I knoq 16 languages live Turkey.graduated international relations

  • hi.I am adnan.live izmir Turkey.I graduated Near East university Faculty of Administrative and conomic Science.Department of İnternational relations.I am 32 years old.I knew 13 languages and I am swear interpreter.I am expert about computer too.I can searching very professional.I can representative any firm too.Espeially job position not important for me.Firstly I can working in any garden too.Especially in turkey influence is very important.Education it doesnt matter.Forexample last week.I am seller any thing for my family in Buca in İzmir.Suddenly municipal policy were to arrest me and take my goods.I was tell them if you take my goods my children will be hungry all night.they were tell me it doesnt my problem.I was cry tell them.Please dont marcy me.Think my child.They are very small.I have got two childen.My deughter is 6 years old and son is 5 years old.My deughter study in nursery school.Some times we can not pay instal of school.I dont want live in Turkey.I want to live in Norwey.Turkish government dont give important for educated peoples.We are hungry here.Family hungry here.İf any firm help me and for live in Norwey I will be very happy.Job is doest matter for me.I can making all thing job.I am originally willager.My education languages is english.I hope any norwey firm help me.Especially for my childrn help me.İf ı can find any job my deughter can not study.This is my ressume
    Name and surname:Adnan Altindal
    Adress: 803. sok.No:13 Konak-İzmir 05349493038
    [email removed]
    Near East University
    Faculty of Administrative and Economic Science
    Department of İntenational Relations.Nikosia/Cyprus 1999
    Near East University
    Teaching Certificate Nicosia/cyprus 1999
    Tevfik İleri high School Ankara 1994
    DATE OF BİRTH :10/0901975
    MİLİTARY SERVİCE:Completed.279.Short time.Engineer Sergant.2001
    2006-Present:Shopping Manager and Interpreter-Antalya and İzmir
    2005-:Jewellery Shop Assistant.Mirada Del Mar -Kemer/Antalya
    2004 :Jewellery Shop Assistant.Ceylan İntercontinental Hotel-Kemer/Antalya
    2003 :English Teacher CD Language Course Antalya
    Dengeli Language Course Antalya
    Public Education Center Antalya
    2002 :Web Designer and Reporter of Web site Antalya
    1998 :Front Office Medesan Hotel Bodrum/Antalya
    Turkish : Mother Tangue
    English,German,French,Russian,Arabic,Farsi :Good
    İtalian,Holland, Chinese,japanese,Danish,Ukrainian :İntermediate
    Spanish,Bosnian,Portuguese,Greece,Bulgarian,Serbian,Slovenian,Albanian :Basic
    (a)General Packet Programmes :Microsoft word,Microsoft Excel,Powerpoint
    (b)Professional Packet Programmesbig-smilereamweaver,Photoshop,Fireworks,Freehand,Flash,Octopet,Cam,Frontpace
    (c)Accountacy Packet Programmes:LKS,ETA
    Web Designer
    *Teaching Capability.
    *Research capability from search engines.
    *Submit sites to search engines.
    *To report a web site.
    *Besic tecnical services about P.C.
    *To take three dimension photo
    *Capability to comment new international developments.
    *Historical informations
    Cuma Kılıç :Generel Secretary of Mediterranean Young Businessmen Association:0242 243 17 91
    Beytullah Aktaş:Generel Secretary of İndependent Businessmen Association:0242 244 06 38/39
    Baran Divanli Director Varlık Finans:Antalya 0242 242 50 26

    adnan 26 Nov 2008, 11:57 - Verstoß melden
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