Internet Access

How to get internet connection at home

Internet Access

There is a wide variety of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Argentina. Depending on where you live and the kind of internet connection you want a choice can be made between: dial-up, cable, ADSL, fibre and WIFI.

The different tariffs also vary according to the telephone-line provider (if you live in a place where both Telefónica and Telecom are available). Several providers now offer the choice to let internet be installed by one of their employees or they can sent you a self-installation kit. Since the 1990s heavy investments have been made in telecommunications in Argentina which results in broad internet coverage in Argentina.

Dial-up Access

Most dial-ups are contract services. Internet access is obtained for a fixed monthly rate. Often the contract services come in combination with a lower telephone tariff by calling a special prefix number. Several packages are offeredm ranging from a limited amount of time with internet access to unlimited access in combination with many extras. A typical minimum monthly fee
is around AR$ 15.


ADSL allows you to connect to the internet with high speed. Archives and music can be downloaded with a speed of up to 256 kpbs. ADSL is an exchange-side upgrade to your phone line and usually requires no changes to cabling into your home. Prices vary depending the data volume and online time. Limited data volume and online time may start around AR$ 20 and go up depending the amount of bandwidth you require. Additional costs may be charged for installation. An additional charge from your telephone provider may also be added. Depending on your choice of ADSL subscription, telephone charges start at AR$ 20. A 1-year minimum subscription is usually required.


The fastest and most expensive option. This option offers downstreams up to 4096 kpbs (4 mega) and upstreams up to 256 kpbs. Installation costs can be around AR$ 50 in addition to monthly fees that start at AR$ 40 per month and tend to go up every quarter. A yearly subscription is usually required.

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