like zombies, not getting jokes and not understanding things like eye contact. What makes it even worse is that they themselves believe it is the best country on earth and everyone should be happy to live there.

    Joost 11 Mär 2008, 08:27 - Verstoß melden
  • BORING and Conservative...that is the Swiss society.

    I have been living in this country for 10 years now and guess what...I DO NOT have any Swiss friends, only foreign friends. The Swiss think they are better than the world that is why they insist on speaking their stupid squibble language even in Germany. Just read the newspaper. Everything is how GREAT things are in Switzerland and how happy the Swiss people are...hmmm...funny...Switzerland has one of the HIGHEST suicide rates in Europe. Explain that Herr und Frau Schweizer. Swiss people just think about working, money and how GREAT their chocolate is. They talk about the rest of the world as if they are perfect. Hey, wake up you cheese makers. You really are all just farmers with backpacks and hiking boots.

    Chloe Manzanilla 11 Mär 2008, 08:55 - Verstoß melden
  • the land of milk and......boring people

    say what you want....Switzerland is full of racists and people trying to build a wall around them. Cannot wait to leave this terrible country.

    World traveller 11 Mär 2008, 09:05 - Verstoß melden
  • wir haben ein eu projet über die schweiz

    bitte help us and tell os soom foods from der schweiz

    lkkk 12 Mär 2008, 11:44 - Verstoß melden
  • swiss...

    switzerland is without a doubt the boringest country ive ever been to

    swisssucks 24 Mär 2008, 05:04 - Verstoß melden
  • quality of life...just include other measures and Zurich is last...

    just include:
    - # of people laughing per m2/per Person
    - % of people not staring at the floor when passing (national sport of active ignoring everybody)
    - % of swiss girls able to be charming
    - # of funny people per km2
    - # of people claiming to be spontanous and never been so far from being it...

    I have been to many parts of the world. And Switzerland is definitely NOT the place to laugh and to have a good time and friends. it's just for money and security and a quiet, boring life.

    Ranking 01 Apr 2008, 10:47 - Verstoß melden
  • Neutral


    I'm American and i agree they r boriung, they r neutral
    not like us we attack random innocent muslims for fun.
    rock on baby.

    also the swiss economy is 2 safe, look at the american economy the dollars shit.

    John 04 Apr 2008, 08:45 - Verstoß melden
  • swiss

    i've met a swiss guy when i had a holiday in australia. he is by far the greatest lier i've ever met.

    he told me that it is indeed boring in their place and people are very different from the people in australia which are very laid-back.

    gotdlife 06 Apr 2008, 03:40 - Verstoß melden
  • Swiss Police

    Swiss people are quite cold. I lived in Basel for 2 years and I was glad to leave.

    The reason why I left was because the Swiss police (who are notoriously draconian) wrongly accused me of trying to leave the country without settling a £200.00 bill. (I'd paid it the day before I was due to fly out).

    The police phoned my employers to complain, without getting any evidence from me that I'd paid the bill. I subsequently sued my employers when they tried to dimiss be for 'gross misconduct'.

    See, the Swiss police just don't know how stupid that they really are and yes... I agree that they are very racist.


    Karen 08 Apr 2008, 01:56 - Verstoß melden
  • I am Swiss

    guess what I am Swiss, and even I think it's boring! I now live in California and what can I say, within a few months you find more friends that you will in Switzerland in 10 years! and people here actually have some humor and want to meet people, make stuff happen. the things that seem like the enemy to real swiss: do something new, try it, take a risk and meet actually fun people!
    I love this thread.

    Marselluss 11 Apr 2008, 01:30 - Verstoß melden
  • it's to easy to generalize things...

    generalizing things never helped in world history! i'm sure you can open a thread about every country this way and it ends this way!

    start one "switzerland is exciting" and it will turn out very positive!

    one thing i learned over the years of being an expat or on my various business trips, never ever generalizing things over a place! experiencing a country depends on the people you meet!

    tony 11 Apr 2008, 06:11 - Verstoß melden
  • a county and its people - nice and boring

    I am Swiss - almost. Half Asian - but born here. All in all I like the county: it's safe, clean, quality standards are high. But I agree. It's quite boring.

    Although it shoulden't because Swiss people itself are very diverse! A mixture of French, Italian, Swiss-Swiss and German mentalities. But still, most of them like it orderly and safe.

    I like messiness and taking risks but most Swiss people seem to be afraid of thise things. Are they afraid of loosing their "paradise" if change happens? There is no paradise.

