Internet in Bahrain

How to get internet access

Internet in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most Internet-connected countries in the Middle East. Even though internet content is strictly controlled by the government there has been a significant rise in internet users in recent years.

Telecommunication companies are competing to offer the best service. There is a variety of internet service providers in Bahrain: Batelco , Zain Bahrain , Viva , Menatelecom , 2Connect Bahrain  and Lightspeed .

Batelco offer a variety of broadband and WiFi packages. You can also choose to have your prepaid WiFi charged on a Mobile postpaid/GSM bill. They also provide internet services to mobiles.

Zain Bahrain's internet service is called . They use broadband wireless data technology, WiMAX, which allows you to connect your PC, laptop, telephone and fax without a land line. There is a one-off instalment fee. Calls to are free and they have competitive international call rates.

Viva, Menatelecom, 2Connect Bahrain and Lightspeed Communication all offer similar internet services at competitive rates.

To get the internet at home you can apply online by filling out the relevant application form. You can also get connected by going to one of the service provider's shops.

Cybercafés in Bahrain

If you don’t have internet access at home or just want to do so quick research while you’re out and about, you can visit one of the many Bahreini cybercafés. Opening hours vary - some may open from 5:00-10:00 and close anywhere between 21:00 and midnight. There are also 24 hour, non-stop internet cafés.

Most cafés have around 12 computers, a printer, scanner and video conference facilities, and many come with restaurant services or a coffee shop.

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