Job Applications

How to apply for a job in Argentina

Job Applications

Your CV should be detailed and accompanied by a cover letter.

If you get invited for an interview, make sure you dress well; Argentineans pay a lot of attention to their appearances. Job interviews for professional positions in Argentina often comprise of several rounds, and can include psychological tests. Make sure not to exaggerate your skills and concentrate on making a good impression. In Argentina, you should present your curriculum vitae in chronological order or inverse chronological order (last function on top). A Curriculum vitae should contain the following data:

  • Personal details ( Datos personales): name and last name; place and date of birth; marital status; address; telephone number; email; etc.
  • Education ( Formación académica): studies realised as well as when and where they were realised
  • Extra curricular activities ( Otros títulos y seminarios): other courses, seminars and titles, including date and place.
  • Professional experience ( Experiencia Profesional): Working experience including company name, your function and tasks and date.
  • Languages ( Idiomas): the languages you speak and the level of fluency.
  • Computer skills ( Informática): indicate the software you are familiar with.
  • Miscellaneous ( Otros datos de interés): the data you did not include yet such as availability, driving license, military service, etc.

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