Job application

How to correctly apply for a job in Austria

Job application

Your job application is of crucial importance in the process of getting a job. A professional application will eventually lead to a personal interview, which is the next step in the process.

A complete job application includes:

  • Written job application
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Passport photo
  • Certifications from previous activities or/ and employers
  • Certifications from further trainings or seminars
  • The letter of application

If you apply for a job in Austria or for an Austrian firm, your application should be written in German. In your application you should convey why you are the best suited candidate for this job. However don’t get dragged away, stay to the facts and list your experiences and abilities.

Your application should not be longer than one A4 page. Be clear and focus.

Try to relate to the firm or even position you apply for. Use for example these words: „ Ich würde gerne in einem Unternehmen arbeiten, in dem ich meine Kenntnisse einsetzen kann und…“ You should try to gather all available information on the web about the company.

Curriculum Vitae

First of all start with your personal details (persönlichen Daten), if you have a good photo printer print your passport photo next to your personal details on the right side.

The form of your CV (Lebenslauf) should be tabular, list your education and career path in chronological order. Name your experiences and abilities.

Next is the special skills section (besondere Kenntnisse) like driving license, knowledge of languages, knowledge of data processing etc.

At the end of your application letter put the date and your handwritten signature.

There are special folders for the application papers, they look very professional and might give you an advantage when sending your application by mail. Still many firms prefer paper documents instead of pure email applications.

The interview

When the firm gets interested in you, you will get invited to an interview.

Expect an interview in German language – so if you do not feel comfortable with your language abilities practive beforehand.

Very important for the interview is punctuality, don’t be too late. Austrians appreciate punctuality.
Be self confident and polite. There is an informal dresscode: Men should wear suits! Jeans are not suitable. You should appear properly dressed in accordance with the position you apply for.
Mental preperation will help you to master the interview. Try to guess as many questions as you can and prepare your answers so that you can convey a good image of yourself. However – stay to the facts and represent yourself.

Good luck!

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  • Markus, 31 August 2012 Reply

    Some outdated info here

    - If a job is advertised in English (which is often the case for highly qualified positions in larger corporations), it is perfectly okay to write in English, and you can expect an interview in English too.

    - CVs are usually in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

    - Electronic applications have almost entirely replaced paper-based ones, from small to large companies. Employers usually state how they want to be contacted, e-mail (or using a job portal) is preferred nowadays.

    - Wearing a suit for an interview is not generally necessary - it rather depends on the work environment. However, it's better to err on the side of more formal dress, and "smart casual" is the minimum one should expect.