Buying Land

How to buy land in Argentina

Buying Land

Argentina is a country that offers a wide variety of land. If you consider buying a piece of land in Argentina you should be aware of the requirements and processes.

The main restrictions for buying land in Argentina are that buying coastal strips and land near borders can only be done with permission of the authorities. Otherwise the same procedures apply as for buying any real estate in Argentina.

The price of land is determined by its location and usage. Land in the winegrowing areas of for example Mendoza and land in the outskirts of Buenos Aires generally have the highest prices per hectare. It can cost up to US$ 20,000-25,000/hectare. The lowest prices/hectare of land are generally found in the Northwestern part of the country. Land used for goat raising tends to start at US$ 15/ hectare there.

Land for sale can be found in the national media. Furthermore, several Real Estate agencies in Argentina specialize solely in rural land.

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