Making phone calls

Dialing codes and useful numbers

Making phone calls

Making calls to and around Bahrain should be simple as there are no city or regional prefixes.

The Bahrain country code when calling from abroad is +973.

There are different fixed line providers with their own prefixes: Batelco (17), Zain (136), Menatelecom (77), and Lightspeed (166). Prefixes are quoted as part of a phone number, so you don’t have to worry about them when making a call.

Mobile phone numbers start with 3. The main mobile companies are Batelco with prefixes 39 or 38, Zain with 36 or 37, and Viva with 33.

Premium numbers

There are some premium number codes and rates which you may want to be aware of: 800 for special service numbers, 90 or 91 for premium service (low charges), 94 or 95 for premium service (medium charges), 97 or 98 for premium service (high charges).

Useful telephone numbers

Calling 999, in general, will put you through to emergency services such as police, fire, or ambulance emergency. Other useful numbers include the following:

  • International Directory Enquiry: 191
  • Local Directory Enquiry: 181
  • Local Call Assistance: 100
  • Speaking clock (in English): 140 (very important number!)

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