    Swiss people are not very optimist (they hardly smile) forgetting that change can also be something good. Yes, Swiss people are rather conservative. Life here is (maybe too) confortable. With crisis comes change. Will the bubble eventually burst?

    almost Swiss 11 Apr 2008, 11:30 - Verstoß melden
  • Zurich is not Boring at all!

    ey guys,

    if you don't have fun in Switzerland, so it's your own fault! blunk

    FYI: Winter= Go to Davos,Arosa,Zermatt etc.. and there you can Skii, Snowboard and PARTY!

    Zurich's got a huge club culture, Program tonight:


    and some of you who haven't met any funny and interesting people in Switzerland yet, maybe you guys aint no fun at all! blunk

    I'm Swiss and I live in Zurich and I've met great people from all around the world: Israel, France, Germany, Brasil, East-europe, Spain, Honduras etc... and they all had a great time here and enjoyed life in Swtizerland.
    And it's clearly American to blame others, but European culture is completely different! We don't hang out in a mall all day long, we're not so prude and we do use our legs to move! happy

    take care, more life!

    Don Dom 11 Apr 2008, 11:37 - Verstoß melden
  • Swiss crash

    Switzerland is wonderful as postcard and that catch a lot of people to come there but indeed , this Land is only good for Rich people who are not so interesting in meeting others or are in some way similar to Swiss.

    For all others who would like to catch Swiss culture will find only racism, non-humor , afraid people , perfection and great landscape.
    Good is that there is high % of foreigners. Without them it would not be possible to make ground’s of conversations with some unknown.
    Interesting is that there live with Swiss or without Swiss Pass 23% of foreigners but could not change anything in originally Swiss people. Compare with Germany where is less then 10% of foreigners( I lived there 6 years)could change a lot of German culture.

    Swiss as a nation does not really exist in cultural way . Swiss German speaking parts, French speaking parts and Italian + 23% foreigners. They could not catch a time and are close inside to the others in thinking as “ Swiss culture will survive if we do not take other influences”

    But now they have a big problem cause of non acclimatization to present time with name European Union. They are in middle of European Union and even if they are not in EU it seems that they are inside as they need to accept foreign workers from EU , pay to new member of EU and pay as well to projects which are important for EU but not for Switzerland as Transportation routs…new tunnels , railroads , road…

    Swiss people does not have to be friendly to those who are coming to live in Switzerland or tourists but they must to be friendly to EU or US then they can destroy Swiss market if they order them to open all accounts publicly . This will produce that bank will not be so strong as they are. There will not be so many Bankers , consultants, lawyers and Swiss firms will not have backs by the banks to support them as soon they come to some kind of trouble

    This all is cause Switzerland can afford this shiny life by the jobs as :
    Banking ( 6 % of Swiss work in Banks) + Consulting services , lawyers ( only in Zurich is more then 2000 lawyers)… and other high paying services. But the banks and Swiss banking secret is what Switzerland can destroy in future.

    Europe have big changes in last decades but Swiss people do not recognize how rich they are cause they have so many foreigners and do not use power of their culture as other Countries
    do. They use them only for work but in their culture are not interesting. Is for regret!

    I will translate one song into English

    …My life is Switzerland , almost perfect
    Like shiny brilliant , with skill hand furbished
    Have only one wish ….
    To somebody loves me cause of me!
    “Dino Merlin’s song “

    S. 11 Apr 2008, 03:57 - Verstoß melden
  • Yet another Switzerland sucks

    I have been in this forsaken land eleven years now. I speak French and Italian quite well and could be quite well integrated if I chose to, but you know what? I don't want to. The "Swiss Dream" does not attract me. People here are seem to be in permanent cognative dissonance, they don't understand that what they have is not because they're special (nobody is!), but because they happen to be at the right place at the right time. They think that the money and stability they enjoy is because they merit it and that it makes them better than anyone else. And that annoys me. I ended up here by accident, and sometimes I really regret it. These are generalizations of course, but a more racist, sexist, backward place (with money) does not exist.

    Oh, and Dom dom and anyone else, I'm not American. The dislike for Switzerland seems to be rather universal.

    Chema 11 Apr 2008, 06:01 - Verstoß melden
  • Dom Dom

    To Dom Dom:

    You are a hypocrite, you state that "it is american mentality" to blame others, but you have just done the same... you blame foreigners, and say it is their fault if they don't like it here. Clearly it is not just americans who don't like it in switzerland, but every nationality i've spoken to have told me the same thing, that swiss people are very cold, racist, and are not interested in meeting others, especially if you are foreign.

    uslander in schwiiz 12 Apr 2008, 07:21 - Verstoß melden
  • Haha

    you are right, switzerland is a bullshit country. the only thing they have there are overpriced hotels and bank accounts from illegal embezzled drug money. if eu forced switzerland to show what they have, the swiss economy would collapse overnight. swiss don't make anything except watches and chocolates , all of which are overpriced and overrated. f*** switzerland.

