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Contracts & other documents

Documents recommended to see before you sign any sales contract are the Informe de dominio and the Informe de Inhibiciones.

A copy of the Informe de dominio can be solicited for at the Registro de la Propiedad Inmueble, the estate ownership register. This document will state the exact dimensions of the premises, who the actual owner is and if there are any problems concerning unpaid mortgage(s). It is very important to check if the dimensions of the actual premises correspond with the dimensions stated in the Informe de dominio. The Informe de Inhibiciones can also be solicited for at the Registro de la Propiedad Inmueble. This document states if the owner is allowed to sell. A situation where the owner is not allowed to sell is, among others, when real estate taxes have not been paid.

A sales contract ( boleto de compra-venta) normally states the following details:

  • Name, nationality, address and identification of the seller and buyer
  • Address the apartment is located at
  • Declaration of being registered at the Registrado
  • Price, currency and method of payment
  • Date and address of escribano where payment will take place
  • Statement of how premises will be handed over (furniture, with/without tenants, etc)
  • How to resolve possible conflicts between seller and buyer
  • Statement signed by escribano that the seller has no outstanding bills on the premises
  • Name and registration number of the escribano handling the sales
  • Name and registration of realtor
  • Signatures of buyer and seller and date of contract

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