Internet Cafes

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Internet Cafes

If you do not have computer access at home or work, there are Internet cafés and calling centres or locutorios.

The high investments in telecommunications in Argentina are easy to notice by the high amount of internet cafés in the main Argentinean cities. Even smaller cities and villages have internet connections. Be aware however that internet speed varies widely, as do opening hours. Internet cafés open 24 hours can be found in major cities.

The high number of internet cafés also means that many places offer additional services: scanning, faxing, copiers, online gaming, food, sales of telephone and computer products

Most internet cafes offer the possibility to pay for a set period of time or for an unlimited stay. Internet time is purchased in advance and will generally not be refunded. Rates at internet cafes are approximately AR$ 1 for 15 minutes.

One important thing to keep in mind that internet cafés and calling centres are places frequented by tourists. Pickpockets know this very well. At all times keep an eye on your belongings! Another point of importance is false money. In places frequented by foreigners, the chance of running into fake banknotes is higher. This issue is also discussed in the Money chapter. In short, Argentina has a relatively high circulation of falsified money and as a foreigner you are a good target for receiving it as you are less likely to notice.

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