    True 12 Apr 2008, 07:27 - Verstoß melden
  • (sry my engish is not so good) Most of your answers shows...

    that u guys are shit to!
    i read a lot of cheap answers from people.
    who sounds not a bit different from what they blame swiss people.
    many of this comments are from frustrated peoples who should leave our country and go to the big super nice world adn search a better life!

    people who think they know switzerland and write such things, sry you are dump like trash if you argue like this and not realize that every country has its bads and gods.
    and its not just your neighbour who represents switzerland.

    i agree that many people are boring here because they not integrate u.

    but u must have vitsited other regions, people are not everywhere so hard to get in contact, mostly they are friendly and nice.

    politically i would be very very quite as foreigner or u tell me what country is better with public life, im very very wondering what country u show me!

    if you identify swiss people with our banks "they are filled with money from rich asses of all your countries"
    its the same if i say all americans doing racism and get themselves recources with wars, when ever they want.
    u guys should first make very finde differences and then typing.

    if u can feel the small positives in our country and see how clean our nature is, you will feel free here.
    you can do what ever u want nobody tells you u can't do this.

    in this country nobody has to be on the street, you can get everything social standards are up the highest on world, but u have to do something for it. if not you get kicked in the ass "but very late"..

    what i think is very worst here in switzerland, is the bussiness.
    and here i share same position with most of you.

    first i think many swiss people and gerally the peoples are watching to mutch tv.
    all the shitty f***ing unrealistic tv shows from america and elswehere poisoning peoples minds and showing them a strange f***ed up way of life., womans and men doing themselve to be objects, arogant, fully materialistic, but there are still very nice clear and naturally womans and men here..
    "and u gonna tell me where this is different lol!"
    but thats a society problem why has to be analyzed and accepted or avoided, becuase media is power and control, you alle know that better in other countries its mutch more agressive.

    thke this as 1 more fact to understand the different peoples and their status in society.

    many of our old industirals are going to pension and disapearing, young bluffers filled up with strange foreigner bussiness tactics comming up and destroying life here. its not a f***ing swiss thing this be in be better or be best in bussiness ----> we just want qulity not foreign bussiness tactics who declare humans to objects, an by all the respect this comes from shitty coutries elswhere!

    u gonna se from where this shithole attitude comes -> from other countires.
    if you not realize how bussiness people get trained to be an asshole you are just from stoneage.

    swiss bussiness people think they are the best "but they are not" they are arogant and just look for themselves, having big problems to make a good teamwork.
    many industries even dont exist here.

    but that is not a generalization take that in mind before writing down all that negative...

    or just shut the f*** up and leave it will be better for your personal feeling and for this country!

    it makes me angry to see that people can't really make intelligent analysis from a country they stay as guests, its just typically and not a cent more worth.

    from zürich 16 Apr 2008, 11:09 - Verstoß melden
  • virginity

    I visited switzerland when I got 18 ,
    I took train late in the evening
    I made love for first time with the hottest
    chick on the planet.
    I am now in Canada and I like to go there
    and do it again .
    swiss people are the best of the best I ever
    seen . they are not paranoid like stupid
    jackasses English people .

    love swiss for ever 18 Apr 2008, 02:04 - Verstoß melden
  • lol

    You didn't lose your virginity to a swiss girl, it was probably a prostitute immigrant from Russia. Every man in switzerland knows the swiss girls are the most closed in the world, you have to know them from years before you can even dream of making love to them.

    Jack 20 Apr 2008, 11:53 - Verstoß melden
  • Hey

    to the guy "from zurich"... f*** off, you act as though switzerland has no problems or faults, but it is a shitty little land where everything costs triple of the rest of europe and people are the most closed-minded in the world. the standard of living is not high at all, since everything costs way too much and you can get much more for your money elsewhere. f*** your country, and f*** zurich most of all.

    fuck schwiiz 21 Apr 2008, 11:20 - Verstoß melden
  • Berne, Switzerland

    You think Zurich is boring? Try Berne, the City of the Living Dead, where having a dog, smiling in public or looking like you haven't got a metal rod stuck up your arse makes you the object of long, curious stares. The Swiss are awful people, always yapping at you about rules and regulations, smiling is heavily taxed (that's why they don't do it) and I can't wait to leave...the day I cross the border into France to get away can't come soon enough.

    Snurt 28 Apr 2008, 03:05 - Verstoß melden
  • True

    All of Switzerland is a piece of shit... Your biggest mistake will be to try to come here and live here. Better to go anywhere in the EU instead, but avoid switzerland, they are country of assholes.

    yes 05 Mai 2008, 01:06 - Verstoß melden
  • switzerland is not that shinny at all...it needs a lot of work....

