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There are advertisements for apartments in special sections of various newspapers. These newspapers are also accessible online.

Argentina is South America’s most literate country and there are many different regional newspapers. The best known newspapers to look into for housing are El Clarín and La Nación. El Clarín offers housing all over the country, La Nación focuses more on the Greater Buenos Aires Region, Los Andes covers the Mendoza area and El Territorio covers the province of Misiones. Of course there are many more newspapers than these, but these ones also offer good and easy online access. On their respective websites, look under clasificados. Next click on Inmuebles, where you can start searching in more detail.

Once you found a classified, the next problem comes up. Classifieds are filled with abbreviations and deciphering them can cause serious headaches. Not only is it hard to find the corresponding Spanish words, Argentinean Spanish vocabulary and housing options might differ from other Spanish speaking nations. Do not worry, you will soon learn how to interpret the numerous abbreviations. For more help, look at our glossary. Another surprise might be the different premises offered. Inmuebles covers business space, houses, apartments, country houses, land, parking spaces…even cemetery space.

Placing your own ad

You can place your own ad in the paper stating that you are looking for a place to rent. Most newspapers have websites where you can look up the costs of placing an ad and place the ad through internet. Prices to place an add in La Nación AR$ 6,80 per line. In El Clarín you will be charged AR$9,95 per line from Monday to Saturday and AR$ 12,95 per line for the Sunday edition.

We recommend you to post a message and look for offers in our Argentina Housing classifieds of forum as this is free!

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