Student jobs

Earning money while studying

Student jobs

You want to study in Austria? But you have the typical problem of students – no money? In this article you will find brief information about the employment laws in Austria concerning student jobs.

A student has basically two possibilities:

  • You can work maximum 3 months full- time (in one year) without a limit for the income
  • The second option: you can work part – time (but maximum 12 hours a week) and you are not allowed to earn more than €323 monthly.

In both cases the employer has to file a permission of employment ( Beschäftigungsbewilling) for the employee (=for you as a foreign student) at the local government institution. Actually you are not allowed to work in Austria without this permission of employment (Beschäftigungsbewilligung), except you work based on a contract for work (Werkvertrag). Be careful not every contract for work fulfills the legal requirements and will often grant you less rights.

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