    I also do not like Switzerland so much. Everything is so overpriced for nothing. What i dislike the most is customer service. They re so rude. Also, u take out Swiss people but they never take you out and they re loaded with money. I live in Geneva and I am happy to leave soon. At night in Geneva you cant even see anything. When I asked police why, they said well its because crime doesnt happen every day but economy does and we are saving...I was confused. Plus here they should know english a bit better but it is so bad instead. Even in banks. Thats horrible. It is an international city and swiss is a rich country and educated-they should teach them better english. They cant speak even basic. Any fool would learn english even w/o learning it in school. Swiss is a country that has a good marketing but has no better milk, cheeze or similar than any other European country. Its full of some weird trashy foreigners and not that safe at all. Its a myth. Ah, and I could list down many other things that are just simply wrong. Why? not because swiss is the only country that sucks in many things but because this country is described as almost perfect but yet it is bad in basic things. I expected more glitter...I prefer the US, Latin America, Europe and so on...

    nina 12 Mai 2008, 04:58 - Verstoß melden
  • I'm swiss

    I just wanted to say that Switzerland is not that bad, of course it has its faults but which country doesn't have them?! I love my country and I also love other countries, for example, I adore Mexico and the way the ppl are there, that's why I fell in love with a mexican guy =D=D=D
    I just think you have to take some time until you get used to the ppl no matter where they come from and I would never talk bad about any country.
    and of course, not all the swiss are the same, once you have met the right ppl, you'll understand.
    and just think about how you would feel reading such bad things about your country.
    hihi I hope you all will still have some nice experiences in CH
    greetings =D=D=D

    Larissa 13 Mai 2008, 07:58 - Verstoß melden
  • Wrong way to judge!!

    Hey I'm Larissa's boyfriend ^.^!!!

    I'm going to defend Switzerland in this thread, cos' it's unfair tu judge a country only cos' you met the wrong persons, I mean... who of you doesn't have annoying neighbours or someone you don't like? And does THAT mean your whole country is boring, or whatever, only if a foreigner would meet this bad persons? NO WAY!

    It's totally unfair to judge and generalize a whole country, when you just have met a few people, you can't judge: "Switzerland's boring" then if you would not like people to say: "Argentina's boring", "Mexico's corrupt", "USA is full of idiots" (without any sense of offense, just as examples), etc...

    I met my girlfriend some years ago already, and I can tell that not only she, but her friends are wonderful persons, her family's really cool, and I can say I could not be luckier to have fell in love with her; at first I thought it would be something really serious, as I know swiss are perfectionist in all they do, but wow! What a NICE surprise I got when I started knowing my girl and some of her friends, I just opened my eyes and realized it's really WRONG to judge a contry by only some persons, some wrong persons, you crossed within.

    I know some of you that consider Switzerland's boring have been living there for years, maybe a lot, but I think one has to do a lil' bit as well, to get to know someone, if you see people are shy or whatever, then you tak the first step, let's not fall into wrong ways to talk about a country, in this case, MY COUNTRY, cos' I'm from CH as well, my girlfriend is just right, would you like people to tell the same about your own country, you people?

    Let's think before say anything, I hate people that talks just for some bad experiences and in their frustation, they put into the same barrel everything, in this case, all Switzerland.

    There's many different cultures, it also can be this, that you're used to other kind of relation with people from your country, and when you are not a real entusiast abnout travelling, then you get this kind of dissapointments, so I guess all of you who told Switzerland is boring, should stay wherever you are from... You're NOT MADE to travel, guys!

    Anyway, it's all I had to say, I guess =P Have fun all of you who enjoy of me and my girlfriend's country, and remember to do not judge withoit first experiencing.

    Greetings from Mexico!

    Rodrigo 16 Mai 2008, 04:31 - Verstoß melden
  • aiuta

    Cerco gli Spagnoli, l'italiano o lo svizzero che lo aiutano con una registrazione. Un uomo di 25 - 30 anni di rata 500 franchi ma biglietto del treno dal sussidio.

    [email removed]

    monica 16 Mai 2008, 08:40 - Verstoß melden
  • switzerland

    I was one year there. And for me was the worst thing, that there are a lot of german people (people from Germany). They are so horrible!!

    Indiko 18 Mai 2008, 01:53 - Verstoß melden
  • why do people go to switzerland actually?

    me being a multinational citizen of the world myself, i do consider switzerland as one of the best countries to live...AS LONG as you are open minded enough (maybe some of here have to think about that)...and AS LONG you are not expecting everything to be like home *lol*...it is true - switzerland is unique...and so are you - blend into the country and people and you'll have a great time!

    If it is going to be - it is up to me!

    have fun

    Markus 20 Mai 2008, 04:56 - Verstoß melden
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