Australia's Gold Coast

Surf, sun & fun - something for everyone

Australia's Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Australia has been attracting visitors since the 1920s. Situated on the farest eastern-point of the continent, an hour from Brisbane, it is today a destination that attracts a broad cross-section of visitors: through surfers, sun-seekers, to people looking to explore its sub-tropical rainforests.

Why go?

It's a surfing mecca, combined with some serious party places. Want to chill? There's lots of space and the subtropical microclimate is exceptionally different to much of the rest of Australia. You can see exotic animals, go to amazing theme parks and there is an exceptionally large range of other activities for all ages.

Where to stay?

There is a large range of different accommodation options available to meet all budgets. From seriously luxurious hotels down to budget options like guesthouses or caravan parks. A great place to start your search is  - they have offers to match with any budget.

The surf?

The 44 miles (40kms) of beaches combined with four epic point breaks are the main reason the Gold Coast has attracted surfers from around the world for decades. Although the 'Snapper Rocks' and 'Currumbin Alley' are some of the most demanding and spectacular breaks in the world, there are also places like 'Rainbow Bay' where surfers with less experience can have a great time. Life-guard coverage is very good and people are friendly so ask other surfers!

The sea?

Fishing trips, scuba diving and eating amazing seafood are all super popular activities. There is also a lot of other aquatic fun available, including: kite-surfing, jet-skiing and sailing.

The back-country?

Many people think of Australia as a dry continent; the Gold Coast has sub-tropical rain forests, large biodiversity and a lot of opportunities to see some of the weird and wonderful creatures and plants that live there.

The nightlife?

The draw of the Gold Coast means there is everything from banging clubs, through craft-beer pubs to chill-out stops; and everything in-between.

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